Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas for Women To Look More Stylish

Rose gold hair colour is very luxurious and practical. It belongs to both warm and cold shades, which is why this combination is considered very unusual. The stunning rose gold hair colour was appreciated by many celebrities, and they are still satisfied with the result.

But this spectacular hair colour is not suitable for every girl. It will be inappropriate for office workers and employees of government agencies, where a strict dress code is required.

Every year it won’t be easy to surprise girls – it seems that all original ideas are already in the past, and stylists will have nothing to offer fashionistas. But they regularly succeed in this. So, in recent years, they have been actively proposing to forget about bright colours and start paying attention to more noble shades—for example, the colour of rose gold.

Hair colour like rose gold looks luxurious. It is unusual because it is a combination of warm and cold shades. Pastel pink, gold and lilac are combined into one unique colour. To date, many celebrities have already appreciated it. Most of them were satisfied with the result.

However, we must admit that this shade is not suitable for every girl.

So, it will be inappropriate within the walls of an office or any government institution with a strict dress code. But young girls who are not limited by the rules and creative people can try to experiment with a similar colour.

As for the colour type, such a shade is more suitable for an appearance such as summer or spring. In the second case, the curls will seem as if covered with the pink glaze – delicate, well-groomed and beautiful. In this case, you can add more golden hues to the colour. But young ladies with a summer colour type should dilute the base with lilac or beige shades.

In addition, a pink-gold hue will look beautiful on light hair. But if the curls are dark, they must first be lightened and only then stained.

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This muted blonde shade with a pink touch seemed to suddenly hit the market and has managed to take its place in the apparel, bags, footwear and cosmetics industry. Therefore, it was not a surprise when he made his way into the world of hair colour. More and more women are turning to their hairdressers every day to have their hair dyed in elegant rose gold hair colour.

It would seem that all the original ideas for hair dyeing have long been in the past. Still, professional colourists never cease to amaze modern girls with various newfangled shades, among which a new leader has appeared – hair colour rose gold.

Here are some hair color ideas in trend

Colour palette


A shade like rose gold is gorgeous in itself. However, if you add some colours to it, such as lemon or peach, the result is a rather interesting golden or cold tone. To understand all the features of this noble colour, it is necessary to consider some of the shades included in its palette.

Shaded golden pink

You need to add a bit of purple hint for a dark, luxurious, metallic gold-pink colour. In this case, you can leave the hair roots uncoloured, or darken them by a few tones, so that the result is a shadow effect.

Muted golden pink

This shade consists of more gold highlights than the underlying pink colour.

Strawberry Gold Pink

A colour with such a beautiful name pleasantly surprises how it fits on the hair of any shade. This is a harmonious combination of blonde with delicate rose gold. The shade is suitable for brown-haired women and even brunettes. As a rule, this shade is chosen to create smooth transitions using the balayage technique.

Desert Rose Gold

The desert is both mysterious and attractive at the same time. One wants to peer at her, seeing all the new shades of the same colour. This is precisely the effect this colour produces. Desert Rose Gold combines light brown with a rose gold-tone.

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Chocolate golden pink

Girls who have naturally dark hair colour should choose a chocolate golden-pink tone. This solution will help to emphasize natural beauty.

This shade looks especially beautiful on curls.

Platinum golden pink

The combination of two metallic shades may seem overkill for some. But it looks pretty lovely and appropriate. Platinum and rose gold are perfect proof of this.

Tinted golden pink

Those looking to make dull brown locks more beautiful by updating their look can experiment with a golden pink hue.

Colouring rose gold with peach shades

These shades of rose gold are a bit closer to warm peach. This tone is best for women with warm skin tones.

Hair colouring rose gold – pastel shades

These shades will work great for you! The advantage is that your curls are already lightened, which means they need to add a splash of colour.

Intense pink hair colour

If you want to try some different hairstyles, rose gold has something to offer, even for you.

Dark shades of staining rose gold

Here you can see how deep the shade of rose gold can get. We think that darker rose gold can take your hairstyle to the next level. With such staining, they will turn around you wherever you go.

Peach hair colour with a touch of rose gold

Peach hair colour is very soft and delicate. This beautiful shade is perfect for you, especially if it has a splash of rose gold.

Stylish ombre rose gold

There has been so much talk lately about pink hair, and we understand that you want to stand out from the same type of colour. That is why we invite you to take a closer look at the incredibly stylish idea of ​​ombre hair colouring, where the main accent is rose gold. This colouring looks fresh, soft and super modern. It is a great way to add some creativity to your look.

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Balayage rose gold for brunettes

When you think of balayage for brown hair, you can often think of many shades, but not rose gold. However, when you look at these impressive combinations, you will conclude that balayage rose gold is worth trying!

Staining light pink gold

The beauty of rose gold shades lies in their extreme versatility. If you want to try something new in your hair colour but don’t want to cross the line – light rose gold might be your perfect choice.

Berry shades

In berry shades of fuchsia, there is more pink than purple. It makes them seem a little warmer and softer. Juicy berry colours will look best on the hair of light red girls and brown-haired women with milk chocolate hair.

Neon fuchsia

The “backlight” effect distinguishes neon shades (including fuchsia): they seem to emit colour and, with it – irresistible energy. Neon fuchsia will contrast with the natural shade even more pronounced. Use it on a white blonde or on very dark hair (resinous black colour perfectly “accepts” fuchsia).

For blond hair



But is it worth completely overlapping your base colour? If you have achieved a blond with many trips to a colourist, there is no point in doing this. Better to limit yourself to a few strands in fuchsia shade or dyed ends. Another good idea for blondes is many fragile strands tinted pink at different levels. Mixing with blond, they will create an excellent play of colour.

For dark hair

How can brunettes complement their look with hot pink accents? There are many options. But just like blondes, they shouldn’t wholly paint over their hair.

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