Perfectly Decided Even In The Pool & Sea. Hairstyle Special Feature For Long Hair

Perfectly Decided Even In The Pool & Sea. Hairstyle Special Feature For Long Hair

Hairstyles on wet, rainy days can be tricky, but the pool and sea hairstyles are even more annoying. Especially for long hair, it isn’t easy to arrange long hair. However, if you arrange it on the assumption that it will get wet in advance, you do not have to worry about the style breaking.

If You Go to the Pool or the Sea, the Hairstyle Can Get Wet.

I want to enjoy fashion even in a damp or watery scene like the sea or pool! You want to make a fashionable decision about the sea or the pool. If you are a long person, you are even more worried about what kind of hairstyle you should have. This time, even if your hair gets wet in the sea or the pool, it will be cute.

It Shines in the Pool! Hairstyles That Are Ok Even if They Get Wet

Refreshing with a tightly tied ponytail

A ponytail with a tight arrangement. If you tie it tightly with a fashionable string, you can make fashionable hair that will not collapse even if it gets wet with water.

Loose and simple ponytail

Arrange style with a low loose pony and not too hard. It’s not too tight, but it’s natural and cute mote hair. It’s a simple one knot, so it’s nice to be able to retie it immediately even if it collapses.

Active in a tight low ponytail style

You want to be active in the sea or the pool. This tight low pony style is recommended at such times. The GOOD point is that your hair does not get in the way no matter how much you move.

Crochet tail arrangement

Knit from the top, knit to the collar, and then crochet to the ends of the hair. If you wind the whole thing once and then arrange it, you can make a nice splash, and it will be a cute arrangement with movement.

Enjoy Cuteness in the Sea Bathing! Half-up / Up Hairstyle

Produce a feeling of omission with whole loose winding & half up

A feminine hair arrangement that considers the fact that it collapses in a sense. Wrap the whole loosely and easily half-up the top. By deliberately creating a collapse, it creates a feeling of omission.

Half-up makes you look like an adult.

The combination of half-up and easy is the strongest adult. Take a hair bundle in half-up and complete it with a single. Why not try an elegant hair arrangement with an easy-to-use?

Simple with straight half-up

Straight half-up x dumpling wet style. I’m worried because even if I roll it up, it may come off if it gets wet with water …! It is also a recommended style for those who say. If it is straight, it will remain wet even if it gets wet with water. A must-see for girls who want to make a difference with other children!

Nuance bun with a modern hair arrangement

Recommended for those who want to decide loosely in the sea! With nuance loose dumplings, the hair is now complete. Refer to the photo for how to put out the lagging hair, and wrap it roughly. If you want to make a hair arrangement that is not too decided, please try it.

High buns also have lagging hair for a modern hair arrangement

High dumplings are recommended for sea hair arrangements. The point is not to decide the current trend exactly but to loosely decide on the higher dumplings. Even if you give it a slightly wet texture, The hair arrangement of the sea is high, and it is decided to make bun hair.

The cuteness of stability with imadoxinyon

Chignon style that makes a simple dumpling in a low position. It’s a very popular style now. It is also a GOOD point of this style that you can produce a calm and fashionable feeling.

Twin Tail Style

A girlish with a tight twin arrangement

Suppose you want to show off your femininity, twintails. If you tie the twin parts thinly and tightly, it will be a perfect style for swimming.

Twin tails x grated and cute

Loosely knitted twin tails. Making it fluffy is the key to the feeling of omission. This style is recommended for those who want to be loose and cute. 

Let’s Add Water to Our Allies! Hairstyle With Perm

Strong perm x dumplings are even cuter with moisture

It is a style that puts a strong perm on the entire hair and puts it together in a bun at a high position. Frizz may have habits with her hair due to moisture. Use a strong perm to add frizz to your allies in such a case.

Half-up x loose perm for an elegant look

Loose perm x casual half-up style. Active, but I don’t want to forget the elegance! This style is recommended for such people.

Overcome moisture with digital perms

Beige hair color x digital perm natural style. Even if you wind it cutely with a trowel, you can’t overcome the water! In that case, we recommend going to a beauty salon and applying for a perm.

High tone x see-through x loose fluffy perm for a mellow feeling

High tone color x see-through bangs x loose fluffy digital perm style. Speaking of summer, high tones look great. If you give the bangs a thin bunch, you can create a more loose feeling. Feminine cuteness with a loose fluffy digital perm.

Let’s Play in the Water With Your Favorite Hairstyle!

Hair arrangement is indispensable if you want to enjoy the pool and the sea without worrying about the collapse. Since it is a leisure activity to play in the water, let’s make wonderful memories with a cute hairstyle that uses long hair. It is also recommended to ask a professional cosmetologist about the style suits you.

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