Men’s Hair Color Feature! From Classic Brown Ash To High Tone Colors

Men's Hair Color Feature! From Classic Brown Ash To High Tone Colors

We have collected recommended hair color styles for men this summer. In addition to the standard brown and ash colors, we also have white and yellow high tone colors and red and pink spring colors. Why don’t you try it concerning the style?

First of All, the Standard! Brown Color

Natural brown

Refreshing short mash style

Natural brown is recommended for the short mash style that neatly fits around the neck and ears. Her thick bangs also create a fashionable look.

Ash brown

Check out the standard colors you can’t miss!

Soft ash brown is a standard color that everyone receives. It is also a recommended color for spring because it creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Milk tea beige

The transparent color made with milk tea beige

If you prefer a brighter color, even if it’s a brown color, you may want to check out beige. By bleaching, you can create a subtle sense of transparency.

Beige brown

Familiar with the skin and determined naturally

Beige brown, a mixture of beige and brown, blends well with the skin and gives it a natural atmosphere. The soft texture of the mash short stands out, and the finish is outstanding for girls. You have to rub the wax from the inside so that the volume comes out!

It doesn’t get heavy, even in dark colors.

Beige brown does not give a heavy impression, even if finished with a dark, dark tone. A fashionable feeling of omission is added to the long men’s bob style. The loose perm movement also improves the sex appeal of the man.

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Produce a Sense of Trend! Ash Color

Ash black

Deep ash black

The side is a Mohawk shortcut with two blocks, and the neckline is a wolf style with a little left. The color is bleached to remove the color and then dyed in ash black.

Ash Greige

For a hairstyle that looks like it is now

The slightly longer hair has a heavy silhouette, so use Ash Greige to add a sense of shedding. With trendy hair colors, you can get a very modern atmosphere.

Finished in an overseas style with a sense of transparency

Ash Greige color can bring out the transparency of hair. Men’s natural shorts can also be made into an overseas style. Let’s make a difference with the surroundings with mellow hair color.

Platinum ash

Hairstyles have a feeling of omission.

Changing the hair color to platinum ash completes a hairstyle with a more loose feeling. Just knead the hard wax all over and arrange it to loosen the bundle finely for styling.

Platinum blue ash

The point is a natural bunch.

Asymmetrical style with left-right asymmetry finished with casual styling. Platinum blue ash gives a natural hair color and adds a trendy look.

For Hair Color That Attracts Eyes! White & Yellow High Tone Color


White high-tone color with outstanding transparency

Turn on white beige for bleached hair! The cut is a refreshing finish with a sense of the season by cutting the mash base into two blocks to give it a light texture.

High impact platinum white

A white-collar worker with bright hair color has a great impact. The natural shorts will give you a unique impression. You will get a unique image if you cut the sides to make it two blocks!

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White silver

The excellent trend with silver and purple

Put silver & purple on bleached hair to eliminate yellowness and emphasize whiteness. An overseas-style hairstyle is completed.

White silver with a distinctive bunch

The high-tone color has a more bunched look and looks fashionable. With white silver, it has a great presence.


Decide cool with purple hair color.

Purple violet color, a combination of red and blue, gives you a slightly cool hair color. The two blocks with the sides and back trimmed to give a pretty cool image.

Gradation x mesh for mellow hair

Ash violet with a gradation color that gradually changes in color toward the ends of the hair. Furthermore, Greige is made into a mesh to create a random unevenness. The fashionable hair color doubles the mellowness of natural hair!


A sweet and spicy mix of men’s style

Pink-collar wild two-block hair completes the sweet and spicy mix style. Playfulness has become a popular hair that tickles the hearts of women.

Put a mesh with low light.

The base is a mash short finished in pink. Use low light to create a mesh with a darker color than the base color. A fashionable three-dimensional effect appears in the hairstyle.

Pink ash

Mix ash to increase transparency

With pink ash color, you can enjoy a transparent hair color. The bright color and mode image are also outstanding. Finish with gel wax while pouring it behind to create a crisp, wild atmosphere.

Gentle and calm brightness

The calm brightness of pink ash gives the image of a gentleman. It is a style aimed at women with a natural finish.

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Let’s Change the Color This Spring and Try It!

Hair color changes the atmosphere depending on the length and styling of the hair, so try different styles. In addition, the perfect hair color will differ depending on each person’s skin color and hair quality, so please consult with the salon to find the perfect hair color!

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