Simple Hair Arrangement: Quick Learning With Illustrations

Simple Hair Arrangement Quick Learning With Illustrations

I’m worried that my hands are clumsy and I can make arrangements fashionably. I want to recommend an arrangement method that adds a twist to the standard arrangement. By simply modifying a simple standard arrangement, you can make a stylish self-arrangement that is completely clean!

What Kind of Arrangement Is a Straightforward Hair Arrangement?

If you remember the hair arrangement that you can easily change your hairstyle, the range of fashion will expand dramatically. However, when I look it up, the procedure is complicated, and many seem difficult. Arrangements that wrap hair or use multiple pins are easy for clumsy people to get sick. But in fact, there are also straightforward hair arrangements. Most straightforward hair arrangements are based on the basics of hair arrangements, such as ponies and half-ups.

Easy Hair Arrangement Based on Ponytail

In this item, we will introduce a simple hair arrangement based on a ponytail. Please also refer to the following articles for the primary ponytail arrangement method!

Pony arrangement

Step (1) Tie one knot with rubber according to the height of your ears. While holding the rubber of the knot, pinch the hair around the knot with your toes, and pull it out. The hair is in the middle of your head’s Back with your toes. And pull out 2 to 3 hairs on each side.

Step (2) Pinch the hair on your ears with your toes and pull it out. Pull out about three hairs from the hair on the ears at regular intervals, and you pull out.

Step (3) Using silicone rubber at the position of three fingers downward from the knot, pinch between the first and second knots to tie the hair bundle with the tip of your tongue and the hair between the knots.

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Step (4) In the same way as step (3), tie two knots at equal intervals and pull out each in a circle to complete.

Model arrangement style based on ponytail

Girly with scrunchie

A large scrunchie is a must-have for recent trends. Just match it with the roughly summarized ponytail, and it will look like it. If you put out the lagging hair, it looks even more like now.

Gorgeous with braids and scarves

Even simple braids can be made gorgeous by incorporating a scarf. It is recommended that you do not break your hair and finish it tight.

Easy Hair Arrangement Based on Half-up

We will introduce a simple hair arrangement based on half-up in this item. Please also refer to the following articles for the primary half-up arrangement method!

The half-up arrangement just twisting

Step (1) Divide the hair in the left block into the Front and Back of the ear. Comb the hair in front of the ear with a hand comb toward the Back.

Step (2) Divide the hair in front of the combed hair into two bundles and twist so that the upper hair and the lower hair intersect. Continue twisting to the tip of the hair.

Step (3) Bring the twisted left hair to the Back of the head. Take a small amount of hair on the right side of the Back of the head (near the tied tip) and tie the twisted left hair bundle and the separated hair bundle together.

Step (4) Twist the hair in the block on the right side in the same way as in steps (1) to (2)and bring it to the Back of the head. Tie the hair bundles together.

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Step (5) Pinch the twisted part with your toes and loosen it to complete.

Model arrangement style based on half-up

Cute with braids

Braid the top of the half-up for a cute impression. It is a simple arrangement that can be done without winding. I’m glad that even Short Bob can challenge.

Loosely put together like an adult.

This is a half-up that is loosely organized at a lower position. Half-up the hair around the face for a clean impression. It also makes you look more mature.

Neat and clean with a simple half-up

This is also a simple half-up that even Short Bob can challenge if you make it look like it now has sideburns and sideburns. For black hair that tends to give a heavy impression, it is recommended to make a half-up feeling.

Easy Hair Arrangement Based on Buns

We will introduce a simple hair arrangement based on buns in this item. Please refer to the following articles for the primary method of arranging dumplings!

Easy bun arrangement for bob hair

Step (1) Gather the entire hair firmly with a hand comb and tie it together at the position on the extension of the earlobe.

Step (2) Push the centre of the tied hair bundle by hand and spread it so that the ends of the hair become a circle.

Step (3) Cover the hair with rubber from above and tie it, so it becomes—a dumpling. Pinch the tied dumpling with your toes and pull it out, so the form becomes loose.

Step (4) Pinch the hair near the knot of the dumpling with your toes and pull it out. While observing the overall balance, pinch the hair in the centre of the crown with your toes and pull it out.

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A model arrangement style based on dumplings

Adult casual with low dumplings

Making dumplings at a lower position gives an intelligent and calm impression. The perfect balance is just right, not too tight and not too tight. You can expect even more cleanliness by wrapping the hair around your face.

Rough dumplings are roughly summarized.

This is a casual dumpling with roughly tied hair. You will get a bright and rough impression if you put the bangs together. Suppose you pull out your hair while looking at the overall balance.

Accent with a string

The simple dumplings made only with hair ties and strings are cute use the strings to improve the look. Don’t forget to pull out your hair and feel it coming off. 

Master Hair Arrangements and Enjoy More Fashion

This time, I Introduced and explained a simple hair arrangement. Many things can be quickly done for hair arrangements that tend to be difficult and time-consuming! Please try various arrangements according to the fashion and the scene.

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