Men's Two-block Hair Is Evolving Nowadays! 12 Hairstyles

Nowadays, two blocks are popular not only for their well-defined short hair but also for their mash style with hidden cuts on the sides. Enjoy a variety of hair with a two-bro base!

Impress Your Eyes With a Compact Mash

A clean and healthy short is completed with a rough-finished mash on the top of the two-bro base with the collar cut from the side. By cutting the bangs to the length of the eyes, you can improve the adultness.

Jet Mohawk With a Fresh Undulating Move

The back is cut from the side, and the top is cut so that it stands up. After stroking the hard wax, raise the hair bundle to scatter it and make a smooth movement on the top.

Produce Wild Masculinity With the Up Bang of the Royal Road

The collar is neat and neat, and the face is left a little longer to tighten the silhouette. After trying to raise the bangs, rub in hard wax to create a bunch feeling.

Feather Mash With Outstanding Casual Movement Is Realized

The collar is cut from the side to make it an undercut, and the top is a rounded mash that transforms into a modern look. The soft Bruges color improves transparency.

Create a Soft Bunch and Add a Mild Sweetness

Turn on the soft movement by cutting the side into the undercut and the soft mohawk base. A clean style is created by firmly squeezing the matte wax from the root and raising the hair bundle to create a feeling of the bunch.

The Solid Form Makes You Masculine and Intelligent.

Cut the collar from the side and put the weight on the top. The up bang and solid form that started shifts softly like now without solidifying and taking advantage of his black hair and finishing it like a man.

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Keep Your Bangs Long for a Sweet Mash.

A relaxing mash with outstanding sweetness is completed by leaving the bangs long to the eyes with two blocks around the ears. Create a loosely rounded form by letting the collar legs fly with a length left.

Compact Mash for a Clever Atmosphere

The ears are neatly short, and the bangs are cut to keep the length so that it looks beautiful from any angle. The point is to rub in a light wax to give it a soft texture and luster.

Aiming to Improve Your Liking With Seasonal Feather Mash

A spicy style that creates feather-touch hair bundles by layering abundantly delicate C curls around the top. The key is to bring out a feeling of mellowness with the ash brown color that firmly suppresses redness.

Bright Up Bang That Brings Out the Lovemaking Appeal of Adults

A style that makes you feel masculinity with a long bang that is firmly launched with gel. A beautiful form is realized by suppressing unnecessary volume and creating a sense of bunch while being conscious of vertical lines.

Fashionable Update With a Casual Curl

The curly perm, which tends to be unfashionable, has a much more stylish atmosphere by making the side undercut. Please squeeze the wax in the half-wet state and make a loose movement.

Crumple a Wet Gloss Short to a Wavy

Random wave and playful spikey shorts with perms on the bangs and top. After towel-drying, rub in mousse and let it air dry. For a wet and modern finish.