Mercedes CLA 2020: 10 Things You Need to Know About

This is the all-new Mercedes CLA the second generation of Mercedes-Benz small sporty four-door. Mercedes Cla 2020: Here are the top 10 things you need to know about it.


The Mercedes CLA looks like an a-class that’s been stretched and given a saloon car style boot upfront. It’s all a class but its extra width makes it look more imposing around the side. You get a coupe a styled roof, pillarless doors and a choice of wheels up to 19 inches in size. While around the back you get a boot with a 460-liter capacity which is noticeably bigger than you get with Audi a3 saloon.

2. Tech

The CLA gets the latest version of the Mercedes MBU X operating system. However, they’ve updated it to make it even easier to use especially the voice activation system. Which is now better able to understand normal speech than ever before. The CLA is an automatic interior light that illuminates when it senses movement.

3. Driving

Mercedes claims the new CLA will be sported to drive than any other small Mercedes and that sounds about. The CLA comes with a sophisticated multi-link rear suspension that deals better with bumps. The system fitted to the back of basic Akos models. CLA also has a wider track for more gripping, cornering and thicker anti-roll bars that help cut out body lead. Finally, direct steer comes a standard that makes a car feel more enthusiastic when you turn it into a bed.

4. Aero

Just like the old CLA the latest model is one of the most aerodynamic cars you can buy. It manages this thanks to wheel arch spoilers that smooth air ran the front wheels. Aerodynamic grill with shutters that closed over at speed and underbody cladding. Which runs from the front to the back wheels to help the car slip. Through the air more cleanly and all this obviously helps improve the fuel economy.

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5. Price

The Mercedes CLA goes on sale at the end of February with a starting price of around 28,000 pounds. Although that will jump to more than 35,000 pounds for the CLA AMG 35 with 310 horsepower and 4-wheel Drive.

6. Energizing

Something that’s all new to the Mercedes CLA is its optional energizing package. Plus which optimizes the interior to suit your mood in combination with a special SmartWatch. The car will know how well you’ve slept and based on your pulse how stressed you’re feeling using all this information. It then sets the cabin temperature, massage functions, stereo, and mood lighting to ensure maximum wellness.

7. Autonomy

The CLA will be available with the suite of autonomous driving systems. That’ll mean it’ll pretty much be able to drive itself on the motorway and in queues of traffic. If you specify the active distance Assist Distronic as part of the optional driving assistance package. Then the car can automatically slow for bends roundabouts and junctions. You try doing that in an Audi a3 saloon and you’ll end up in a ditch.

8. Lights

You’ll buy the Mercedes CLA to mainly be seen in you can also improve your ability to see out of it by taking the box for the optional multi-beam headlights. They swap the standard halogen bulbs for 36 individually controlled LEDs. As well as producing a pure white light. They can cast a shadow over oncoming traffic allowing you to use the full beams even when the roads busy.

9. Safety

You can choose from a huge number of optional safety features. There’s no real need to because the CLA comes with everything. You actually need that includes automatic emergency braking which will automatically slow or even stop the car to prevent a collision. It also gets active Lane Keeping Assist which will automatically steer the car back into Lane.

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10. Engines

The CLA will be offered with a 2 June 2015 21 to 75 miles per gallon. All models get an automatic gearbox as standard and a range-topping AMG. CLA will be added later in the year with around 400 horsepower.

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