Skoda Scala: Top 10 Things You Need to Know About

This is the new Skoda Scala a car that will offer more interior space than a Volkswagen Golf but for less money. Here the top 10 things you need to know about it.


Scudders played it safe to the scholar design but look closer and you’ll see. It has a more a bright grill than you’ll find in the manufacturer’s other models. Decreases at the size of the car ass code are equivalent of 1980 shoulder pads. Giving the scholar the presence of the largest superb but with a practical hatchback-style boot.

2. Practicality

Skoda says the scholar has the biggest boot you’ll find in any car. This type with a 467-liter capacity that’s nearly a quarter bigger than golf but slightly smaller. A couple of large suitcases and have plenty of room for a full complement of soft bags. Skoda is also claiming class-leading Headroom in the back. Rear headroom is supposed to be really good as well almost the same as in Skoda Octavia.

3. Engines

You can have a scholar with a choice of three petrol and one diesel engine. Reigns kick off with a 90 horsepower, 1-liter petrol with a five-speed manual gearbox move at the range. There are 115 horsepower, 1-liter petrol and a 150 horsepower 1.5-liter petrol with a 6-speed manual as standard. Both of these engines are available with an optional 7-speed automatic. The claimed economy of the petrels will be around 55 miles per color. If you wanna go even further on a tank you’ll need to go for the 115 horsepower 1.6-liter diesel. Which is claimed to do around 70 miles per gallon. However, you can only have it with a 6-speed manual no Auto is available.

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4. Price

It is expected to cost from just under 17,000 pounds for a basic edgy level petrol model. The diesel will start from about a thousand pounds more but if you’re on top of the range car you’re looking at over 20,000 pounds.

5. Lights

Howdy’s drivers think they’re so clever with s1 key scrolling indicators that light up sequentially in the direction it turns. They’re not soon you’ll be able to get them as an option on your Skoda. If you don’t get the LED headlights and taillights come as standard fit. The optional 18-inch alloy wheels and this Skoda has the blink and Audi would be proud of.

6. Interior

Skoda is put in the effort to make the scholar feel properly built even if it can’t quite match the Volkswagen Golf for outright quality. The dashboard and front doors are made from squidgy soft plastics that feel expensive. You can choose to light up the cabin in white or red ambient lighting as standing. Its seats with contrast colored stitching and as an option, you can have suede effect leather on top of that. You can have heated front seats, steering wheel and windscreen too to make it quicker at domestic in the winter.

7. Dampers

A standard with comfortable suspension you can change it for a sporty. A setup by going for Skoda’s sport, chassis control that drops the car ride height by 50 millimeters. It gives you a just all dampers to let you switch between a soft setting for absorbing bumps. Or a stiffer setting for making the car feel more agile in the corners.

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8. Assist

The Skoda Scala is available with the raft of driving aids that weren’t available on a Skoda of this size before. The optional side assist can warn of cars approaching from up to 70 meters away that’s 50 meters further than a regular blind-spot. Warning system, adaptive cruise control that can brake and accelerate the car on the motorway for you is also optional. As is also part that can select a suitable space and reverse the car into it. What do you operate the accelerator and the brake?

9. Infotainment

The scholar is the first go there to get an infotainment screen locked on top of the dashboard making the touchscreen easy to use while you’re driving. It comes in sizes ranging from 7 to 8 and 9 inches. All versions come with apple car play and android auto extra. You can have an onboard hotspot and wireless charging but the best option is the tenant’s display behind the steering wheel.

10. Safety

When he can boost a scholar’s safety with a few features the stuff you really need comes to a standard 9 airbags and automatic emergency brakes. That will detect cars, cyclists, animals, and people something called crew protects assist is also fitted to every car. When it detects an intimate accident it closes the windows and tenses the seatbelts to give you and your family as much protection as possible.

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