Nail Care Is Essential! Tips for Healthy And Strong Nails

Nail Care Is Essential! Tips for Healthy And Strong Nails

I want to enjoy fashion in every detail! Nail that is popular with those who say. Nail care is the basis of such pins. They are recommended for those who want to improve the mochi of their nails and keep their nails beautiful. This article will introduce the methods and points of nail care that you can do yourself. Keep your nails beautiful and healthy, and get lovely fingertips!

If You Want to Enjoy Nails, Don’t Miss Nail Care!

  • “I’m thinking of starting nail art!”
  • “I’ve started nail art recently, but I don’t know what to start with …”
  • I want to recommend nail care to such nail beginners.
  • You can quickly get fashionable and beautiful fingertips by carefully performing nail care.
  • Please challenge from where you can and get gorgeous nails.

Why Do You Need Nail Care?

  • In the first place, nail care is the care around the nails.
  • It is essential to adjust the length with nail clippers, but many benefits to taking more care.
  • But do you need nail care? Many people should be wondering.
  • Here, we will introduce three benefits of doing such nail care!

Benefit 1: Keep your nails healthy

  • The most significant benefit of nail care is keeping your nails healthy.
  • , Too many gel nails damage the nails, and the parts tend to dry out unknowingly due to household chores such as washing.
  • Therefore, if you do not take proper nail care, it will dry out, and you may have troubles such as hangnail and double nails.
  • You can keep your nails moisturized by removing excess cuticles and dead skin cells with nail care.
  • In addition, eliminating excessive keratin also affects the part that produces new nails called the nail matrix.
  • Active ingredients such as hand cream and nail oil can easily penetrate the nail mother, and the nails can grow beautifully!
  • In other words, you can become a moisturized and healthy fingertip. 

Benefit 2: Makes nails last longer

  • Nail is applied to the base nails.
  • As I mentioned earlier, if your nails are healthy, your nails will naturally last longer.
  • Among nails, gel nails are an essential treatment for making a base.
  • If the cuticle treatment and exfoliation are not done correctly, the Nail may come off in a moment.
  • Therefore, it is a standard practice to perform treatments such as gel nails after nail care.
  • With proper nail care, it is possible to keep beautiful nails that do not float until the time of replacement.
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Benefit 3: You can grow your nails beautifully

  • Many people may be worried about the shape of their nails, such as “My nails are small, and I’m not confident.”
  • And “I’m longing for vertically long nails.” Nail is said to look more beautiful when the pink part of the Nail, called the “nail bed,” extends vertically.
  • In fact, with nail care, it is possible to stretch the nail bed cleanly. With proper nail care, you can use beautifully reborn fingertips that you were giving up.
  • Get your beautiful vertical nails and your fingertips that make your nails look fashionable!

Let’s Do It Ourselves! Self-made Nail Care Four Easy Steps

If you continue to use nail care, you can see the effect. It’s easy to think it’s technical and complex, but even beginners can easily do it at home if you hold down the points. Here, we will introduce the nail care methods you can use at home. It is recommended to do it once every two weeks as a guide. Please add a little effort to the time you are cutting your nails and experience the beauty of your fingertips up a notch.

STEP1: Drop the Nail

If you have a manicure, start by removing it cleanly. The following two things are required.

  • Nail remover (Nail polish remover)
  • Cotton
  • It is recommended to pay attention to the presence or absence of “acetone” in nail remover.
  • If a component called “acetone” is included, even nails that are difficult to remove can be turned off quickly, but the burden on the nails will increase.
  • In that respect, if acetone-free, it is possible to reduce the burden on the nails at the cost of taking time.
  • If you have trouble with your nails, it is GOOD to use an acetone-free remover.
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STEP2: Adjust the shape of the Nail

Next, let’s shape the shape of our nails. The following two items are required.

  • Nail clippers
  • Nail files
  • It is common to use a nail clipper to adjust the length and a nail file to adjust the shape.
  • For those who don’t have many nails.
  • There are many types of nail shapes, but there are three standard shapes that make your fingers look beautiful: “round,” “oval,” and “point.”
  • Round (straight side and flat tip): Natural impression.
  • Oval (slightly rounded side than round): Elegant impression.
  • Point (oval with sharper tip): Feminine Impression.
  • Please find the impression you want to be and the shape you like in real life.

STEP3: Treat the cuticle of the Nail

Next, we will process the cuticles of the nails. The cuticle is the skin-like part of the base of the Nail. There are some problematic processes for beginners, but I will explain them in order, so please try them! First of all, you need the following five items.

  • Hot water
  • Cuticle remover
  • Pusher (orange stick is also acceptable)
  • Nippers
  • Cotton

The procedure is divided into four steps. Let’s go carefully.

Procedure: 1

  • Put the cuticle remover on the cuticle part.
  • His cuticle remover is for floating and softening the cuticle.
  • Place it on the cuticle to make it easier to process.
  • The brush type is easy to apply and is recommended!

Procedure: 2

  • Soak your finger in hot water to soften the cuticle.
  • Next, soak your fingertip in hot water at 38-40 ° C to further ease the cuticle.
  • Put hot water in a bowl and soak for about 10 minutes.

Procedure: 3

  • Push up the cuticle with a pusher or orange stick and wipe it with Cotton.
  • Next, it’s time to push up the cuticle.
  • Push the softened cuticles up with a pusher or orange stick.
  • At this time, it is NG to push it up forcibly.
  • If you can push it up moderately, gently wipe it off with Cotton in a circular motion.

Procedure: 4

Cut excess cuticles and hangnails with nippers. Finally, cut excess cuticles and hangnails that could not be wiped off with Cotton.

  • Let’s cut while being careful not to cut other parts!
  • Recently, a cuticle pusher pen, like a pusher soaked with oil, is also on sale.
  • If meticulous care is complex, you can try using this item.
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STEP4: Moisturize your nails

The last thing to do is moisturize your nails. Nail with no excess is easy to dry, so coat it last.

The following items are required.

  • Nail oil (hand cream)
  • Place nail oil around the Nail base to moisturize the entire nail area.
  • If you can’t prepare nail oil, you can use hand cream.
  • It is better to apply nail oil or hand cream to prevent it from drying out if you notice it.

Let’s Do Full-scale Nail Care at the Nail Salon!

So far, we have introduced the nail care methods that you can do at home. However, many people are worried about doing it themselves or do not have time. It is recommended to have nail care done at a nail salon for such people. You can take care of even the most minor details that are difficult with self-nail respect. Here are some recommended points for such salon care!

You can make even the more delicate parts of your nails shiny.

  • The appeal of salon care is its technical capabilities.
  • It is difficult to care for your dominant hand if you do it yourself, so there are limits.
  • Salon care goes beyond that limit.
  • It finishes the details that you can’t do well by yourself.
  • You can also consult with a nail technician about nail problems, so we recommend salon nail care for beginners!

Make Nail Care a Habit

The fingertips are the parts that are often noticeable. If you take good care of your fingertips, you will get an elegant and feminine impression. Let’s do nail care, which is the basis of nails, and aim for a beautiful woman from your fingertips! If you think that care at home will continue, please experience care at the salon.

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