55 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas To Try In 2023

Here Are 55 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas To Try In 2023.

Hey, it’s 2023, and if you still need clarification about which hair color suits you, don’t worry. It gets harder and harder to surprise girls every year. Fashionistas will have nothing new to learn from stylists because all the original ideas have already been used. But usually, they do well. So, for the last few years, everyone has been told that rose gold is the most popular choice.

The rose gold hair color trend for 2023 is full of shades and shines, from ombre to rose gold, from root to tip. The color is soft but bright, and you can’t miss it. The hair color looks cooler the smarter the stylist is. Here are 55 examples of the trending rose gold hair color.

Who Suits?

Rose gold is an unusual color because it has both warm and cool shades. When pale pink, gold, and mauve are mixed together, they make a unique color. A lot of well-known people have learned to like it so far. Most of them liked how things worked out.

But it’s important to know that this color only works for some girls. So, it will only fit in an office or government agency with strict rules about what to wear. But girls who don’t care about the rules and people who are creative can try out a similar color.

As for the type of color, this shade fits better with the look of summer or spring. In the second case, the curls will look soft, well-groomed, and beautiful, as if they were covered in pink frosting. In this case, you can give the color more golden tones. But young women with summer color types should lighten the base with lilac or beige shades.

Also, blond hair color looks beautiful with a rose-gold color. But if the curls are dark, they must be bleached first and then colored.

Also, you should know that the pink-gold color looks good on almost all girls with light brown hair.

Blush and Lemon Gold


The rose gold color of the hair is beautiful on its own. Add pretty blush pink and lemon yellow to it, and you’ll have a color that will last forever. Pink, yellow, and rose gold hues blend harmoniously to give you the most elegant hair color.

Shaded Rose Gold


When it comes to rose gold hair, you don’t always have to go for a soft, pastel look. You can bring this beautiful color to life in all its punk rock glory. Aim for a dark metallic rose gold shade with a hint of purple to get this bold hair color. Keep your roots a shade or two darker to create a shady effect.

Muted Rose Gold


Now, look at that beautiful hair color, which is less pink. This mostly golden color is soft and quiet, and you can see hints of the rose used to make it that way. Even though this color is elegant in a simple way, it has its style.

Ombre Rose Gold


Gone are the days of the ombre with very clear colors that stood out from each other. This season, people love ombre because they look like they were put together naturally. This style has darker mauve shades at the roots that blend into light rose gold at the ends to contrast pink-toned colors.

Strawberry Rose Gold


When it comes to hair color, nothing beats the neutral tone that this classy and grown-up shade gives off. This color is a beautiful mix of strawberry blonde, rose gold, and dark hair. All eyes will be drawn to the hairstyle used to make these colors.

Desert Rose Gold


If you’ve been to the desert or seen a picture of it, you know that one of the most exciting things is the huge, unbroken area of sand. Bring back that stunning look by coloring your hair a light brown with a hint of rose gold.

Chocolate With Rose Gold


Don’t let your dark hair keep you from getting the rose gold hair you’ve always wanted. Add rose gold highlights and balayage pink blush to your hair to make a mesmerizing color mix. Curls make it look especially good.

Platinum Rose Gold


The effect will take your breath away when two metallic colors are combined. Don’t believe it? Then look at the above picture. Because rose gold is a platinum color, you’ll always be ready for Instagram photos. Straighten your hair to finish off your perfect look.



A rose gold highlight would be a great way to change up your brown hair. It would frame your face and add depth to the whole look.

Peach Rose Gold


Imagine taking a sip of peach iced tea to cool off and relax on a hot summer day. That’s great. Get your hair dyed rose gold with peach undertones to show how much you love your favorite drink.

Rose Gold Unicorns


Anyone with an Instagram account knows that unicorns are a big thing. And when it comes to hair colors, they are completely in charge. You’ll look like a beautiful unicorn princess wearing this soft pastel pink and rose gold.

Pink Gold Gradient


This season, gradient colors are popular, and for a good reason. This style of coloring your hair makes it look like it came from a fantasy book, and you look like a magical creature. This unusual gradient style starts with a rich burgundy at the roots, fades to a sweet apricot in the middle, and ends with a beautiful rose gold.

Dynamic Rose Gold


Rose gold hair is nice because it comes in so many different shades that you might need help getting used to just one. For example, this dark rose gold color looks almost red because it has a chestnut undertone.

Carmen’s Hair Color is Rose Gold


Magic is about to happen when you combine a classic hair color with a new style. And this mix of caramel and rose gold makes everyone feel like they are under a spell. At the bottom of the chocolate brown hair, two beautiful shades blend together to make an impressive look.

Rose Gold Hand is Drawn


And now, you’ll love the dark rose gold image. Make your hair look like a work of art by putting a deep bronzed rose gold color on top of a rich chestnut base. At the very least, the results of this color work will be amazing.

Mermaid With Rose Gold


This ombre style was done on a dark coffee brown base with hints of rose gold, peach, and fuchsia on the ends. This creates a beautiful style that plays with contrasts.

Rose Gold and Copper


Mixing a soft shade with a rich and bright one is a great way to make a hair color with a lot of depth. Using this rule as a guide, this color has a bright copper shade at the roots, and a touch of light rose gold at the ends. Together, they make a masterpiece.

Rose Gold Balayage Blonde


This list would only be complete with a good balayage style. A few flashes of rose gold were added to this light blonde look to add a hint of color. The real beauty of this color comes out when the hair is curled and dried loosely.

Rose Gold Brunette


With this ethereal hair color, she looks like a character out of a writer’s mind. This style’s light dusty brown base has been softly touched with rose gold around the edges to make an equally divine look. This color is great for people who live near the beach and like to wear light dresses.

Metallic Rose Gold


This soft pastel shade looks amazing and ethereal when you add a metallic twist. The metallic rose gold color is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. This gives the hair movement and makes it look longer by making the ends stand out.

Pink Gold Balayage


Rose gold hair color looks great on long hair, especially if it has waves. Usually, the roots of the hair are a natural dark color that fades to rose gold at the ends.

Rose Gold and Blonde


This shade of pink is cooler than the ones that came before, which were warmer. The hair in this style is a soft pink color with blonde highlights. We love! It looks lovely and sweet.

Rose Gold Soft Color


You can try this cool pastel look if your long hair is boring. This ombre effect starts with a soft pink tone at the top, then goes to gold tones, and ends with a silver tone.

Balayage Highlights


If you have dark hair and don’t want to bleach it, balayage with rose gold will give you a look you want. Look at how nice it is!

Keeping Your Base Dark


Dark-haired girls have another option: let brown take over your pink hair color.

With Babylight Highlights


Even if you already chose smokey violet, cherry wine, or dusty pastel, you can still wear rose gold with some baby highlights. It is a real dream. I’m sure you’ll also like this “distressed” if you like different shades of pink.

Dark Pink Hair


Rose gold hair is generally warmer, but dark pink around the face add a deeper, cooler shade of rose gold. The way the shadows fall is flattering, and the deepest pink is used as a highlight all over the rest of the style, but in different ways to add depth.

Antique Peach Rose Gold Blend


Peaches and pinks that are softly spaced and fully played work together to make the rose gold hairstyle look better. Color combinations that are bright and clear are meant to be seen.

Rose-gold Hair With Cool Undertones


This bright color has depths of lilac and rose gold in the middle, which make beautiful lengths of violet and rose gold red. The change from the beginning to the end is inspiring and bright.

White and Rose Gold


Soft pastel pinks on shiny hair that is almost white make a dreamy soft pink. Rose gold is still rose gold, even though the shade leans toward the pinker end of the color spectrum and is unexpectedly bright and muted.

The Top is Violet and Rose Gold


Medium up-do are a great way to show off all the colors in one style, especially when the colors are as intricate and elegant as rose gold hair. You put the pink diamond on top of the hair to add that last perfect touch.

Metallic Rose Gold on Brown


This color is absolutely beautiful, and it shines in a way that is just stunning. The combination of colors is unexpected and bright against the dark chocolate brown, and the polished metallic sheen of the rose-gold hair, especially at the ends, makes it stand out.

Rose Gold and Copper Tones


Copper and rose gold look great together, and when paired with flesh tones, they create a polished, glowing look that will make you look beautiful from every angle. The colors are deep, but they work well together.

Rose Gold Tones in Black Hair


When you take the time to accessorize, rose gold hair in any shade will look great with dark hair. Aurora tips look even brighter when set off by dark roots that absorb light but are still bright.

Rose Gold is Hot, and Pearl is Cool


The hair tones are an iridescent mix of pinks and pastels with just the right amount of white gold, topped with deep rose gold, and tinted with red. The waves show the difference and how the two shades and colors were skillfully blended to make new ones.

Rose Gold Hair That is Very Shiny


Ombre hair is always eye-catching, and here, the sparkle of the rose gold goes well with the depth of contrast of the dark roots. Smooth color changes are the game’s name, but you can’t miss the difference. The mix is great, and the color and the style are great.

Rose Gold on Dark Blonde


Long hair can look boring if it has no texture, but that’s not the case here. Her dark blonde hair has hints of lavender, apricot, peach, and pink that come together to make a dreamy rose gold look on top of her blonde hair.

Hair That is Violet and Rose Gold


Adding a pretty purple tint to a rose gold hair treatment can make it stand out. The color is not very bright here, but it stands out beautifully against brown.

Light Rose Gold Hairstyle


Try a light rose gold shade in the stylist’s chair if you’re bored of balayage.

Pink Ombre for Brown Hair


Brown hair with pastel rose gold highlights is perfect. A few bright strands frame your eyes and look like a cherry blossom touch.

Tint Rose Gold Hair


While transitioning from balayage, try a rose gold tint.

Raspberry Pink Rose Gold Hair


A cool rose gold shade that flatters fair-skinned girls.

Rose Gold Hair Black Girl


Darker rose gold tones look stunning on black girls, while playful curls perfectly highlight red and pink shades!

Rainbow Rose Gold Hair With Highlights


Pink, purple, and pastel rose gold highlights will unleash your unicorn.

Highlighted Black Hair With Rose Gold


Keep your dark roots and stretch a pastel rose gold ombre to look dreamy and hot.

Rose Gold Curls


The tight ringlets look great with this pastel rose gold shade, whether they’re extensions or not!

Sunset Rose Gold Hair


Do you prefer dusk or dawn? If you like the first option, try putting rose gold, red, and pink together for a romantic look.

Bob’s Glossy Rose Hair Color


This washed-out pinky pastel is perfect for rose gold hair. Keep your hair shiny with hair products because this color is hard to maintain.

Medium-Length Hair With Pink Shade


Romantic makeovers require a lot of product. Rose gold hair dye requires bleaching. Your stylist should use the best products to avoid burning your beautiful hair.

Pastel Purple and Rose Gold Pink Hair


Explore all the colors to create a personalized look. Change from deep purple to magenta and light pink for a multidimensional mesmerizing effect.

Long Hair Pale Magenta Highlights


Rose gold accents sell. Longer hair lets you experiment with color and dimension to create your ideal hairstyle. Highlight your hair highlights with light waves.

Brunette Red Hair Color


A flaming burgundy with rose gold highlights will please brunettes who don’t like pale shades. Longer hair with ringlets gives off a more aggressive vibe.

Blonde Desert Rose Gold


Desert rose has two great qualities. It’s bright and subtle and can be dressed up for formal occasions. Second, you can rebelliously pair it with copper and pink shades.

Deep Red With Pink Highlights


Don’t like rose gold or pink? Let this stunning mane of rusty red locks convince you. The pastel rose gold baby lights add dimension and freshness.

Rose Gold Blonde Hair


This sweet and tempting rose gold tint is something every blonde should try at least once, especially in the summer.

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