60 Amazing Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 In 2023

60 Amazing Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 In 2023

A hairstyle can either subtract a couple of years or add a dozen years. Let’s look at what hairstyles to choose if you have crossed the fifty-year milestone?

Women need to know ​​fashion and hair trends and what hairstyles can hide age-related changes in hair structure and facial contours. Correctly selected women’s haircuts for short hair after 50 allow women to look elegant, fresh, and feel confident and comfortable.

Short hairstyles for women have become a sophisticated choice for those who want to look elegant without the incredible effort of grooming their hair. You can style your short hair in different ways and change your style depending on your mood. It doesn’t matter if you’re 40 or 70; you can feel energized and confident even with short hair.

Rules for Choosing a Hairstyle

Following simple tips, you can choose the most effective haircut in 2023. Be sure to consider the features of an elegant age, facial structure, body type.

  1. Long hair is harder to take care of and doesn’t look good on women over the age of 50.
  2. Do not give up bangs. She rejuvenates, closes mimics wrinkles.
  3. Choosing the shortest hairstyles that do not require daily styling with many cosmetics is better. All kinds of mousses, foams, varnishes make the hair heavier, spoil the structure, and cause allergic reactions.
  4. Do not give up hair coloring. A properly selected shade can visually rejuvenate and add femininity.

Here Are Some Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Every women wants to look nice and be in good shape. After 50, women should be careful about their hairstyles and tones. Styles depend on the length, shape, and styling of the hair. There are many exciting haircuts for older women that are in style now. Choose one that makes you look more beautiful and younger.

Making a ponytail takes more work for someone over 50 than for a young girl. Then and only then will she look younger and pretty. Of course, a haircut should show off your best features and hide your worst ones.

Women over 50 often get haircuts that make them look younger. The hairstyle should give the person a new look. A haircut should show a person’s age without making them look silly. Let’s continue with 2023’s most popular anti-aging short haircuts for women over 50.

Bob Cut


A chin-length bob is a classic cut that you can wear straight or curly. Women who know how to style their hair should get a bob haircut, and those who don`t know. You can see the picture and get an idea to style your hair

Torn Cut

Rip hair suits all faces and ages. This hairstyle enhances your appearance. Bobs and bob-bobs are torn. Masters make a cute head mess in these situations. Her face, style, and taste determine how her “chaos” looks.

Bean Cut

This beautiful hairstyle was made by the famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon many years ago. Even though there are exciting changes, it is still important. “Bob” looks good on any women, no matter what her hair looks like or how she looks. With this style, women look beautiful and young.

Pixie Cut

The ultra-short pixie cut making a lady confident, more stylish, and classy is one of the trendy hairstyles. Most effectively, this hairstyle is complemented by sideways bangs – this option is considered ideal.



With an undercut, you can keep your hair long on top and look tougher. The undercut is also a popular way to stand out from the crowd. The picture above shows that an undercut can look both tough and feminine.

Pixie Bob


A pixie bob is a shorter version of a bob cut. It can be a good choice for women over 50 who want a low-maintenance hairstyle. For example, a pixie bob is the best choice if you want to style your hair. It can look good and is easy to take care of.

Wolf Cut


A short, hairy wolf cut suits girls who want to wash and go. It’s simple and up-to-date. It’s thin, edgy, and girly. You can blow-dry your hair. If you’re good, you can keep this easy cut. Take pictures like these to show your stylist how you want your hair cut.

Blunt Cut


A blunt cut is when the ends of short hair are cut straight across. Right now, a lot of famous people are getting blunt cuts. It shows how stylish and easy to take care of a blunt cut can be.

Wispy Cut


A wispy cut is a short hair that is cut into chunky layers. Emma Watson, a well-known actress, has also said that a wispy cut is an excellent choice for people in their 50s who want to look younger.

Long Bob


If I had to choose the most demanded cut in the salon, it would be this: the long bob in all its versions. In this case, it is asymmetrical, short at the nape and longer at the front, in its full version without layers. This version allows you to create spectacular and long-lasting waves.

Garson Cut

The people call this haircut “under the boy.” It was made exclusively by young men until the middle of the last century, but later the ladies appropriated it for themselves. This hairstyle is suitable for courageous and decisive ladies who are alien to the idea of ​​sitting at home and worrying about their years all day long.

Ladder Cut

The stepped technique allows you to give hair lightness and volume, to hide the thinned structure. Plus, layering hairstyles is easy. Such a haircut always looks naturally careless, but at the same time, the hair looks well-groomed.

Classic Cut

Shaved sides and back, short curls on top. Thin scissors trim the ends. The style’s crown height matters most.

Short Curls


Curly-haired people might like a short cut with curls. If you have curly hair or want to have curly hair, short curly hair is the best choice.

Texture Cut


A short cut with texture eliminates frizz and maximizes curl potential.

A-Line Bob


If you have thin or fine hair, an A-line bob haircut will make your hair look fuller and more lively. As you know, the bob is one of the most versatile short hairstyles. So, if you have short hair, you should get an A-line bob.

Shaggy Cut


With layered, shaggy hair, women over 50 can look both young and elegant. Helen Mirren’s shaggy cut is a great example of how a shaggy cut can be both new and old.

Bouncy Bob


Women can only get shape from short haircuts by cutting them in layers. With a large barrel curling iron, you can cut off the ends of straight hair to give it more body.

Short Bangs


When your hair is short, bangs are the best way to make it look younger and more fun. Short bangs are easy to care for and can be styled in many different ways.

Layered Cut

Haircut using a cascade. The neck is open; the ears are half or completely hidden. The hair is cut in a “step” in a graduated method.

Elongated Cut

If you do not like very short haircuts, then choose this option. The hair at the back of the head is shortened to match the curls that fall towards the face. With this haircut, your look will be playful, gentle.

Grey Pixie Cut


A fake hawk is a bold way to style your hair. Grey-haired women over the age of 50 love this style. It shows how old a women is and what she is like. In the hawk style, the hair near the forehead is made longer. You can have long or short sideburns. For the top fake hawk, use a firm gel.

Wavy Haircuts


A messy pixie cut or textured bob with wavy hair looks great. These hairstyles highlight your natural waves and add depth and movement.

Black Pixie Cut


A cute pixie bob haircut showcases bangs, which are back in style. This chic pixie cut has short side-swept bangs and slightly trimmed edges. Finally, this look is sassy but feminine.

Punky Haircuts


Are you tired of short-haired people? Stop looking! This excellent, youthful punk haircut is hard to ignore. Short-haired women can look fantastic with this platinum and silver punk haircut. Because of its volume on top, it adds volume to short, edgy hair.

With Open Ears 

This haircut is suitable for a businesswomen, and it makes the image elegant, sophisticated. The ears are open, and the curls cut to the lobes are triangular from the face.

“Gavroche” Cut

Women look more powerful and youthful with short haircuts. It’s always perky. Exactly. Gavroche haircut for 50-year-old women is timeless. It has short main strands and long curls. It highlights eyes and smile and hides wrinkles.

Cute Wavy Bob

Chin-length styles frame the face, suit women with a natural oval shape. The fringe on the sides accentuates the cute wavy bob.

Volume Haircut


The volume haircut is perfect for women over 50 who want sleek hair that You can wear anywhere. This hairstyle is for women who like to stand out and look fashionable.

Cool Sweep Cut

Sweep your hair so that there is more hair on one side of your head than on the other side. To look cool, lightly cover one eye with wavy hair.

Light Side Bangs

Soften the short haircut for those over 50 with an oval face by adding side bangs. If you have straight hair, cut your bangs at an angle to lighten and brighten your face.

Choppy Haircuts


Choppy, layered cuts add volume and texture to fine hair. This haircut may make your hair appear thicker.

Bob Long Waves


Try a long bob if you want a change but still want short hair. You can use it for updos. Its middle and the actresses who shine in it are brought back to life.

Straight Side-bob


Shoulder-length hairstyles and side-swept bobs look great on women over 50. It conceals unwanted facial lines while highlighting your best features.

Short Blonde Pixie


Blonde. Platinum blonde highlights thin hair. Bleaching thickens the hair shaft, making it fuller, but cutting it short prevents long-term damage. Short pixie cuts for 50-year-old women are timeless. Your bold cut will age well. Whether you choose a deep blonde to cover grey hair or brassy highlights to soften it, a short blonde pixie suits many hair types and skin tones.

Short Fine Haircuts


Thin hair can look thicker with a pixie cut or layered bob with side-swept bangs. These hairstyles make you look younger and livelier.

Brunette Highlights


Highlights of caramel can make dark roots look lighter. Highlights make you look softer and remind you of being young and carefree in the summer.

Short Curly Haircuts


A cropped cut with loose curls or a curly bob with layers can show off your natural curls. These hairstyles also add body and movement.

Short Thick Haircuts


A textured pixie cut or choppy bob can help manage thick hair. These hairstyles can also accentuate your face shape.

With Oblique Bangs

This haircut is done on short hair. Looks harmonious, making the image aesthetic.

Short and Thick Bob

A short hairstyle can look stylish if you have thicker hair. Apply a light layer to your haircut to give it more shape.

Brown Pixie Haircuts


This deep brown color and cute pixie cut go very well together.

Pixie-wavy Undercut


This short pixie cut adds volume and movement to curly hair. Have your wavy hair cut below the back for maximum volume and texture and styled to one side. Choose a lovely buttery blonde and brown balayage to elevate this trend.

Short Pink Hairstyles


Fine-haired 50-year-olds like pixie cuts. Long layers highlight facial features. Try it. Pale pink can enhance a long pixie cut. Layers add volume.

With Shaved Temples

The haircut is suitable for brave women who feel young in their years. The curl on the opposite side remains elongated with a bare temple on one side. Each version of this haircut can be applied using hair coloring.

Classic Short Haircuts


A pixie or blunt-ended bob can make you look chic—basic, easy-to-maintain, and versatile hairstyles.

Edged Short Haircuts


An asymmetrical bob or undercut with shaved sides can make you look tough. These hairstyles frame your face, making it more interesting.

Short Blonde Haircuts


A short bob with blonde highlights or a chic pixie cut with platinum blonde hair are options for short blonde hairstyles. These hairstyles can improve your appearance and make you look more fashionable.

Short Updo Hairstyles


Short updo hairstyles for women over 50 can highlight cheekbones and eyes. Let the bangs grow out, and use mousse or another volumizing product to style this modern updo. Blow-drying the top and tucking the ends with a round brush creates an edgy updo. Wear bold earrings or a necklace with your hair slicked back to spice up this cut.

Wavy Hair With Bangs


Light wavy lines are a great way to frame an oval face. Add a flair to the look by adding stepped bangs to cover the forehead.

With an Open Forehead

A haircut is suitable for those women who have an ideal forehead shape, regular facial features. The hairstyle lacks layers and volume in the back of the head. The bangs can be short in the form of feathers.

Graduated Square Cut

The use of cascade technology in the classic model makes it more modern. A smooth cut around the perimeter is combined with elongated strands around the face. Bangs will be an important element to hide the wrinkles above the eyebrows. It is milled to give it a natural look and add splendor – so it will lie without sticking to the forehead.

Short, Spiky Hairstyles


It looks like someone cut their hair short. The spikes on this cut make it cool and edgy. You can start a trend without giving up on simple things. Women over 50 with short hair and trendy hair colors stand out.

Ash Blonde Angled Cut


As women age, their faces can sometimes start to look softer. An angular cut gives rounded edges more definition and draws attention to a pointed chin’s narrowness.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair


A short cut with a deep side part or layered bob with wispy ends can thicken thin hair. These hairstyles add texture and interest.

Pixie With Curly Fringes

Pixie short hairstyle with bangs is the perfect short afro hairstyle for an oval face. Make these bangs look pretty and thick to accentuate your unique curls. As long as you keep your natural curls hydrated, styling can be kept to a minimum.

Asymmetrical Micro Bob


People in their 50s, 20s, 30s, and 60s who are picky go there. The short back shows off one of the sexiest parts of the body—the neck. The neck is lightly layered to give the crown more volume. You can make the front longer or give it side bangs.

Short Cropped Pixie Cut


A short, sassy pixie cut is timeless. Choppy layers make this cute Pixie perfect for women over 50. Its shaggy layers and salt-and-pepper color make it sassy. A little gel and a lot of attitudes will do.

Silver, Textured Pixie Cut


This idea shows how great older women look with short pixie cuts. Because of its feather-like texture, salt and pepper look bold and sophisticated.

Straight Bob With Waves


The straight bob cut with waves is one of the most demanded, and the reasons are more than obvious: it styles rejuvenates a lot and provides extra volume, something that most women usually appreciate, especially if we have fine hair or have gone losing volume or density with age.

Pixie With Brushed Bangs


Brushed bangs elevate your Pixie. Use a vent brush, firm gel, and a blow dryer pointed at the roots. This bold short hairstyle is safe for women over 50. Why not rock a wild pixie cut? Make your Pixie cut pop with a bold color.

Red or Strawberry Blonde


Red Warmth also works on strawberry blonde or red hair. You seem to like it better. Wear warm colors to make your skin look younger.

Mid-length Cut With Layers


Most hair types and face shapes look good with a cut that has layers and soft highlights.

Pixie With Side-swept Bangs


A long fringe that makes your Pixie cut fuller sounds too good. This modern hairstyle suits any age women. Short hairstyles for women over 50 are gorgeous once you add your best color.

Sleek Pixie With Side Parting


For a sophisticated, confident look, brush back your short, bold Pixie cut with a side part. A side-parted pixie cut is easy to style for formal events and beach walks. Beautiful side parts start with styling tools. Rat-tooth combs help find the right parting. Add gel or other styling products for a classic, sassy pixie cut that lasts all day.

Short Dark Blonde Hairstyles


You can style popular short pixie cuts year-round. This short hairstyle suits thin or thick hair.

Pixie Bob With Layers of Feathers


Layered, feathered hair can give any short 60s haircut shape and texture. Your short, feathered bob is a classic style for your age. It’s easy to take care of and makes your hair look whole.

Messy Grey Pixie With Long Bangs


Try this longer pixie for a look that’s ready to go. Curly hair looks good with short pixie cuts. Your messy hair shows that you don’t worry about much. Beautiful is silver grey. Grey hair has become famous thanks to stars and fashionistas.

Robust and Icy Blonde for Pixie Cut


Faux hawks are daring. Grey-haired 50+ women love this hairstyle. It shows women’s age and personality. Hawks lengthen forehead hair—long or short sideburns. The top faux hawk needs strong gel.

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Glasses


Women over 50 with glasses can wear a layered bob with side-swept bangs or a short, textured pixie cut. These hairstyles can make you look younger.

Hair Care Tips for Women Over 50

It’s best to take care of your hair at any age, but if you’re over 50, here are some tips for caring for your hair at that age.

  1. Keep it nourished
  2. Try to shine
  3. Keep your hair moving
  4. Cut your hair short
  5. Stay away from the middle line
  6. Choosing a suitable color for your hair
  7. Keep your hair clean and fresh

Hair Mistakes You Should Avoid Before or After 50

As we age, our hair changes, making it more important to care for it. Avoid these hairstyle mistakes before or after 50:

  1. Using too much heat on your hair
  2. Using the wrong products on your hair
  3. Skipping regular trims
  4. Over washing your hair.
  5. Ignoring your scalp
  6. Use tight hairstyles
  7. Using the wrong hairbrush
  8. Not protecting your hair from the sun
  9. Using too many products
  10. Stressing out