Six Simple Ways How to Dress Well by Adding Prints

Today I’ll give you six simple ways how you can master the art of pattern. Adding a pattern or mixing different ones is a very fun way to express our personality. To show off our creativity but also it has a very practical side. Because it allows us to maximize the use of our wardrobes. Today I gathered some of the information and I filter down 6 very simple and wearable ways how you can mix or introduce pattern into your look.

1.Dominant Trend

Tip number 1 choose one dominant trend. When you are mixing the things up pick the print you want to focus on. And then start building the color palette from there. Let’s say that you are going for this statement skirt and then pick the colors found in this skirt. And bring the same color for the top, for the shoes, for the accessories. It is so much easier to build upon that certain print rather than deciding for the whole palette. For the prints, you want to use a day so just choose one statement.

And then all the complementary pieces are coming from this color palette. If you don’t have anything in this complementary color a palette for that dominant print. Then you can choose all other pieces in neutral tones. And neutral colors are all the whites, all the blacks, all the grains and also beige tones. There is a lot of different options here and I think that introducing one dominant print is very easy. Yet a very sophisticated way to add some of the excitement into your look without going too far.

2.Repeat Colors

Now let’s talk about the ways how you can mix several different prints. And the easiest way, of course, is again to look into the color palette. So choose the repetitive colors if you are combining different prints. Just choose the prints which are sharing the same color. At least one color in this way even totally different prints will complement each other. Because the gonna share this one base color which will create the signals in your look. The more of the colors are repetitive in the outfit. The more obvious the combination is if you are advanced in mixing prints.

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Then, of course, you can choose only the complementary colors. These colors are not the same but when you are combining these colors they look that they are meant to go together. Let’s see the orange and yellow color method is a very easy way to introduce. Either one trend into your look or combine several different prints. But of course, there are some other options you want to consider when combining different prints.

3.Mix Print Sizes

It leads us to tip number three which is mix prints of different scales. When you are combining several different prints always consider the size of the prints. Having prints in different sizes create that visual harmony. Even if you are going for something very loud in terms of the color palettes or your pattern. Especially if you are sure to be aware of big and bold prints. Because if you are wearing from head to toe these big prints it might look a little bit too overwhelming on your frame. Let’s say that you have decided to go for something bolder and bigger for your bottom part. Then go for something smaller and busier for the upper part. So different scale of patterns will create this visual harmony and complimentary combination.

4.Similar Prints

Let’s move on to the next step which is tip number four. And another way of combining several trends is to pay attention to the print family. So to say plaids with class florals, with florals faltered out with polka dot, stripes with stripes and so on and so forth. Here it is very important that you are paying attention to the scale of the prints. Because you don’t want to get into the stripes from head to toe in the same scale. Because it will look something that you are going into jail.

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So the wrong scale can put you to jail. Okay, you got it if you want to create more harmony in your look then again you can pay attention to the color method. So to say you can the colors from the same color palette or you can go for complementary neutrals. Or you can go for inverted color combinations. So let’s say some of the laurels on the white background goes together with winter florals on the black background.

5.Classic Prints

We are very ready to spice up this game and to talk about tip number five. Treat Prints as neutrals so there is a category of the prints which are known as classical Prints. So stripes, polka dots, animal print come in a print. All these prints might be treated as neutral solid tones. As you remember we talked in tip number one that for the dominant pattern you have to choose some complementary colors to go with. So here is it with of this formula and instead of these solid tones, you can go for classic prints. To say you can match the floral skirt with stripe. To pop it out with animal print or stripes with animal prints, plaid with stripes.

There are a lot of options and it opens up a lot of possibilities to combine the clothes that we already have. If you feel that it is a little bit out of your comfort zone then, of course, you can take into consideration the color factor. And when combining these different prints you can carry everything choosing the same color palette. Remember that the most important factor when it comes to pulling off the look is the level of self-confidence. And you got to create this so if you feel comfortable, if you are self-confidence, if you feel good in this outfit you will look amazing and I wish that we all looked amazing.

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6.Golden Ratio

Now let’s move on to the last tip number six and here we are talking about proportions. Which are like the cherry on the cake because the proportions create that visual harmony
which is very pleasant for our eye. And here I’m talking about the rule of 60 30 and 10. According to this rule the main pattern or the main solid color should take up to 60% from your look then 30% goes for another pattern. Or solid color and 10% for another pattern or solid color. It might look something like this these proportions helped to create harmony in this look and are pleasant for the eyes. Another way of applying this rule that you can combine totally clashing prints together. By adding a solid color in between those clashing prints, Let’s say that you are going for a maxi skirt and then you are adding a white belt for solid color and something on top.

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