“People With Bad Personality”

People With Bad Personality

Until a little before the corona sickness, there was a boom in distributing “profile books” to people. When I was in elementary and junior high school, many people remember distributing and distributing this to their classmates. Still, the profile book is a format that answers pre-printed questions, such as your name and A sheet on which you can write your birthday, your favorite things, etc.

It’s interesting to be able to answer simple questions that people don’t bother to ask when they grow up, such as “What is your favorite sweet?” Or “What is your charm point?” They answered “Kyushu soy sauce-flavored potato chips” or “eyelashes”), and I asked the people I met to write with a pen.

One of the items was, “What kind of person is not good at it?”, But one of my friends answered, “People with bad personalities.” When I say, “Everyone with a bad personality isn’t good at it,” my friend thinks and then says, “But come on.” “Maybe my” lousy personality “and Shiho’s” lousy personality “feel quite different.”

When asked carefully, friends think that “a person who denies what a person likes in front of him” has a lousy personality. I wouldn’t say I like that either. “Even if I don’t deny it in words when I see a person who shows that in his attitude, I think he’s a nasty guy. Someone who messes around with his cellphone while watching a movie together.

“, Is it in the cinema? “

” No, when I’m watching Netflix at home. “

When I heard the episode given as a concrete example, I felt fresh. I think I’m not a big fan of it, but I’d rather like people who aren’t interested in uninteresting movies.

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What Kind of Guy Is an “Unpleasant Guy.”

Isn’t “a person with a bad personality” or “a nasty guy” a concept with tremendous individual differences? Suddenly, when I asked my partner at home, “What kind of person do you think you have a bad personality?” The photograph is an image. Oh, I feel it isn’t perfect. Nowadays, witness videos are often used as essential evidence or in the news, so the act of shooting itself cannot be denied. However, I think it’s a bad hobby for a third party to post a video on TikTok or Twitter with the expectation that it will only buzz on the Web.

Another friend said, “I don’t think it’s someone who abandons his companion when it matters.” He used to work for a venture company and seems to have belonged to the sales team. He said he had heard a perfect sync advising his seniors to reset their monthly quotas individually rather than on a team basis. A newcomer in the same team was trying hard, but the sales performance was not good, and although the excellent synchronization took on the role of the newcomer’s mentor at the beginning, “I do not want to be dragged by myself. It seems that he stopped halfway because of that.

It’s true that my friend saw the synchronization and felt that he was a nasty guy who was willing to cut off his friends. He has been a type that emphasizes teamwork since college, and he was worried and frequently contacted students who did not often attend classes with many tasks in the middle of the semester. His friends are too much in the air of the company whose sync is rated as “guts,” Familiar.

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Instead, he thought, “I don’t think such an unpleasant guy will be on the rise …”.

“You Have That Kind of Bad Personality.”

So far, listening to the stories around me and innocently amusing the answer, I suddenly become anxious. I remember when my friend once said, “You have a bad personality.”

At that time, she and I were facing each other at the tavern table. Until the snacks she ordered came, she talked about her solo trip a little while ago. “There is a delicious restaurant near the station, a renovated old folk house, and I think you like it. If you ever go to that area someday, why don’t you go? If you like, let’s go together someday. ” When I said that, she opened this month’s calendar screen on her smartphone and asked, “When should I do it?”

I thought it was a little ugly at that time because I couldn’t help writing a lie here. In Tokyo and the suburbs of Kanto, I thought that there was no reason to go to the distant land that I had just visited last week. I had an image of at least half a year later, and I felt that I shouldn’t ask for the schedule so early, so I said, “Hmm.”

“Sorry, I’m a little busy with work until next month, so can I contact you again when I’m free?”

The calendar screen on my smartphone was blank. That month I was free. Even though I had a job, I had very few plans to go out, and I wondered if I should go on a trip to a different place again. When she heard my reply, she said “OK” and enjoyed drinking for a while. I think they were drunk with each other. On my way home, I said, “I’ll be back soon,” and she laughed, “Is it about a year later?” I usually laugh and say, “I’ll see you sooner,” she said with a severe look, “I think you shouldn’t say what you didn’t think.”

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“At first glance, it’s easy, but you have that bad personality.” She can’t forget what she said at her station. She asked her if she could write this story in an essay this time, and she terrified contacted her friend and said, “OK, but I have to write a lot of my nasty things.” Perhaps it’s my lousy personality that I’m trying to end the sentence here, saying that I can’t write that.

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