Special Feature On The Charm Of Flash Nails With Cute Glitter

Recently, simple and rough clothes have been the trend. That’s why I want to make my fingertips stand out and cute. In particular, the ones attracting attention now are the glittering nails and flash nails. We will feature the charm and recommended designs of such flash nails this time!

Pay Attention to the Glittering Flash Nails

  • Flash nails are the most popular nail design on SNS now.
  • Originally originated in South Korea, it got its name because it looks especially glittering when the flash is fired with a camera.
  • That’s why it’s perfect for the coming season when you want to be aware of the SNS look!

If You Want to Start Flash Nails! How to Incorporate in Self and Salon

First of all, I will explain how to incorporate flash nails. Check it out for those who do self-nail and often get nails done at the salon. It doesn’t matter if the base colour is transparent, but it isn’t easy to apply the powder evenly, so use a gel or polish that matches the colour of the flash powder for a beautiful finish. There are also gels mixed with flash powder to use that.

Must-see for Salon Nail Art! Flash Nail Order Points

  • If you are a salon nail artist, keep the points when ordering. The points are the design.
  • Flash nails are characterized by their whitish glow when the flash is fired.
  • That is why it is recommended to make a nail design that makes good use.
  • The classic one-colour nails are also cute, but the secret to creating a design that creates an accent when shining, such as gradation nails and art nails!
  • We will pick up the recommended nail designs from the following items you should choose when ordering from a salon.

Recommended Flash Nail Catalog

Simple and Cute One-color Nails

Adult-like Cute Beige Flash Nail

Beige flash nails with beautiful, elegant colours. In natural light, the glitter shines elegantly. If you take a picture with a flash, it will be a bright and clean nail. If you choose a colour that matches your usual skin colour, it will also make your fingers look beautiful! 

Pop Colorful Flash Nails

Make a pop impression by changing all colours. It is a picture taken with a flash. It looks gorgeous, but it is usually the same elegant nail. Therefore, you can enjoy the brilliance not only when you take a picture but also in sunlight or room light! 

Enclosed are French X Flash Nails With a Design Accent

Based on one-colour flash nails, the design incorporates the trendy surrounding French. Enclosing French gives an accent and gives a slightly mature impression. The combination of lame and French white is a lovely nail.

Design Nails With Cute Arrangements

Gradation Flash Nails Like a Starry Sky

The flash and gradation go great together. Choose a bluish base and incorporate a silver flash to make your fingertips shine like a starry sky. Putting a stone on top creates a one-point accent and is cute!

Incorporating Flash into the Swell Design

A nail that uses flash nails to finish the swell design used in nuance nails. The simple white of the base puts the whole together well. It’s so cute that the swell part reacts when you fire the flash!

Impressive Heart Design with Flash

A design in which parts such as hearts are filled with flash nails. The combination of pink and heart is a very cute nail. The photo effect will be enhanced if you use a flash around the parts you want to emphasize. 

One-point Nail With Partial Flash

Incorporate Nuance Art With a Flash

A design that incorporates nuance art with gold flash gel on clear-based nails. Despite its simple design, it is a cute nail with an acute feeling of glitter and plumpness in the art part.

Incorporate in the Line for a Sporty Impression

The base is a nail that becomes more transparent from the side to the centre. It’s good to dare to put together the flash nails that tend to be gorgeous in black. It’s cute, but by putting a vertical line in the middle with a flash, a moderately sporty accent is effective. You can also emphasize the vertically long nails and make your fingers look longer! 

Flash Nails That Are as Good as the Parts

Nail with lots of parts such as pearls and bears. Even if you have a lot of parts, you can use the flash nail at one point to balance the entire nail. It is also good to change the colour on the left and right in an asymmetric style.

Fashionable Combination With Flash Nails

Wave Nail X Flash Nail

Nail that combines summer-like wave nails and flash nails. Matching with cool colours will give you a refreshing impression. It is a transparent nail that makes you want to think about the sea!

Mirror Nail X Flash French Nail

A nail incorporates a mirror in the French part of the flash nail. A chic impression by combining black and silver monotones. It is finished in a well-balanced and elegant nail by adding a transparent nail. 

Nuance Nail X Flash Nail

Nuance nails that combine shell parts and gold accents. The ennui atmosphere is wonderful. By incorporating flash nails as one colour, you can create a feeling of mellowness! It is a nail design that you can enjoy regardless of the season if you change the colour.

Please Turn It on to Your Feet and Gorgeously

Gradated and Mature Nails

Foot nails that use flash nails in gradation. It’s cute to use flash nails in one colour, but the gradation will give you an elegant impression. It is a nail that you want to combine with adult-like heel sandals.

Refreshing Nails Combined with Trendy Ice Nails

Like the flash nails, this design combines ice nails that originated in Korea. The aurora of ice nails and the glitter of flash nails is the cutest combination. Why don’t you add summer-like freshness to your feet?

Flash X Mirror and Now Nail

Mirror nails are so popular that they are already a staple. If you combine mirror nails and flash nails, you will have a foot nail that you will be fascinated with whether you arrange it in gold or combine it with silver.

Photograph with Flash Nails

Flash nails are the cutest when you take pictures. It’s such a fun nail that you can enjoy looking at your fingertips and looking back at the photos.

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