Simple Straight Bob: Did You Know That There Are Many Variations Of All Styles?

Simple Straight Bob Did You Know That There Are Many Variations Of All Styles

It’s a classic, but it’s a straight bob that looks cute. We will introduce a straight bob that is a royal road and will never be removed! The standard straight style and the arrangement make the best use of straight hair.

Because It’s My Favorite Straight Bob, I Need to Devise Something That I Won’t Get Tired of

I like the royal road straight bob, but I think many people feel the same as usual. So, this time, I will introduce how to change the atmosphere with the arranged style and coloring by slightly modifying the straight.

Simple Straight Bob

Simple chin line scooping bob

A no-bang bob that is cut along the chin line. The bangs are scooped up, and the wet finish gives a rough impression. After styling with wax, lightly apply a gloss spray to get a wet finish and double the gloss!

Recommended for those with a lot of hair! Bob under the chin

I think many people are worried because they have a lot of hair. This bob has a length set under the chin, so you can see it and not feel the volume of the top.

Feminine ear midi straight bob

It is a simple bob on the shoulder. By putting it on your ears, you can create an atmosphere for an adult woman. Also, by making the ends of the hair a little lighter, the crisp lines will be blurred and give a soft impression. It is a straight bob that does not require any styling products and can be applied to your ears without any hassle.

Hob that emphasizes roundness and makes women feel attractive

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It is a bob that is rounded as a whole. When styling, turn the wrist while adjusting the surface with an iron to get such a rounded finish. For bangs, turn your wrists so that only the tips are rounded. Finally, lightly shake the gloss spray to complete.

Straight X Iron Winding Arrangement

Add curls to the ends of the hair to improve femininity!

Add curls to the ends of the straightened bob to accentuate the thickness of the style. In addition, this curl makes it look like a girl and gives a cute impression. You can iron the ends of the hair inward to complete it, but if you add a treatment, it will give you a glossy look and give you a better impression!

Straight outside splash, rough bob

It is a bob with a rough impression that straightens the hair halfway with a straight iron and makes the tips of the hair outside. The ends of the hair are combed a little to make it lighter, so it feels soft even if you squeeze it outside.

Beloved Bob with outstanding small face effect

Warren bob, cut longer than the chin, has a small face effect with a turn and a bundle of hair wrapped inward. After wrapping it in one curl with an iron or iron, finish it with a fragrant hair mist, and you will get a good impression! Please, try it!

Straight for girls with beautiful glossy eyes

Straight with natural highlights on a calm brown color. This coloring makes you feel glossy. The styling is completed with one curl wrapped with a trowel and finally glossed with a spray!

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Melt color with a transparent atmosphere like a girl

The point is the ash color that can produce a transparent feeling like a girl who is healthy but unreliable. The cut is also cut to give a soft and airy feeling. It’s natural and mellow, so if you dare to combine it with a fashion with a slightly mature taste, it’s!

Straight Bob X Coloring Arrangement

High tone beige and bright, straight bob

The heavy bob style becomes a light atmosphere by adding a high-tone beige color to the straight bob on the chin line. If you finish it on your ears, the impression of an adult will improve! Recommended coloring for hot seasons.

One point accent with section color

A gradation bob with a section color and a one-point accent. The hairstyle itself is very simple, but this coloring makes you feel fashionable. The bangs on the eyebrows are also nice to have a sharp look!

Soft milk tea beige mash bob

The short bob style looks heavy, so the soft and bright coloring makes it look light. The milk tea color is recommended because it is a color that matches the soft texture. This coloring is a color that can be used regardless of the season.

Highlight x Bob

By adding highlights to the flat bob, a three-dimensional effect is expressed. If you finish it with your ears, you will feel a mature feeling. For styling, use an iron or iron to curl the ends of the hair. After that, apply the hair cream and treatment to complete the process.

Beige x straight perm

It’s a simple but fashionable bob style reminiscent of foreign children. Coloring it in beige, which has a slightly strong yellow tint, reduces the feeling of damage when the color fades. You can also create a soft, airy feeling by blowing the ends of the hair inward with a straight perm.

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Straight X Impactful Special Color

Mash Bob outside splash, silver ash

Arranged mash bob on the outside and appointed silver ash for coloring. For a novel visual finish! Try using an iron or iron to make it outside!

Simple red on the neckline, Bordeaux-colored mash bob as a whole

In the extra edition, a mash base with curls is added. Manicure and vivid red on the neckline, and the overall color is a fashionable mash bob using Bordeaux color.


Even with straight bob, there are many ways to make the most of straight. You can take the plunge and try a special color or start with a cottage arrangement! Straight Bob wants to maintain a clean condition by performing frequent maintenance such as treatments.

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