Men’s Ash Gray Hair Feature! Find A Color That Suits You, From Light To Dark

Men's Ash Gray Hair Feature! Find A Color That Suits You, From Light To Dark

The fine ash gray color is a great hair color that looks great on men’s hair. It is possible to finish bright with bleach and dark without bleach. We will introduce the charm of ash gray that you can play with freely according to the image you want to be, along with fashionable hairstyles!

What Are the Characteristics of Ash Gray? Explain the Charm of Hair Color!

Transparency is easy to maintain even if the color fades.

“Ash gray” is a hair color that combines ash and gray. Ash gray is beautifully dyed, but it is also a nice feature that the transparency is easy to maintain due to the cool color effect even if the color fades.

You can change the impression with or without bleaching

If you “bleach” the hair to remove the pigment and then dye it in ash gray, you will get bright and unique hair color, and if you dye it without bleaching, you will get a calm adult hair color. Ash gray has a different impression depending on the brightness, so it is a hair color that can be recommended for men of all ages!

Bright With Bleach! Ash Gray Is Recommended for Men’s Style.

Achieve cool ash gray with 2 bleaches

First of all, I will introduce the ash-gray style with bleach. It is an ash-gray men’s berry short that has been breached twice. The cool gray color is pretty cool!

Bleach x light ash gray for a blonde look

You can also add a light ash gray to your bleached hair to give it a blonde look. The part close to the skin is contrasted with black hair left, creating a three-dimensional casual style.

Ash gray color with an exquisite dullness

The bleached ash gray hair color has an exquisite finish with a fashionable dullness. Knead the wax in the order of back, side, top, and front, and sprinkle it to complete a cool hairstyle.

Make a difference with the surroundings with gradation color

Men’s shorts with a “gradation color” gradually change color toward the hair’s ends. The top is a dark ash color, and the ends of the hair are bleached twice and then turned into ash gray. Get a hairstyle that makes a difference with the surroundings with a natural gradation!

Wild in high-tone ash gray

Men’s style with a light ash gray after bleaching. The rugged and bright high-tone color can accentuate the masculine and wild image. You have to dry the whole thing back and rub in the hard wax.

Ash greige color with beige

Ash greige, ash gray, plus beige also adds a fashionable feeling to your hair. Due to its rounded weight, the mash short is lightly finished, creating a Korean idol-like atmosphere.

Bunch styling is also determined three-dimensionally

If you finish it with bleach and high tone ash gray, you can easily give a three-dimensional effect when styling with wax. Just by using a little wax to create a feeling of a bunch, men’s hair with such movement is completed.

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Natural with a soft texture

After bleaching, it is dyed in ash gray to express a soft texture full of transparency. The styling is also fluffy, and a natural men’s hair is completed!

Pearl Ash Greige was determined by one bleach.

It is possible to reproduce beautiful ash gray as the number of bleaches increases. If you don’t want to damage your hair as much as possible, we recommend 1 bleach x Pearl Ash Greige hair color. Depending on the condition of your hair, you can get this glossy color with just one bleach with Pearl Ash Greige.

Add a strong gray color for a sweet and spicy mix style

The rounded mash short is men’s hair with a lovely atmosphere. A sweet and spicy mix style with a mellow feeling will come true by putting high-tone ash gray with strong gray color on it.

Darken without bleaching! Ash gray is recommended for men’s style.

Natural ash gray for dark hair

Next, I would like to introduce the ash-gray style without bleaching. As it is finished in a naturally dark tone, men’s shorts are also outstandingly refreshing. Trendy dark hair is also fashionable!

Dark ash gray is OK from students to working people

Dark ash gray hair color is recommended for students and adults who cannot make flashy colors. The pure and natural color will greatly improve your hairstyle.

Ash Greige, with a sense of omission even in the dark

A mash short with a dark ash greige color that looks like an adult. With Ash Greige, even dark hair color will give you a feeling of falling out, so you will have a modern hairstyle. There is also a feeling of cleanliness, and it is a good impression.

Ash Greige that matches your hairstyle refreshingly

The hairstyle and hair color match refreshingly, so you can aim for a good impression. Let’s style it casually with wax.

The airy feeling that is different from black hair is attractive

If you give a sense of transparency with dark ash gray, you can enjoy dark hair with an airy feeling different from black hair. Make a part on the side and pour it while scraping it to complete a hairstyle that raises a lot of men.

Ash greige with a stronger beige

Ash Greige, which has a stronger beige color familiar to the skin, will give you warm hair color. The peaceful atmosphere of the mash short makes it more attractive. It is fashionable to rub hard wax and style it into a rhombus.

For a two-block short with dark hair and not too flashy

The two-block short with the sides trimmed raises the bangs for a wild atmosphere. The dark ash gray color adds a favorable impression and completes men’s hair that is not too flashy.

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For shiny hair that is transparent when exposed to light

Men’s shorts finished in ash gray close to black hair without bleaching. The hair becomes transparent when exposed to light, leading to a refreshing impression. It is recommended to apply wax to finish it naturally lightly.

By Hairstyle! Introducing Cool Men’s Hair in Ash Gray

Recommended hairstyles of ash gray x very short

Appeal individuality with gradation color

Let’s decide fashionably with ash gray for men’s berry shorts cut very short. After bleaching only the tips of the top hair, use ash gray for a gradation color to create a unique hairstyle that everyone will not wear.

High-tone ash greige for an overseas look

Finishing it in a high-tone ash greige creates an atmosphere like an overseas men’s. It is recommended for those who want to make a louver and image change.

Spicy styling for a casual look

If you style it so that the tips of the hair are sharp, you will have spicy and cool casual hair.

Ash gray x short recommended hairstyle

Seventy-three shorts with wild dark hair

Short hair finished in a calm atmosphere with dark ash gray. I make a parting at about 7: 3 and style it with seventy-three hairs. Apply grease and let the bangs stand up to create a wild image!

Clean natural short

The natural short with a refreshing neckline gives a good impression with a refreshing atmosphere. A gorgeous impression is also added by adding a slightly brighter ash gray after bleaching. For a clean finish overall!

Ash gray casual perm short

After bleaching once, ash gray is applied to create stylish hair color. The airy atmosphere of the perm is more attractive with the color that has a sense of omission.

Ash Gray x Medium Recommended Hairstyles

Arrange it in a wave and improve the feeling

If you have long, medium hair, you can also use an iron to arrange the waves. The ash greige hair feels much more mellow, and it’s decided to be a fashionable boy’s style!

Ash gray gentleman style

The perm medium with long bangs gives a mature impression with a calm ash gray. Moisten your hair and flush it back with gel to complete your gentleman’s style.

Wolf medium with a soft texture

The top is a rounded mushroom cut, and the bottom is a layer cut with a step. By matching with dark ash gray, the soft texture of the perm is improved.

Ash Gray x Mash Recommended Hairstyles

For a mode mash with dark tones

“Mash” is a hairstyle cut into a rounded silhouette as a whole. Finishing with dark ash gray gives a natural yet modest atmosphere. Try setting it with glossy hard wax.

Add a three-dimensional effect with natural gradation

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The top is a dark ash color, the tips are bleached twice, and ash gray is added to the mash hair. The natural gradation color creates a subtle three-dimensional effect. The bunch of movement styling is also fashionable.

Gentle ash greige mash

A refreshing men’s mash with a refreshing neckline. The natural brightness of the ash greige adds a sense of omission to the hairstyle. The overall image is a gentleman, and you can aim for a good impression!

Ash Gray x Two Block Recommended Hairstyles

Sharp men’s two-block hair

“Two blocks” is a hairstyle with short sides or undercuts. By leaving the top a little longer, a sharp silhouette is completed. Make it even more fashionable with a cool ash gray color!

High-tone two-block full of wildness

Two-block hair finished in high tone with ash greige. The masculine hairstyle has a bright hair color and is finished in a more wild atmosphere. This style is recommended for men who want to make a wild image.

Two blocks where the balance of ashes is the point

Two-block hair with an 8: 2 part and styled with hard wax. The asymmetrical balance is a fashionable point. You will get beautiful transparency if you bleach and then dye it in ash gray.

Recommended hairstyles for ash gray

Make a hair flow with gel and decide like a man.

“Soft mohican” is a hairstyle in which the left and right hairs are slightly shortened and have a volume in the center. Ash gray goes well with cool men’s hair. If you use gel to make a tight hair flow, it will be masculine!

Increased transparency with silver ash gray

A silver ash-gray color with a calm tone gives a transparent black hair look. Raise your bangs and style it up bangs to create a refreshing and cool soft Mohican!

Recommended hairstyles for ash gray and perm

Random perm with a sense of bunch styling

The perm style with a soft and voluminous feel on the top makes it easy to finish hairstyling with mousse wax. Fashionable with ash gray-beige color without redness.

Individuality group mash wolf x perm style

A slightly stronger spiral perm for the mash wolf style feels like the 1960s. The color is ash greige, and if you use deep dark hair, the atmosphere will be much better.

Natural perm style

With perm style and ash gray color, you can create a natural image. Don’t decide too much with the frizz style, and wear soft air.

Let’s Finish Men’s Hair to a Higher Level With Ash Gray!

Ash gray color gives you a transparent and exquisite hair color with or without bleaching. For men who want to change their hair color to a modern look, why not try using ash gray. It’s easy to achieve the ideal hairstyle if you have the color and the cut.

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