Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Europe to Visit in a Lifetime

This continent is stuffed up plenty with amazing destinations. We’re looking at the places you need to visit if you’re traveling through Europe this year.

Buckingham Palace, London

They might not always be home but Buckingham Palace in central London remains one of the UK’s official residences of the royal family. It’s one of the few royal places in Britain that’s still fully operational. But because of this and because of the Queen is indeed sometimes living there. The staterooms are only open to guests for 10 weeks of the year. This week spans from the end of July to the end of September. If you miss out on this small window you’ll have to wait for the next summer to roll around. Tickets won’t break the bank however the cost of an adult ticket is around $30.

Ribeira Do Porto, Portugal

A lively tourist spot Ribeira is an old Riverside district in the Portuguese town of Porta. The city has been an important location for trade since the Middle Ages. Many of the buildings are centuries old because this Nevada is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also go for a boat ride along the Douro. The river it resides next to see the square from a different perspective. Not to mention the water is so clean you can actually swim in it too and don’t be surprised to see locals doing so.

Cliffs Of Moher Visitor Experience, Ireland

County Clare has found itself overwhelmed with the volume of people who want to see the iconic Cliffs of Moher. with plans to improve the site’s infrastructure to make it safer for the crowds. If you visit today you can see famous natural formations like hags head. A rocky promontory that looks like a woman’s head from a certain angle as well as numerous. It’s in the visitor center itself about the region and what makes it so unique.

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La Sagrada Familia, Spain

This grand cathedral is the crowning jewel of Barcelona and has been under construction for a hundred and thirty-seven years and counting. While construction still won’t be complete until 2032. As current estimates suggest galleys masterpiece is still open to tourists and visitors who want to see inside this unique facility’. You’ll definitely want a book in advance though. As waiting lines can set back your entry for up to two hours. If you’re paying at the door it is after all the city’s most visited attraction. The cheapest ticket is about twenty dollars. But if you want to pay a little extra you can get numerous guided tour packages and even a trip up the iconic towers themselves.

The Acropolis, Athens

Athens overlooking the city is the enduring acropolis which literally means it’s the city’s highest point within the citadel area. There are various famous ruins the most famous of all being the vast Parthenon. A temple dedicated to the goddess Athena after whom the city is named. For most people entrance to the Acropolis is about 25 bucks with discounts available in winter. Luckily in recent years an elevator and stairlifts were installed. Making the site accessible for those in wheelchairs. When you reach the top along with the Parthenon you can also see the propylaea and the large theatre of Dionysus.

The Colosseum, Rome

One of the wonders of the modern world. The millennia-old roman colosseum is a testament to everything. The roman empire accomplished and was capable of both good and ill. While it’s been a ruin for centuries it still stands tall in the heart of Italy’s capital city. Is open for visitors from morning until just before dusk every day. Standard tickets only cost a few dollars while a fast track ticket won’t break the bank either. For about ten more you can also pay for a guided tour so that you get as much of the history of this fabled structure as possible to be aware. However that the Colosseum can get incredibly busy and holds around 3,000 visitors at once.

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The Eiffel Tower, France

The most famous landmark in France and one of the most recognizable in the world. The Eiffel Tower is actually only a hundred and thirty years old in 2019 located in central Paris. When it was originally constructed many didn’t take it seriously despite it being the tallest human-created structure in the world. Today it stands as the most-visited paid monument on the planet. Though if you’re visiting you’ll want to be careful of how much you do end up paying. If you’re willing to take the stairs you can generally pay around a 10 spot. Don’t be shocked if you’re forced to pay upwards of 60 dollars if you want access to the tippy-top.

Epic The Irish Emigration Museum, Dublin

It’s remarkable to think that epic has only been open since 2016 and is already so revered over the centuries. Around 10 million Irish born people emigrated from the country which is actually more people than have ever lived in. This museum aims to uncover the human stories of the immigrants who left as well as their millions of descendants. It celebrates Irish nationality and identifies what it’s meant to be Irish across many generations and going forward. If you’re Irish have Irish ancestors or are just interested in one of the world’s most culturally significant countries. This epic museum should be on your bucket list.

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