The well-designed central island can very well transform the good design central kitchen. Usually, the central island is placed in the center of the room and provides additional space for cooking or storage. The central island can also become a central decorative point in the kitchen. Today, we share some ideas about the kitchen island 2021 to make this space very functional and modern.

What are the trends for the kitchen island in 2021

To find out what type of central island your kitchen needs, you can measure the available floor space and draw a sketch. Then try to play with the different sizes of the islands in the center of the space or by forming the letter L or U with the kitchen counter. You have to make sure that you have enough space to move around without being in the way. It is also important that the central island does not block the entrance to the kitchen, so this is another important point to consider.

The central island can be present in all types of kitchens, regardless of their size

  • If you have enough space in your kitchen island 2021, the island can be located in the center of the kitchen, that is to say, parallel with the kitchen counters.
  • You can also form the letter U with existing kitchen counters, creating a great place to have a meal. This type of design offers plenty of space to prepare food, have a meal, or perform other tasks. The design is also ideal for large families or for those who love the culinary arts.
  • The island can also be located in an L-shape with the kitchen counters. This design is more suitable for smaller kitchens.

Island kitchen in beige and white with an island in green to create a stronger contrast

Kitchen island central 2021 with casters

The central islands do not have to be fixed to the ground: they can have casters instead of feet. This is a very ingenious idea that offers a lot of flexibility and helps to optimize the space. The island can be moved and used to prepare food or as a place to eat. Or, it can also be stored under counters when not in use. The stainless steel kitchen island is a great option for industrial-style kitchens.