Summer 2022: Color Without Bleaching! A Must-see For Beginners In Hair Color

Summer 2022 Color Without Bleaching! A Must-see For Beginners In Hair Color

I want to change the impression, but many people suddenly have a little bleach. The transparent color that can be done without bleaching is recommended for such people! The hair color that makes the hair look transparent makes the hair look beautiful and gives a light impression around the face. In addition, the color without bleaching gives a natural but refined impression.

Is It Possible to Create a Transparent Color Without Bleaching?

“I want to make it a trendy transparent color!” I thought so, but I’m worried that my black hair will suddenly turn into a beautiful color. Of course, the atmosphere of the finished product changes with and without bleaching, but even without bleaching, you can dye it in a nice color with a bit of ingenuity. However, trendy milk tea colors and the like will inevitably require one or two bleaches. You can find a lot of classic ash and beige by searching magazines and SNS, but when you bring them to a beauty salon, many people may say that you need bleach. There are many ways to get closer to your ideal hair color without bleaching. Here, we will introduce all the colors without bleaching.

How to Make a Transparent Color Without Bleaching?

Method 1: Add the same color or tone color many times

This greige color with plenty of transparency is actually without bleaching! Repeating bright coloring agents of 8 tones or more makes it easier for the coloring agents to enter the hair, and it becomes possible to get closer to the ideal hair color. Depending on the color, the number of times you can add it and the tones you can make will differ, so check with your beautician to see how much paint you want to try.

Method 2: Warm colors that are easy to color

There are several types of hair colors, but for those who want to get a solid color for the first time, warm colors are recommended rather than cool colors!

Please Try It With Your First Hair Color! 7 Hair Colors

I will introduce recommended hair color styles without bleach that I would like to incorporate when I first color my hair!

Excellent transparency! Classic ash color

Ash color means gray.

When ash-based coloring agents are added to hair, the redness and yellowness become lighter, and the color becomes brown rather than gray, which is full of transparency. By adding dull gray to the hair color, it is the greatest attraction of ash that you can achieve a precise and pure hair color. It’s the perfect color for your first hair color, which immediately gives you a sense of transparency without bleaching!

Dark tone x ash for fair skin and small face effect!

You should choose dark ash if you don’t want to be too bright but want transparency. The slightly transparent color gives a clear impression, but it also has the effect of tightening the face and making it look fair.

Olive ash for an exquisite feeling

Olive ash with an attractive olive color that is slightly transparent when exposed to light. It looks more mature and fashionable than ordinary ash colors. This style has a minor highlighting, but it gives nuance and lightness to the hair, so it is also recommended for people with a lot of hair.

Incorporate cuteness and elegance in the popular beige color!

Girlish beige color.

It is a color that is often thought to be essential for bleaching, but without it, the hair color becomes more profound, and you can create both a girlish and elegant impression.

Elegant beige brown

Put warm colors on the milk tea base to make your hair look like it is now. Outstanding men’s appeal with its soft and warm colors! This softness is without bleaching.

The transparent milk tea color

Milk tea color without redness. Since each person has different hair pigments, use a coloring agent that suits each person to create a transparent color. It is a hair color that has a strong luster.

Lavender beige

Lavender beige with purple pigment was added to the standard color pink beige. Keeping the girly impression, adding an excellent little color makes it look more mature and desirable. It also gives the hair a natural luster, so it is also recommended that the damage caused by the color is not noticeable.

Let’s get out of it with an exquisite feeling! Greige with a sheer fashionable feeling

Greige is famous for its transparent hair color.

As the name suggests, it is a hair color that looks like a combination of cool gray and warm beige. Since it eliminates the redness of the hair, it is characterized by a foreigner-like and adult-like finish. In addition, it makes the hair look soft and glossy, giving it natural transparency!

Adult Greige with plenty of transparency even without bleaching

Greige, which is a transparent gray with beige and softness, is representative of elegant colors. If you match it with a smooth straight, it will make your complexion look brighter, and adding lightness will give you an urban impression. Although it is a dark tone, it is a hair color that does not become too heavy because it has a transparent feeling.

Recommended for fashionable people! Smoky Greige

Smoky Greige with smoked smoky. Although transparent, it gives a matte appearance and suppresses gloss, giving an adult-like impression. It’s a hairstyle that suits any style, perfect for your first hair color!

Transparency number one! Sheer greige

“Sheer Greige” is especially recommended among Greige. The dull color erases the redness of the hair, giving it a sense of transparency. In addition, Greige can move even with dark hair depending on how the light hits it, so it also adds lightness.

Plenty of cuteness! Girly pink color

The pink color gives a cute impression.

It’s a feminine image, but it’s a color that is both mature and ennui. The point is that if you focus on warm colors, the colors will come out beautifully. You can change the image by changing the tone and color, so please try it!

Fashionable with beautifully colored violet pink

This color has a reddish hue that is easy to develop even with a single color. Adding purple to pink gives a stunning yet calm impression.

Cassis pink with a cute deep color

Many people may think that the “pink color” is flashy and childish. However, the subtle tone of cassis pink is perfect for those who want to grow up or can’t lighten their hair too much! The color also looks white, so the impression around the face changes at once.

The orange color creates a bright and warm atmosphere.

Orange is also recommended if you want to give a bright and cute impression! It is recommended for girls who want to look like an adult because it can be finished more calmly than pink. Since it is a warm color, it is easy to add color, and it is easy to take in without bleaching. If you increase the redness, you can add gloss to your hair.

Highly colored orange color

You can create a fashionable look that doesn’t look too flashy by adding to the trendy straight bob.

Bordeaux orange and mature

This is also Bordeaux orange, which is easy to color. Excellent compatibility with medium hair with loose waves! You will be loved like an adult, and you will have hair.

Blue-collar is recommended for those who want a little personality!

A blue color that most eliminates the redness of hair.

Even if you have dark hair, you can get a clear feeling of transparency and feel like a foreigner with ennui. I have to darken my hair for job hunting! For those who say, if you put it deeply, it will give you glossy hair color.

It gives a fashionable and refined impression, but it also provides a more personal appearance than standard colors such as brown, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy fashion even with dark hair!

Try to be cool with blue-black!

Blue-black with blue added to black hair. Adding a blue pigment gives a glossy look. I don’t want to make it bright, but pitch black is dull! It is a fashionable color that is perfect for those who say.

Very popular with fashionable girls! Fleeting cute blue-gray

Blue-gray with a sense of transparency is a mixture of blue and gray. Even dark hair does not become heavy, so even those who have difficulty with high tones are okay! Let’s get rid of it with a unique color.

Immediately join the ranks of fashionable girls! Trendy olive color

The olive color is also famous as a color that eliminates the redness of hair. Compared to other colors, it’s easier to get colors, so it’s also recommended for girls who are new to color! The point is that the olive color is fashionable regardless of whether it is transparent or dull. It’s going to be a trendy dark hair color among stylish girls!

Korean olive color

If you want to create a trendy dull color and transparency without bleaching, olive color is recommended. Because it eliminates redness, it goes well with Korean-style curly hair! It is a hair that will catch your eyes with a glossy hairstyle.

Olive beige and transparent hair

Olive beige especially removes the redness of the hair, so the color is beautiful. For bob hair that has been trimmed tightly, make it a transparent hairstyle. You can get a natural texture and hair color!

Let’s Wear a Transparent Color and Aim to Improve Girls’ Power!

A transparent color that allows you to enjoy a sheer natural feeling without bleaching. Let’s check out a wide variety of hair colors and get rid of them. Let’s talk with a hairdresser about what color suits you and meet a new self!

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