Not Just Treatments: 4 Moisturizing Methods To Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Not Just Treatments 4 Moisturizing Methods To Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Moisturizing hair is also critical to being loved and becoming a girl! Treatments are familiar to you, but did you know that there are other ways to moisturize your hair? We will introduce how to wet hair to prevent it from drying out and keep it moisturized. It is full of highlights such as the correct shampoo and hairdryer method and drying measures using hair oil! Let’s aim to be a fresh and loved girl in a way that suits you!

Moisturizing is Essential for Beautiful Hair!

Readers who are loved and aim to be girls! Suddenly, is your hair moisturized? Moisturizing is the most essential factor in getting smooth, smooth hair. However, many people may wonder, “What should I do to moisturize my hair?” There are many times throughout the day when you can pay attention to moisturizing your hair, not just treatments during and after the Bath.

Hair Moisturizing Habits That can be Done in the Bath

  • Bath time is the first thing that comes to mind when moisturizing hair.
  • Since the hair gets wet and the cuticle is open, it is a perfect time to give nutrition and moisturizing ingredients.
  • I will focus on the hair moisturizing habits that can be done in the Bath.

[Part 1] Review your usual shampoo

  • The main reason for dry hair is that the cuticle on the surface that keeps the hair moisturized comes off.
  • One of the reasons the cuticle comes off is the shampoo that you do every day.
  • Shampoo tends to rub the hair together because you want to whisk it well.
  • However, the friction causes the cuticle to peel off, resulting in dry hair.
  • The important thing is to lather well and then wash with a gentle massage.
  • Know the correct shampoo method and rinse it gently on your hair.

Step 1: Wash thoroughly with hot water for 1 minute or more.

Step 2: Pick up a 500-yen coin and whisk well.

Step 3: From the hairline of temples, sideburns, etc., on your head.

Step 4: Wash the top of the head from the face side (front) to the head side.

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Step 5: Wash the backside of the head from the sideburns side (back) to the head side (back).

Step 6: When the whole is washed, gently massage the temples, sideburns, and the crown.

Step 7: Rinse thoroughly with hot water.

[Part 2] Apply the treatment firmly

  • Instead of shampoo, the treatment contains many ingredients that moisturize the hair.
  • Unlike conditioners and conditioners that protect the cuticle on the outside of the hair, it provides moisture, oil, and nutrients to the inside of the hair and keeps the hair healthy and firm from the inside.
  • Treatments that play such a role are essential for maintaining moisturized hair.
  • To prevent it from dripping, drain it thoroughly after shampooing before applying.
  • Also, the point is not just to apply it but to apply it by gently rubbing it from the inside.
  • By doing this, the treatment will penetrate the entire hair.

Hair Moisturizing Habit That can be Done After Taking a Bath.

Taking a bath the most essential key to moisturizing hair is after taking a bath. It is no exaggeration to say, “It depends on the care after the Bath whether you use or kill the care you have done in the Bath! ” Care about the Bath is a delicate and essential process that affects hair texture. From here, I will explain the moisturizing habits of hair that can be done after taking a bath.

[Part 1] Be careful about how to apply the dryer

The dryer’s heat is a significant cause of damage to the hair, depending on how it is applied and the temperature. Before drying, if your hair is wet, dry it thoroughly with a towel to dry with a minimum of heat. The point when drying is to dry in order from the root to the tip of the hair along with the flow of the cuticle. By doing so, you can close the open cuticle and make it less susceptible to damage.

Step: 1

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Put a towel on your head and rub the hair with your hands. Drain the middle and tips of the hair-like pressing with a towel.

Step: 2

Dry from the root of the hair in a peeled state (neckline, above the ears, etc.) At this time, shake the dryer in small steps.

Step: 3

When the root is dry, pull it from the middle of the hair to dry it to 80% Step: 4

Apply a hairdryer from diagonally above to dry your bangs from the left and right. It is recommended to start from the opposite of the division. Step: 5

Apply the dryer from above and pull the hair down to dry it to the tips. Step: 6

Finally, below the cool air from the dryer to finish. To use the dryer without damage, understand the correct dryer method. It is the best. In addition, if you want to be particular about choosing a dryer, please see this article as well!

[Part 2] Apply hair oil, etc.

  • It’s not just bath treatments that can be used to moisturize hair.
  • Oil and hair avatars are one of them.
  • Oils and hair avatars coat the surface of the hair to trap water. The most effective timing for rubbing is in front of the dryer.
  • Wet hair has the cuticle open, so the oil penetrates well and protects the hair from the dryer’s heat.
  • In addition, there are various types of oil and shea butter, such as those specializing in damage repair and those containing unique moisturizing ingredients.
  • Let’s choose the one that suits you according to your hair quality and worries.
  • If you don’t know the oil or shea butter that suits you, please refer to this article.

Hair Moisturizing Habits That can be Done Before Going Out

  • Surprisingly, it is moisturizing hair that you can pay attention to before going out.
  • Those who have taken care of themselves during bath time should pay attention.
  • Make sure to keep your skin moisturized before going out not to be damaged by the dryness of the outside air or UV rays!
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[Part 1] Do not apply too much hair iron

  • Styling that heats the hair with a trowel or iron will inevitably damage the hair.
  • Therefore, as with the dryer, it is necessary to keep the temperature as low as possible and minimize the exposure time.
  • Know the correct styling method with an iron or iron, and keep your hair moisturized.
  • [Correct ironing and trowel styling method] Step 1: Since there is no moisture in the dry hair when you
  • Please wake up. First, sprinkle water or hair mist on the hair to dry it.
  • If you have trouble choosing a hair iron, check out this article!

[Part 2] Stick to moisturizing even with styling products

  • As with hair oils after the Bath, many styling products effectively moisturize.
  • Choose a styling product rich in moisturizing ingredients to prevent dry hair when you go out.
  • Also, UV rays are the greatest enemy for moisturizing hair!
  • Hair is quickly dried because its proteins are destroyed when damaged by UV rays.
  • Therefore, it is even better to choose a styling product with a UV blocking effect!
  • Apart from styling products, it is also good to sprinkle a sunscreen spray for hair on the finish and then go out. If you are interested in a styling product that suits you, check this article!

Further, Moisturize With Salon Care.

  • Treatments can be done at home, but we recommend doing them at a beauty salon.
  • Fashionable girls often change their hairstyles and colors, so they can also take care of the damage they receive! Therefore, it is recommended to treat the hair alone and get shiny hair at once by setting a menu of cuts and colors.

Choose a treatment that suits your condition and texture. There is a balance between the budget and the initially reserved menu, but it is recommended to consult with a beautician about the flawless finish and hair problems. Finally, it is essential to continue the treatment! Make sure to have regular treatments to keep your skin moisturized.

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