Stiff Shoulders Are Resolved! How To Eliminate Stubborn Stiff Shoulders

Stiff Shoulders Are Resolved! How To Eliminate Stubborn Stiff Shoulders

Worried people are paying attention to the fact that even if they feel stiff shoulders or tiredness, they leave it unattended, or even if they try it themselves, they do not feel much effect. To get rid of stubborn stiff shoulders, first, know your cause type. It’s about time to get stiff shoulders, and goodbye!

There Are Various Causes of Stiff Shoulders Surrounding Modern People.

Stiff shoulders are “a condition in which there is stiffness and firmness in the muscles from the neck to the shoulders,” says “Stiff muscles can make your shoulders stiff, dull, and painful. Basically, if you feel a subjective symptom, you have stiff shoulders.” Many modern people suffer from stiff shoulders in various ways. There seems to be a cause. “Fatigue due to overuse of muscles, muscle weakness due to lack of exercise, disturbance of body fluid circulation, eyestrain, fatigue and stress of internal organs, and hormonal imbalance are also causes of stiff shoulders. Overuse of the eyes may also have an effect.

Identify the Cause of Stiff Shoulders and Take Measures at the Self & Salon.

Then, how to eliminate stiff shoulders …? “If you have stiff shoulders that don’t get easier or that you repeat over and over again, you need to deal with the source of the stiff neck. Know the type of cause of your stiff neck and find a solution. It can be applied to multiple types. There is. “Try the recommended salon menu when you want to take good care with simple self-care and professional support!

[Muscle Fatigue Type]

A type that overuses muscles and causes fatigue and fatigue. Hard work, strenuous exercise, and the same posture are a lot of fatigue.

Cause and Solution Point

If you keep doing the same muscles in the same posture, you will get stiff due to overuse of the muscles. You need to be careful about your posture and loosen and loosen your overworked muscles in daily life.

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(1) Sit & stand in the correct posture.

When the head goes forward on the back of the cat, the muscles behind the neck work too hard, leading to a stiff neck and shoulders. Your head must rest directly above your torso, whether you sit or stand.

(2) Loosen the dust by its weight.

Place a tennis ball or massage ball on the stiff part and roll it around. You can enjoy and relax by using your weight!

(3) Loosen the muscles in a half-body bath.

If you take a half-body bath with hot water that is not too hot and not too lukewarm at about 40 ° C, you can loosen the overused muscles. 10 to 15 minutes is a guide.

(4) Loosen the stiff muscles with a fir tree and soften them.

The shoulders and the scapula, connected to the muscles related to stiff shoulders, are firmly loosened, and the stiff and contracted muscles and joints are made flexible.

(5) Warm and recover muscle fatigue accumulated in the bedrock bath.

Warming your body slowly in a bedrock bath will loosen your tired muscles and smooth your blood flow. The relaxing effect also makes you feel relaxed.

[Blood Circulation Type]

A type that leads to stiff shoulders due to poor blood circulation due to cold body, lack of sleep, stress, and body rhythm peculiar to women.

Cause and Solution Point

When the circulation of blood flowing along the muscles is blocked, waste products of the muscles accumulate and are compressed, leading to a feeling of tension and pain. Smoothing blood flow around the shoulders and throughout the body is a clue to eliminating stiff shoulders.

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(1) Clavicle → Shoulder → Arm

When washing your body in the bath or applying body cream, gently gentle in the order of clavicle → shoulder → arm is effective for promoting blood circulation and swelling care.


  1. Clavicle from the outside to the inside
  2. Shoulder in a circle from the bottom.
  3. Arm from wrist to shoulder

(2) Relax with the “Prone position.”

Loosening the back, which is the path of the autonomic nerves, works to suppress the rise of the sympathetic nerves. Relieve stress before going to bed.


  • Put a cushion under your chest to lie face down.
  • Shake the spine and pelvis sideways

(3) Make warm and cold alternating baths warm.

The hot and cold alternating bath promotes blood flow throughout the body—improved coldness and swelling.


  1. Soak your feet in hot water for 3 minutes.
  2. Take a cold shower for 20 seconds.
  3. Repeat this 3-5 times

(4) Thai traditional massage promotes blood flow throughout the body with a relaxed rhythm.

While relaxing muscles with acupressure and Stretching, slowly move the whole body to promote blood flow. After the treatment, the body warms up and feels refreshed.

(5) Aroma treatment relieves poor blood circulation, tiredness, and stress.

The procedure circulates the blood and lymph of the whole body and, at the same time, heals the mind and body with the scent of aroma. Expected to prevent stress and improve sleep quality

[Eye Strain Type]

A type that causes stiff shoulders due to eye fatigue, which is often seen in modern people. Be careful if you can’t let go of your smartphone or computer.

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Cause and Solution Point

When the muscles around the eyes become stiff, and you feel tired or uncomfortable with your eyes, the autonomic nerves are quickly out of balance, causing stiff shoulders. It is essential to rest the muscles around the eyes that tend to be overworked every day.

(1) Stimulate the acupoints of the eyes between work.

It promotes blood flow and pushes a key point called “Gokoku,” closely related to eyestrain and stiff shoulders. Because I have it at hand, I can practice it quickly between work! <How to do> Gokoku is the hollow part between the thumb and index finger. Press for 5 seconds and slowly release 5 times. 

(2) Reset fatigue with a hot towel.

Take care of the muscles around your eyes with a hot towel when taking a bath or before bed. It is easy to heat a towel that has been moistened with water and squeezed in a microwave for 30 to 60 seconds.

(3) Rest your eyes once an hour.

While using your smartphone or computer, take your eyes off the screen once an hour. The point is to focus far away, such as looking out. 

(4) Use the dry head spa to relieve eye and head fatigue and make it easier to reach your shoulders.

It is said that the head has acupoints that help relieve eye strain. Also, by loosening the head, the stiffness of the neck and shoulders connected to the head can be removed.

(5) There are reflex areas around the eyes and shoulders on the soles of the feet! Reflexology

The reflex zone is where peripheral nerves that connect to each organ and internal organs of the body gather—an indirect approach by loosening the reflex areas around the eyes and shoulders.

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