Platinum Hair Color: Features And Style Collection

What Is Platinum Hair Color Features And Sample Style Collection

Smooth and shiny hair is everyone’s longing! You want to keep your hair clean whenever you can. In such a case, it is recommended to use platinum color. This time, I will explain platinum color in an easy-to-understand manner, which many people are sure to hear for the first time.

First of All, I Want to Hold It Down. What Is Platinum Color?

Have you ever seen the name “Platinum Color” when booking a color menu at the salon. Many people think that this platinum color is the name of the color, but it is the name of the treatment method, not the name of the color. Platinum color is a treatment that finishes the hair with a glossy feeling by mixing the treatment ingredients with the coloring agent used for hair coloring. The main component of the therapy is amino acids. This amino acid gives the hair firmness and elasticity and makes it beautiful from the inside, so the finish after coloring is glossy.

It’s Not the Name of the Color. How to Order Platinum Color?

Many people think, “Is it different from normal hair color treatment?” As I mentioned earlier, platinum color is a treatment method that mixes treatments when coloring hair. When ordering at the salon, let’s collect like this so that the beautician can understand the purpose.

  •  I want to color my hair, but I also want a glossy look
  • I’m worried that my hair looks damaged.
  • I’m concerned about the platinum color treatment.

What You Need to Know Before Ordering Platinum Color

  • When ordering, first check with the store staff about the price of the platinum color.
  • Platinum color is a treatment that mixes treatment ingredients with a hair coloring agent and then colors it.
  • Because the treatment process is added, it may be higher than the hair color price offered at the salon.
  • Especially if you are visiting a salon for the first time, it is good to check it carefully before making a reservation.
  • We will introduce recommended styles that incorporate platinum color according to hair length.
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Platinum Color Can Be Freely Colored. That’s Why I Want to Know the Reference Catalog Short Edition.

There is also solid merit in giving a gloss in a short style. Short is a style that often changes the impression depending on the hair flow and styling after cutting. By giving the hair a gloss, the hair flow when styling stands out beautifully. Here, we have collected short styles of platinum color that are fashionable with such beautiful hair flow.

Bright brown cute compact short

A short style with a clean cut around the face. Because the silhouette is conspicuous, let’s emphasize the form by giving it a glossy feeling with a platinum color. The color is a little light brown, and it has an atmosphere that makes you want to protect it cutely.

Feminine shorts made with dark greige

If you want to remember feminine even with short hair, it is recommended to make glossy shorts with dark greige + platinum color. It is a dark hair color, but it makes your hair transparent, thanks to the platinum color! The matching cut around the face has a striking small face effect. 

The short wolf also looks fluffy with a glossy feeling

Short wolf style with delicate layers. Platinum color is added to the lighter hair color to make the flow of hair stand out. Shiny hair reflects on the light, giving a fluffy impression!

Platinum Color Can Be Freely Colored. That’s Why I Want to Know the Reference Catalog, Bob.

The bob style goes excellent with platinum colors!

Because the bob style is the key to its rounded shape, cohesive hair is indispensable for a beautiful form, and if it has a glossy feel, it should look cohesive. We have picked up a model style that will further enhance Bob’s fashion.

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Dark Greige Bob, with plenty of omissions.

Bob style with a round shape that boasts a royal cuteness. The dark Greige bob style is recommended for those who cannot make very bright colors. The color is transparent, so if you add luster to it with platinum color, it will give you a great sense of omission!

Make your hair elegant with a bob that keeps your hair cut

Bob, who has a rough cut line, is the style that wants to be cohesive. Why not make a coherent look with hair color and luster like this style in such a case? Transparent olive greige x platinum color treatment gives a strong glow! 

Layer bob with inner color

A bob style with a layer cut around the face makes the inner color stand out. When exposed to the light of the natural hair color, the sheer feeling doubles fashionability.

The pink platinum color is not afraid of damage!

A bright color that easily damages hair. However, applying platinum color treatment will make you feel glossy enough not to worry about such damaged hair.

Platinum Color Can Be Freely Colored. That’s Why I Want to Know the Reference Catalog Medium Edition.

Medium style with a wide variety of styling and arrangements. By increasing the original hair’s gloss, the hair’s movement becomes more noticeable, and you can create a three-dimensional and fashionable hairstyle.

Elegant with movement only around the face

The overall style is straight and does not move much, but only around the face to make it gorgeous. If you make the calm and moving parts stand out with glossy sharpness, you will have an elegant atmosphere.

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IN accent with inner

Dark brown x high tone inner color hairstyle. The inner color will look gorgeous if the entire hair has a glossy feel.

Loose and feminine

A fluffy hairstyle with a bright tone. By adding highlights here and there, the glossiness will be enhanced.

Platinum Color Can Be Freely Colored. That’s Why I Want to Know the Reference Catalog Extended Edition.

Long hair is the hairstyle that gives you a feeling of luster. It looks beautiful and neat just because the hair is shiny. But for long hair, the damage can be especially noticeable when you color your hair. Platinum color is recommended in such a case. Here, we will introduce a long style of platinum color that gives gloss and shows beautiful hair.

Milk Tea beige x platinum color improves gloss.

Milk Tea beige x platinum color long hairstyle. If you combine milk Tea beige, which gives off a glossy feeling when exposed to sunlight, and platinum color, which is glossy even when exposed to sunlight, you can create a polished surface that is not even better than this.

Unique with lavender-pink

Platinum color that makes you look glossy without any unique color. Lavender pink shines vividly just because it has a polished feel.

Make Your Hairstyle More Fashionable With Just One Gloss!

So far, we have introduced various hair catalogs that incorporate platinum colors. Did you have a style that interests you? As I have taught from the beginning, gloss is the life of hair. It’s not too late now! For the timing of the following hair color, why not take in platinum color and get shiny hair together?

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