Plump Quilting Nails Are The Current Mood: Special Feature On-trend

A cute quilting nail with a plump three-dimensional texture. Quilted nails are nails that are based on actual quilted fabrics. It can be combined with any design to change the atmosphere to your liking.

Plump and Cute Quilting Nails Are in Season.

Only gel nails can create a three-dimensional design. Such a plump texture has become a trend in nail design for the past few years. Among them, the design called “quilting nail” is the seasonal design. The nail design is characterized by its plump, three-dimensional texture, and you can change the atmosphere to look cute or mature by treating it with parts. In addition, it is a fashionable design even when combined with various designs such as French design. 

Check Out the Popular Quilting Nail Designs by Color!

Quilting nails are a perfect match for any color. Also, there are many design variations. We will introduce recommended quilting nail designs based on various colors in this item! 

White x quilted nails

Butterfly x quilting nails that are Korean-like and fashionable

The large butterfly parts and quilting nails have a stylish design with many Korean styles. The sheer feeling of the base color, white, and the glossiness of the nails are the keys to bringing out the Korean feel. Recommended for those who like beautiful clothes.

Quilting nails that create a gorgeous atmosphere

A gorgeous and fashionable design with plump texture and parts such as pearls and stones. Quilting nails are nails made by applying a base color and then applying the gel. It takes skill to finish it beautifully, so it is better to have it done at the salon.

Gorgeous nails with glitter gradations and stones

Gorgeous design with glitter gradation and stones. If you use the stones used in other designs in the quilting design, the entire nail will look together. The finish will not be too flashy if you give a sense of unity to the color tones. 

In combination with ring nails, it looks like an adult

Ring nails made of stone and sheer quilted nails have an adult-like design. Dare to finish it in one color is the point to give a feeling of mellowness. This design is recommended for people who like simplicity but also want fashion.

Decide elegantly in combination with French.

An elegant combination of white quilting and French. The three-dimensional camellia design becomes an accent and gorgeous. The key to increasing fashionability is to unify the French edges and quilting parts with gold.

Pink x quilted nails

The transparent pink is a color that is mature and cute. If it has a glossy texture, the plumpness of the quilting nails will increase further. ◎ The point is that French made with lame looks beautiful.

Pastel pink and cute quilting nails

A cute quilted nail in pastel pink. The glittering and shining pixie nails are a gorgeous design.

The soft pink color gives a neat impression.

The elegant design includes fine gold glitter in the pink base color. The soft pink color and clear quilting nails lead to a neat impression. It’s simple, so it’s easy to match with any fashion. 

With a nudie quilting nail, give a sense of omission

The nudie quilted nail design gives you a sense of omission. The glossy texture and the sheer feel of the nails will make your hands look beautiful. Finishing the whole with one color is also a point that gives a feeling of mellowness.

Incorporating magnet nails for elegance and gorgeousness

A design that incorporates magnet nails into quilting. The three-dimensional effect of the glitter and quilting of the magnet creates elegance and gorgeousness. Both are trendy designs, so it’s a must-see for anyone who wants to keep the trend down.

Brown beige x quilted nails

The quilting x heart motif is too cute.

The combination of quilting and heart motif is a very cute design. The red color of the heart part is too cute. This design is recommended for people who like a sweet atmosphere. 

The fashionable design is packed with trends.

Designed with quilting nails, magnet nails, ring nails, and trends. It is finished in a calm brown color, neatly organized. Whether to make the quilting part finer or larger depends on your taste.

The sheer beige color makes your hands beautiful.

The sheer beige color and quilted nails make your hands look beautiful. The magnet nails on the quilted part are also a point that gives an elegant impression. It’s a nudie color, so it’s recommended for people who can’t make flashy nails. 

Aurora parts are cute every time they hit the light

The aurora parts and the glossy texture color make it a cute design every time it hits the light. You can make a cute adult finish by attaching stone and pearl parts. It’s perfect for people who want a feminine impression.

With a glossy texture, the simple design looks like it is now

The trendy glossy texture makes a simple design look like it is now. If you make the parts attached in the quilting part small, the quilting will stand out.

Black x quilting nails

Girly monotone x quilted nails

Girly design with ribbon and heart parts. Because it incorporates black, it will not be too sweet and cute. Depending on the salon, you may not have the desired parts, so check before going to the salon if you want to attach parts.

Black x quilted nails give you a luxurious feel.

The combination of black color and quilted nails gives a luxurious finish. The French design makes it look mature and elegant. It is also recommended to fill up the stones with a combination of large stones as it will be gorgeous.

Clear French x quilting to make a difference with the surroundings

Nail with clear French and black quilting for a cool beauty. It’s finished in monotone, so it gives an adult-like impression. For those who want to design clear French, it is better to have them done at the salon because it is necessary to put out a scalp. 

Black x red, asymmetrical design

Fashionable asymmetric design in black and red. It is recommended to change the left and right colors while linking the designs to give a sense of unity. When combined with black, other colors such as white are also excellent.

Reverse French nails, quilting nails that do not cover the surroundings

The reverse French nail design is the opposite of the normal French nail design. By incorporating quilting into the reverse French design, you can create a gorgeous atmosphere at once. This design is recommended for people who do not want to wear it with their surroundings.

Blue x quilting nails

Quilting nails

This design features various parts, such as a large heart stone and a dog’s footsteps. The pastel blue color and parts create a cute worldview. Recommended for those who like cute things and want to show their individuality.

Heart and pearl parts for a girly atmosphere

Quilting nails with heart and pearl parts creates a girly atmosphere. The dull blue color makes your nails fashionable. Both the combination with white and the combination with red are cute designs. 

Quilting nails that make bright blue look intelligent

Quilting nails that make bright blue look intelligent. For blue-collar workers, quilting and French lines should be tightened with silver. 

Light blue x quilting gives a feminine impression.

A cute design with a combination of light blue and quilting nails. Changing the French base color to pink beige gives a feminine impression. Adding parts will make it even more gorgeous.

Quilting nails with a refreshing pastel blue

A quilted nail with a very refreshing pastel blue. By combining it with a transparent color, you can have a bright hand. If you put together the colors of the parts in one tone, it will be beautifully finished.

Let’s Take in Plump Quilting Nail in Earnest at the Salon!

How was it? Quilting nails are nails whose plumpness is very important. It is possible to take it in by yourself, but it will not fail and will be finished as ideal if you order at the salon. Please refer to the catalog introduced in this article and order at the salon when incorporating quilting nails. 

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