Make The Outside Splash Korean Style And Fashionable! Points And Style Samples

Make The Outside Splash Korean Style And Fashionable! Points And Style Samples

The one-curled outer honey hair is now a standard style. The outer honey hair is cute enough, but if you want to look more fashionable, it is recommended to use Korean-style outer honey hair. This article will introduce the points to beautifully finish Korean-style outer honey hair and provide a sample of the style. We will introduce the styles by length, so you should be able to find Korean-style honey hair that will be helpful.

Let’s Update the Classic Outside Honey Hair to Korean Style!

The standard outer hair has the tips of the hair fluttering outward. The style is easy to finish with an iron or iron and has a casual and healthy appeal. It’s also a classic styling for people with bob and medium lengths. If you want to make your usual outer honey hair look more fashionable and modern, why not make it a trendy Korean-style outer honey hair? This article will introduce the points and recommended styles that make the outer honey hair look Korean.

The Point Is to Make the Outside Honey Hair Look Korean Style.

There are three points to make the outside honey hair look Korean.

Point 1: Put a layer to add movement around the face.

Point 2: Wrap around the face to add volume.

Point 3: Make the curl of the splash stronger to make it look like a constriction. Here, one for each point, I will explain one by one!

Point 1: Have a layer inserted and move around the face

Korean-style hairstyles are not limited to outer hair but have the characteristic of creating volume around the face. To create volume, it is important to have the layer around the face, which is essential for Korean style, added when the cut is made. Having a layer around your face makes it easier to move when styling.

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Point 2: Wrap around the face to create volume

As introduced in point 1, the Korean style is characterized by the movement around the face. In particular, it is a modern style to put in Egyomori, which allows the hair from the bangs to around the face to flow to the outside of the face. The key to making bangs is to add volume to the bangs and around the face.

Point 3: Strengthen the curl of the splash

A curling finish also characterizes the Korean-style hairstyle. The key to Korean style is to have a hairstyle with a strong curl around the bottom of your ears. If you use a trowel to curl it stronger than normal outer hair, you will get slightly constricted outer hair. The curl of the honey is an important point for Korean-style honey hair. 

For Reference to Ordering and Styling! Korean Style Outside Honey Hair Catalog by Length

If you want to achieve Korean-style outer honey hair, it is recommended to first look for a style that will serve as a sample for cutting and styling. Here, we will introduce recommended hair catalogs by length. Please use it as a reference when making outer hair.

Short bob length Korean style

The outer honey hair that shows the forehead is a hairstyle decided by an adult. By putting it on your ears and clearing the area around your face, you can sense omission. By wrapping the long bangs on the outside, you can make Korean-style outer bangs.

Combine with see-through bangs for a soft impression

By combining see-through bangs, the outer honey hair has a soft impression. By changing the hair color to beige, the complexion looks brighter. Recommended for those who want a girlish cuteness. 

Outer honey hair with outstanding fashionability

Korean-style outer honey hair is a fashionable hairstyle. Short hair makes it a little more casual and mature. As for the styling product, using the balm, etc., will give you a feeling of mellowness.

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Outer honey hair that has a strong constriction and can aim for a small face effect

A hairstyle that moves around the face by strengthening the constriction of the entire hair. By adding movement around the face, you can aim not only for trends but also for small face effects. Let’s finish the hairstyle firmly with a trowel.

Medium length Korean style outside honey style

Incorporating reverse winding into the outer honey hair to make it gorgeous

The base is an outer hairstyle and a hairstyle that incorporates reverse winding that winds the hair toward the outside of the face. It will be a gorgeous and mature atmosphere at once. This hairstyle is perfect for people who want to change their usual outer hair.

Use the feather bang to create a constricted feeling

A style that uses feather bangs with the hair on the side of the bangs wrapped around the outside. You should make the whole outside honey because you can easily finish it with a Korean-style outside honey hair with a constricted feeling. If you use a slightly larger iron, such as 32 mm, you can decide on the outer hair like now.

Korean beauty with black hair color

Like the ground hair, the black hair-like color is a color that you can get a Korean beauty atmosphere. If you wrap the face around the outside to create a large constriction style, you will look Korean. This style is perfect for people who want to look like an adult. 

Outer honey hair with a cute silhouette can be seen from the side

The silhouette seen from the side is cute, with Korean-style outer honey hair. You will get a three-dimensional finish if you make a layer when cutting at the salon. If you make the color transparent, you can create an Ulzzang look.

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Long-length Korean-style outside honey style

Outer honey hair with plenty of layers

This is the outer honey hair with plenty of layers to give it volume. The volume is solid to see the gorgeousness of a Korean idol. It is also a point to show the forehead to an adult woman.

Gorgeous with outside splash x reverse winding

A gorgeous hairstyle with the addition of reverse winding. You can also scoop up your bangs to create a cool look. This style is perfect for people who want to make a difference.

The tightly constricted outer honey hair looks like it is now

The style of the outer honey hair that is tightly constricted is now. It is a style that looks like an adult and is elegantly finished. This style is recommended for people who like beautiful fashion.

Firmly curl to create a sexy atmosphere.

A hairstyle with an outer honey base and a firm outer honey curl. It leads to a desirable atmosphere. Also, if you use pinkish hair color, you will get more femininity.

How to Make Your Korean Style

As introduced so far, the volume around the face and the strength of the curls are necessary to make the outer honey style look Korean. Therefore, for Korean-style outer honey hair, use a different winding method from the normal outer honey.

Let’s Make the Outside Honey Hair Korean Style and Enjoy More Fashion.

Korean-style outer honey hair is a very fashionable hairstyle with many trends. Why don’t you take in Korean-style honey hair by referring to the recipe and catalog introduced this time? Please make the classic outside honey hair Korean style and enjoy your daily fashion.

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