I want to know the hair color that suits me! I want to try various hair colors! A personal color diagnosis is recommended for you. Know your natural color and find a hair color that suits you. We will introduce hair colors that suit your cuteness, from trendy ash to cute pink and milk Tea colors.

Find the Perfect Hair Color for You.

When you change the hair color, the atmosphere changes completely. I know that, but I always choose the same hair color, and I’m not dissatisfied with it, but I’m not particularly impressed. I desire to play with my hair color, but I don’t know if it suits me. I don’t want to fail and be irreparable. Isn’t it just a matter of choosing a safe color because you can’t let it be arranged? For those worried girls!

First, check the hair color that suits you with a personal color diagnosis! Let’s know the charm of each hair color and play with more hair colors. We will introduce the hair color that is perfect for you, from standard colors to the latest hair colors.

Check the Best Color With a Personal Color Diagnosis!

Personal color is a color that matches the color you have created. The color that was born with it refers to the colors such as “skin,” “hair,” “eyes,” “cheeks,” and “lips.” By diagnosing personal color, you can know the color that suits you and the color that enhances your charm. In the personal color diagnosis, the color of the skin and cheeks is classified into “yellow base” and “blue base,” and further diagnosis is added to classify them into “soft” and “hard” images.

By combining the base colors and images, they are finally classified into four types: “spring,” “summer,” “autumn,” and “winter.” For example, “yellow base x soft type” is spring type, “blue base x hard type” is winter type, etc. Personal color can be applied not only to hair color but also to makeup and fashion.

Energetic and fresh image “Spring” type

“Spring” type you are a type that gives you a cute and youthful image than your actual age. Bright and transparent colors such as coral pink look great. Since it has a fresh image, we recommend vibrant vitamin colors such as orange. Pink but bluish rose or dull, smoky colors may look unhealthy. If you are a spring type, it is recommended to choose a cute color.

Elegant and refreshing image “Summer” type

If you are a “Summer” type, you will be given an elegant and refreshing impression. Good bluish colors such as rose pink and lavender look great. Pastel colors are also recommended because they have a soft image. On the contrary, if you choose a hair color that is too dark, you may be too calm and look older than your age. Because it is an elegant image, the hair color that is too flashy is NG! If you are a summer type, it is recommended to choose a refreshing color based on blue.

Intelligent and mature image “Autumn” type

“Autumn” type you are the type that gives an adult-like and intellectual impression. Natural earth tones such as khaki and matte brown look great! We also recommend a deep copper color (orange-brown) that reminds you of autumn leaves. On the other hand, pastel colors and vivid colors may float because they are far from an adult-like image. If you are an autumn type, choose a deep natural color based on green or brown.

Cool and unique image “Winter” type

  • You will have a cool and stylish impression if you are a “Winter” type.
  • Colors with clear shades such as wine red and purple look great.
  • Black hair such as ash black is also recommended because the monotone fits nicely.
  • On the other hand, pastel colors may not make the most of a sharp impression and may create a dull atmosphere.
  • If you are a winter type, it is recommended that you choose a unique hair color that can express the color tone firmly, not a light color.
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Check the Difference in Brightness With the Hair Color Tone!

When choosing a hair color, the brightness of the color is also an important point. Even if you choose your favorite hair color, if the brightness image is different, the hair color may be different from what you expected.

The tone is an index of hair color brightness divided into levels from 1 to 20. Remember that one is the darkest, and the higher the number, the higher the tone. Checking the tone is very important when choosing your hair color.

Therefore, I will explain the hair color tone table and the brightness of the hair color that I can not hear anymore! Here, we compare “Greige,” a trend hair color that mixes gray and beige. The brightness of the hair color will vary depending on the hair quality. Let’s check the difference in tone while referring to it as an image to the last!

Close to black hair! Five tones greige color

It is said that the general tone of Japanese hair is about 4-5. Therefore, if you dye it with five tones of Greige, it will be a hair color closer to the ground hair than black hair. Recommended for girls who want to add transparency to dark hair. Also, it is a tone that I would like to recommend for hair color during job hunting.

Naturally organized! 7-tone GreigeĀ 

The hair color of about 6 to 8 tones is familiar to a wide range of age groups. The result is a natural hair color that is neither too bright nor too dark while giving a firm hair color. It will be elegantly organized to fit nicely even at the part-time job.

If you want a brighter finish! 10-tone Greige

If the brightness is 9 to 10 tones, the result will be a beautiful bright color. Brightness changes depending on how the light hits and the hair quality, so it is recommended for girls who want to change the impression completely. While looking at the catalog, tell the hairdresser the image you want to be!

For a fairly high tone hair color! 12-tone Greige

With 11 to 12 tones, you can get a very high-tone hair color. The recommended tone for girls is aiming for bright hair colors like overseas women. It is a color you want to try during long vacations such as summer vacations and events! Also, double color is recommended when the brightness is 13 tones or more. It looks better to add hair color after bleaching, so please consult with a hairdresser.

[trend Hair Color] Catalog by Color System

We have introduced the hair color and brightness that suits you with a personal color diagnosis and tone table! In the end, we picked up the trendy hair colors by color. Wearing your favorite hair color will naturally bring you closer to the image you want to have. Let’s check the hair color while imagining “what you want to be.”

Determined naturally! Brown hair color

Chocolate brown for a mellow atmosphere

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For styling, the ends of the hair are wrapped around the outside. Completion of a cohesive and modern hairstyle! The hair color is so mellow with chocolate brown hair color that you want to eat it. Let’s change the hair color and make a difference with other girls, even for bob hair, which is highly favored by all generations!

For a transparent hair color with ash brown

Ash is a grayish hair color. As the hair color becomes transparent, it is a hair color that both men and women highly favor! Ash type can be mixed with various hair colors as well as brown. If you want to get transparent hair color, try ash color.

Synonymous with modern colors! Aim for mote with beige color

Milk Tea beige and feminine

Beige hair color is transparent and feminine, but you can achieve a trendy hair color that looks like it is now! I want to take a little adventure from the usual brown color. Why not try the trendy milk Tea beige color first for such a woman?

Ash beige with plenty of sheerness even with dark hair

Calm beige color. Add ash to make your hair look transparent. It is wrapped casually to add a light movement to dark hair. It is also recommended to apply for a perm!

Smoky beige for a soft texture

Smoky beige with a soft feel. A trendy hair color that can express a soft texture. This is an inner color that incorporates smoky beige. The point color creates the transparency and lightness of the entire hair.

For a soft and calm atmosphere. Gray hair color

For a soft texture with gray ash

Gray hair color is attractive because it is soft and transparent. You can get a hair color close to black hair, so even job-hunting students can try it! Dark gray ash mixed with ash is a highly nice hair color.

For soft hair color with ash greige

Ash is added to Greige to improve the softness and transparency of gray colors. You can also create an ennui with a slightly ugly bang that catches your eye. Would you like to aim for a cool and beautiful atmosphere with hair color?

Greige rather than beige makes it more natural.

The atmosphere of Greige’s hair color changes depending on whether you choose gray or beige. Ash greige rather than beige, with natural hair color. Even with the same Greige color, playing with the colors seems to be fun!

Red and pink hair color

In a loving atmosphere that is not too sweet with pink, purple

A straight lob that looks like an adult. Purple is added to pink to create an image with a high degree of likability. Isn’t pink hair color a high hurdle? It’s easy to think, but if it’s dark, it’s surprisingly natural.

Adult cute with pink ash

A mode atmosphere is added by adding ash to the pink color even though it is cute! I want to transform into a feminine, but I don’t want to be too sweet. Such girls are like adding ash to the pink color.

Sweet with “Cherry Red”

A red or pink hair color that is feminine and lovely. The layer style and casual atmosphere create a fashionable look by adding red and pink colors! When pink and red come out, the color is very cute, so please try it.

For energetic and cute girls. Orange hair color

For a style that makes a difference with orange beige

We recommend an orange or beige hair color for white skin with plenty of transparency. Vivid colors give the overall tone. Excellent compatibility with Korean makeup!

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For casual wear, blue hair color

Blue ash with plenty of sheerness

The dark hair color is also finished with blue ash for a sense of sheerness. If you want to transform into an adult style, we recommend the dark tone blue ash.

For desirable girls in Bruges

Bruges is a hair color that mixes blue and beige. More natural hair color is completed while maintaining the unique atmosphere unique to blue.

Natural navy ash

The blue hair color creates a casual look. It cancels out the redness and orangeness often found in Japanese hair and transforms it into a more transparent foreign-style color. If you are a blue beginner, it should be easy to try navy ash that looks like black hair naturally.

For a transparent style. Purple hair color

For cool girls with purple ash

The purple hair color erases the redness, making it attractive to have a cool atmosphere. By adding ash to purple, you can make your hair softer and more feminine.

For a style that makes a difference with dark purple

Purple style with low tone. Excellent compatibility with red lipstick, it seems that the range of fashion and makeup will expand. It creates a sense of transparency and lightness even in the dark, so it is also recommended for bites with little color and hairstyles during job hunting!

I want to try fashionable things that make a difference. Green hair color

Produce a moderate sense of omission with olive-brown

The green hair color is attractive because you can enjoy the unique dullness and transparency. The olive color is a popular hair color with a favorable impression that is different from other greens. It’s a style with fluffy medium perm hair with a perfect sense of omission.

Elegant with olive ash

Olive ash, which also uses olive color, has an impressive dark and elegant color. Let’s aim for silhouette beauty with short hair that makes a constriction.

Olive beige adds softness.

Cool khaki colors have the function of canceling warm colors. Olive beige, which has a soft beige atmosphere, is a nice color that you can enjoy transparency and softness.

White hair color with the best sheer feeling

Platinum blonde idol

The white hair color is attractive because it is refreshing and has a lot of sheerness. Especially recently, I see Korean idols having blonde hair, and more and more children are making blonde hair as well. It is decided naturally depending on the tone and color. Platinum blonde hair color for natural and glossy hair color.

Enjoy white with highlights.

For those who want to gradually shift to white hair color, it is also ant to add highlights. It will be a little accent, and the atmosphere will change. It is recommended to produce a feeling of omission and can be easily changed.

Let’s Play With More Hair Color!

When you change your hair color, the atmosphere changes completely. If you always choose the same hair color, why don’t you play with more hair colors? Change into a hair color that suits you and maximizes your charm. It is also recommended to choose the hair color you are interested in and aim for a woman with the image you want to be! An experienced hairdresser will objectively analyze the hair color right for you. It is also ant to leave the hair color selection to the hairdresser once!