Make Bun Hair That Doesn’t Crumble Like This! What Is The Arrangement Point

Make Bun Hair That Doesn't Crumble Like This! What Is The Arrangement Point

The point is that the dumplings that look like they now have a sense of omission. We will feature a big feature on bun hair arrangements that will not collapse even at a part-time job! In addition to arranging that does not collapse easily, recommended items and tips are also released! Check it out if you want to make a feminine and mature dumpling even though it has excellent keeping power.

Favorability Is Improved by Arranging Dumplings Now.

  • A popular bun hair arrangement can be used as an up-arrangement to keep your hair tidy.
  • Did you know that “feeling of omission” is important to make bun hair look like it is now?
  • At the same time, we will pick up recommended dumpling styles that can be used at school or work.

Exactly and Now! How to Make Dumplings That Don’t Crumble

  • The point of arranging bun hair like now.
  • It is to strike a balance between a shape that does not easily collapse and omission.
  • Here, let’s check the points on how to make such dumplings.

Point (1) Prevent unnecessary collapse with styling products.

  • No matter how much you need a sense of omission, messy bun hair will ruin it.
  • Cleanliness is essential, especially if you have dumplings at school or work.
  • Let’s start by styling well so as not to cause unnecessary collapse.
  • Applying oil or shea butter to the entire hair is recommended to make it easier to organize.
  • It does not easily collapse, but its glossy texture gives it a beautiful and elegant impression.

Point (2) Securely fix with a pin to keep the shape.

  • To make bun hair that doesn’t crumble easily, it’s best to fix the bun’s base with a pin.
  • Point the pin from the top, bottom, left, and right toward the center of the dumpling and fix it firmly.

Silicone rubber is convenient for hirsutism and bristles.

  • However, if you have a lot of hair or hard hair, it tends to collapse even if you pin it.
  • For such people, it is recommended to wrap silicone rubber around the dumpling base.
  • It doesn’t shift like a pin, so it doesn’t crumble more easily.
  • It’s nice that it fits your hair better than cloth rubber and is less noticeable.

Point (3) Pull out the dumpling and the surrounding hair bundles for a modern finish.

After making a dumpling in a high or low position, take the plunge and pull out the hair at two points. If you break your hair, you will feel more at once!

  • Pull out the hair from the surface of the top of the head.
  • Pull out the hair around the ears and from the neckline.

If you make a firm dumpling, it will not collapse even if you pull it out. Let’s look for a good salt plum while checking the mirror.

What Kind of Image Do You Want? High and Low Bun Hair

Once you’ve learned how to make dumplings, it’s time to put them into practice. Before that, let’s decide what kind of dumpling to make. The impression that dumplings give depends on the position where they are made.

You can make an energetic impression [High dumpling]

A high dumpling is made on the top part. The entire face is impressive, making it a perfect arrangement for a strong presence. It gives a lively and casual impression, so it is recommended for arranging active days.

[Low dumplings] that make your hair look like an adult

The soft dumplings on the nape and neckline have an unusual and mature atmosphere. It’s easy to tie, so it’s recommended to arrange hair at home without trying too hard. If tied tightly, it will be a sign on hair that can be used for parties.

The season is [half-up dumpling]!

Half-up dumplings are in season in the dumpling arrangement! Making a dumpling at the knot of the half-up hair gives a casual and girly impression. It has become a popular arrangement on SNS.

Recommended Bun Hairstyle by Looking at the Length of the Hair

From here, we will feature recommended bun hair according to hair length! Try to challenge according to your current length.

Bob Hair x Dumpling Arrangement

Produces a proper feeling even with bright hair color

Dumpling hair that neatly puts together casual bob hair. Even with light hair color, you can get a good feeling, so it is recommended for people in the hospitality industry, such as in cafes.

Mini half-up x dumplings are cute.

Hair is not long enough to be put together in a bun! In that case, it is also good to make only a part of the dumplings. In the case of mini bob, even if you bring the dumplings higher, the hair is short, well-balanced, and cute.

Scrunchie is neat and cute.

Dumpling hair is made tightly at a high position. While making the dumpling itself neat, the fluffy feeling of the lagging hair and the scrunchie that is gathered adds cuteness.

A feeling of omission √ó A low dumpling for a modern style

If you want to create a dumpling style that looks exactly like it is, we recommend the dumplings in a lower position. By combining it with Kururinpa and making the dumplings smaller, you can prevent the roots from collapsing.

Medium hair x dumpling arrangement

Dumpling x lagging hair and naive atmosphere

The bun x no bangs gives a very energetic impression. You will get a trendy naive atmosphere if you put out a little lagging hair. It is a perfect hair arrangement for the summer from here. 

Clean and high dumplings

The bun hair that is neatly organized in a high position has a clean feeling and is very popular. It is a style that gives a bright and gorgeous impression that fits into any work scene.

To a dumpling with fluffy long lagging hair

A style in which the whole is neatly put together with a hand comb, and the dumplings are also made firmly. As the whole is made tight, plenty of lagging hair is drawn out to feel falling out. It is a fashionable dumpling that does not float in schools and offices.

The vertical silhouette makes you look like an adult.

Side braids x braids make the dumplings look gorgeous. By creating a vertically long silhouette, you can create a more mature and elegant atmosphere.

Long hair x dumpling arrangement

Dumplings that lightly charm even with long and black hair

Long black hair tends to look heavy, but by making it half-up and dumplings, it gives a light impression. It looks cute with bright-colored accessories.

Dumpling hair with impressive highlights

It is also recommended to enjoy bun hair with your hair color. Hair with a highlight color that gives a three-dimensional effect is made into a dumpling. You can see the movement of the highlight color while giving a clean feeling suitable for your work to feel a lot of mellowness!

Clean and natural

Natural dumpling hair with long hair on the collar. A well-balanced style that is clean yet rough.

A neat feeling and fashion will come true.

The bun hair, made by knitting the bundled hair and then put together, has a neat style that does not crumble easily. By moving the dumplings to the side, the fashionability will be greatly improved!

With Bun Hair Nowadays, It’s Even Cuter During My Part-time Job.

The dumplings are arranged so that they are easy to incorporate into everyday life and during part-time jobs. It is also recommended that you teach a professional arrangement technique that will not collapse when you go to the salon. Please increase the variations and find a more cute and personal style.

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