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Luxurious Smartwatch: The Smartwatches for Android and iOS

Smartwatches have become an essential device for many users nowadays though most popular smartwatches do offer many features they tend to lack. When it comes to luxury and design as there are many folks who look for smartwatches which are also luxurious. So to help you choose we have come up with the top 10 best luxurious smartwatches that will provide you with all the essential features along with luxury to enhance your fashion style.

Movado Connect 2.0

Affordable yet unique in looking to meet the Movado connect 2.0. A luxurious smartwatch that will give an impressive look on your wrist and will offer a cost-effective price tag powered by wear os by google which is compatible with ios and android.

This smartwatch is equipped with a snapdragon 3100 processor alongside eight gigabytes of storage and one gigabyte of ram and offers up to 24 hours of battery life providing you an old hassle-free time without worrying about recharging it.

Built with a high-resolution touchscreen display that can be customized in hundreds of variations this watch will offer eight different sensors which include GPS, heart rate, gyroscope, and manually constructed. With up to 42-millimeter stainless steel case along with the ceramic case back these watches offer a variety of interchangeable straps that are made of leather mesh fabric and stainless steel allowing you to pick the right strap that goes with your style.

With gorilla cover glass finish these watches come with an IPX water-resistant rating that protects your watch from water splashes or sweat so that you can wear your watch any place you want. If you are looking for an affordable yet stylish smartwatch that provides some luxurious features then the Movado connect 2.0 is a perfect choice for you and you can get it starting at around 400.

Great designThick bezels
Easy to change strapsMixed response time


OSWear OS by Google
Case MaterialStainless Steel
Strap MaterialLeather, Mesh, Fabric, Stainless Steel
Cover GlassGorilla
Water ResistantIPX8 (10m)

Montblanc Summit 2

Introduce yourself with a summit 2 series from Montblanc a luxurious chronograph timepiece that provides a premium and elegant look to suit your style. Engineered with google’s wear os, this smartwatch is packed with a Snapdragon 3100 processor along with up to 4 gigabytes of storage and one gigabyte of ram and has a 500 milliamp-hour battery which is optimized to deliver you a full day of normal usage with ease.

Built with a 1.2 inch AMOLED display with chronograph feature it comes with various types of sensors including heart rate, altimeter,r ambient light providing you all the essential information in its crisp looking screen. Offering five different stainless steel cases it offers various types of leather straps allowing you to choose the perfect color as per your fashion style.

With 50 meters of water resting feature this smartwatch has sapphire scratch-resistant cover glass along with glass and fiberglass resin at the back so you don’t need to worry about water or splashes or getting scratched up in normal use. If you are looking for a stylishly smart timepiece that offers some stylish features then the Montblanc Summit 2 is a great choice for you and you can get it starting at around one thousand dollars.

Good performanceLonger battery life would be nice
Day-long battery, handy Time Only modeExpensive
Great screenThick design
Wear OS redesign is an improvement


OSWear OS by Google
Display1.2″ AMOLED
Case MaterialStainless Steel
Strap MaterialLeather Strap
Cover GlassSapphire Scratch Resistant
Water Resistant50 Meters

Garmin D2 Delta PX

Ever thought for a smartwatch that is built especially for aviators that meet the Garmin d2 delta px. An aviator watch that offers stylish looks and incorporates all the essential pilot features in order to enhance your aviator experience. Compatible with both ios and android this smartwatch has 16 gigabytes of memory and offers straight up to 20 days of battery life providing you a huge amount of users time while you are on a flight.

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Built with a 1.2-inch MIP LCD display this watch offers a ton of aviator sensors which includes an oxygen saturation sensor, a true GPS based flight system, a worldwide airport database, and many more giving you all the essential features that a pilot need. Equipped with various smart activity features this smartwatch will give notifications such as email text messages alerts in order to help you stay in the know while you’re on the go.

With 180m and water-resistant rating and silicon or titanium strap, it has a fibre-reinforced polymer case with a metal rear cover and scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal lens providing you a solid build quality to withstand any environment. If you are looking for a stylish looking luxury smartwatch that incorporates all the essential aviator features then the Garmin d2 delta px is the right choice for you and you can get it starting at around 1250.

Lightweight and comfortablePricey
Built-in pulse oximeter, GPS, and altimeter


OSAndroid & IOS
Display Size1.2″ MIP LCD
Strap MaterialSilicone or Titanium
Lens MaterialDome Sapphire Crystal
Case MaterialFiber Reinforced Polymer


Be more dynamic in your enjoyment of the great outdoors with the CASIO PROTREK PRO Trek WSD-F30. A tough smartwatch that offers a dual display with good battery life to enhance any wild adventures. Wear os by google which is compatible with android 4.4 plus and ios 9.3 plus this smartwatch has snapdragon 2100 processor 4 gigabytes of ram 512 megabytes of ram and offers battery life from one and a half days to one month.

So whether engaging in outdoor adventuring or everyday life you can enjoy it to the fullest this smartwatch is well known for a dual-screen where the 1.2-inch OLED shows GPS and other smartphone features.

The monochrome LCD screen shows essential information like time and different kinds of sensor ratings it offers a variety of essential sensors including a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope along with GPS and altimeter making it a perfect smartwatch for any outdoor environment.

Built with military standard 810 g and 5 bar water resistant ratings along with the stainless steel case this watch can operate perfectly in any widely varied environments. If you are looking for a luxurious smartwatch that offers dual-screen good battery life and is compatible with long-range of android and ios devices than the CASIO PROTREK PRO Trek WSD-F30 is the right choice for you and you can get it starting at around 650 dollars.

Lots of sensors for outdoor useNo heart-rate sensor
Solid and durable buildSlow performance


OSGoogle Wear
Display1.2-inch OLED
Case MaterialStainless Steel Case
Storage4GB ROM, 512MB RAM
ProcessorSnapdragon 2100 CPU
Environmental DurabilityMIL-STD-810D

Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch

Meet the Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch a stylish watch that offers minimalist design and elegant look. Compatible with android 4.4 plus and ios 8 plus this smartwatch communicates via Bluetooth and sends health tracking measured data such as steps and sleep patterns to your smart device.

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Using its MMT 365 apps giving you essential information to keep you on your track this watch has a round analogue display along with brushed stainless steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Providing you a great viewing experience and allowing you to stay water-free for any harsh environment available in 10 different colors.

The strap of this watch is made out of a genuine piece of leather which will give you a gentle look and make your appearance more elegant. This watch offers up to 2 years of battery life helping you to use your watch for a long time without worrying about anything with the water-resistant rating up to 30 meters.

This watch can withstand splashes or brief immersion in water so that you don’t need to worry about water splashes in regular usage. If you are looking for a watch that is stylish and also offers some smart features then the Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch is a perfect choice for you and you can get this watch starting at around 650 dollars.

Absolutely stunning designThe app is fairly basic
Incredibly well builtIt isn’t cheap
Accurate fitness trackingNo smartwatch notifications


CompatibleAndroid 4.4+ and IOS8+
DisplayRound Analog
Case MaterialStainless Steel Brushed
Strap MaterialGenuine Leather
Glass MaterialSapphire Crystal

Garmin Quatix 6X Solar

Ever thought about a luxurious watch that hound for marine use that made the Garmin Quatix 6X Solar. A smartwatch that has plenty of features for water lovers and ruggedized with salt-resistant titanium designed for use on land or sea. This smartwatch is compatible with both ios and android and has 32 gigabytes of memory along with up to 24 days of battery life providing you a huge amount of users time while you are on an adventure.

Built with a 1.4-inch MIP LCD display this watch has a fibre-reinforced polymer case with power glass lens material providing you a solid build quality for withstanding any land or watery environment. with a water-resistant rating of up to 100 meters this watch offers a variety of marine sensors including swimming features autopilot control, satellite navigation, solar charging, and many more allowing you to swim underwater and providing you all the essential features that a marine need.

If you are looking for a luxurious smartwatch that offers a high-end look and tons of marine features then the Garmin Quatix 6X Solar will be the right choice for you and you can get it starting at around 1150 dollars.

Enormous battery lifeOverkill for landlubbers
Brilliant navigation toolboxComplex and costly
Wrist-based boat autopilot
Excellent data presentation


CompatibleAndroid and IOS
Display Size1.4″ MIP LCD
Case MaterialFiber Reinforced Polymer
Lens MaterialPower glass Lens Material
Cover GlassSilicone or Titanium

Breitling Exospace B55

Meet the Breitling Exospace B55 a luxurious smartwatch that offers chronograph features and solid build quality to enhance your fashion style. Compatible with both ios and android this watch has Bluetooth 4.0 and offers a b55 app that can be used to activate many features more quickly allowing you to receive calls calendars and text notifications easily.

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It offers analogue with a digital display that has chronograph features and super quartz movements which is 10 times more accurate than a standard quartz calibre. This watch is a fire glare-proof crystal on both sides this watch has black titanium case material and short curving lugs that is lightweight and sits very well on the wrist.

Allowing you to have a comfortable feel while you were wearing your watch with a water-resistant rating up to 100 meters this watch has a lithium-ion cell battery that will give you up to two months of power on a single charge. And can be charged through a magnetic connector providing you with enough juice to use your watch for a long period of time.

If you are looking for a luxurious watch that offers superior build quality and long battery runtime then the Breitling Exospace B55 is the right choice for you and you can get it starting at one around 7170.

Great durabilityDial is large and bulky
Charging cable is included.


Wireless InterfaceBluetooth 4.0
DisplayAnalog and Digital
Case MaterialBlack Titanium
CrystalSapphire Glare Proof
Water Resistant100 meters

Garmin MARQ Adventurer

Stand on top of the world with a Garmin MARQ Adventurer a luxury modern watch that offers smart features and real-time accent data right at your wrist. Compatible with both ios and android this smartwatch has 32 gigabytes of memory and offers up to 12 days of average battery life providing you a decent amount of usage time while you are on the adventure.

Built with a 1.2-inch display this one offers various smart sensors which include health monitoring activity tracking GPS compass and many more providing you all the essential features right at your wrist. With a 100 meter of water resistance rating and built with titanium case material this watch has leather straps and scratch resistant dome sapphire crystal lens that will provide you a solid build quality to withstand any environment.

If you are looking for a luxurious smartwatch that has a durable build quality and offers all the essential features then the Garmin MARQ Adventurer is the right choice for you and you can get this watch starting at 1750 dollars.

Unique, highly-targeted featuresPotentially too focused for wide appeal
Varied designsInability to choose a preferred design
High-quality build and materials


OSAndroid & IOS
Display Size1.2″
Water Resistant10 ATM/100m
Lens MaterialDomed sapphire crystal
Case MaterialTitanium

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon

Get yourself introduced with the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon a luxurious smartwatch that offers a polished design with amazing features to enhance your fashion style.

Powered with google’s wear os which is compatible with ios 9.3 plus and android 4.4 plus this smartwatch is equipped with snapdragon 3100 processor 8 gigabytes of storage one gigabytes of ram and offers up to 24 hours of battery life giving you some amazing specs with all the battery life.

Built with a high-resolution 1.3-inch AMOLED display this watch offers four different sensors which include gyro light magnetometer and haptic engine providing you all the necessary features that you would need for everyday use. Constructed with a stainless steel case these watches offer a variety of interchangeable straps allowing you to pick the right strap that goes with your style.

With a 3 atm water-resistant rating, these watches feature a polished steel crown and come with a black sapphire glass case back giving you a premium look to enhance your style. If you are looking for a luxurious smartwatch that gives you a premium look and offers some smart features and the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon is the right choice for you and you can get it starting at around 2500 dollars.

Watch FaceLack of Fitness
Pure LuxuryAndroid wear Disconnect


OSWear OS by Google
Display1.3-inch AMOLED
Case MaterialStainless Steel Case
ProcessorSnapdragon 3100 CPU
Storage8GB ROM, 1GB RAM
Water Resistant3 ATM Water Resistant

TAG Heuer Connected

Meet the new tag we are connected to a premium-looking smartwatch that has secured the number one spot on our list because it has superior features and a stylish looking design. Launched back in 2015 TAG Heuer Connected first revealed the first edition connected smartwatches since then they have polished their watches and have brought the latest third edition offering all the features that were lacking previously engineered.

With google’s wear os this smartwatch is packed with a Snapdragon 3100 processor eight gigabytes of storage one gigabytes of ram and has up to 25 hours of runtime giving you a lag-free experience that you would expect from a high-end smartwatch. Built with a 1.39-inch OLED display it comes with various types of sensors including GPS accelerometer gyroscope and many more providing you all the essential information in its crystal clear screen with various types of straps attachments.

It offers a ton of case materials which include stainless steel grade 2 titanium ceramic sapphire and many more allowing you to pick the right combo that goes with your style with ipx water-resistant rating. The screen of these watches is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass making the watch dustproof scratch resistant and waterproof.

So you don’t need to worry about the dust water splashes or getting it scratched up. If you are looking for a premium designed smartwatch that offers tons of cases straps and amazing sensors then the TAG Heuer Connected will be the right choice for you and you can get it starting from eighteen hundred dollars.

Detailed customizationExpensive
Easy to switch strapsStill Wear OS at heart
Great sports experienceNo LTE option
Amazing build quality


OSWear OS by Google
Display1.39″ OLED
Lens MaterialSapphire Crystal
ProcessorSnapdragon 3100
Storage8GB ROM, 1GB RAM
Water ResistantIP67 5 ATM Water Resitant

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5 Best Headphone Stand with Pros and Cons

You just purchased an expensive set of headphones and you want to show it off as best as you can that’s where headphone stands come in.

It might be a bit extra but a headphone stand is a great way to display your headphones plus a stand helps to keep the text looking as neat as possible. So today we have come with an article about the best five headphone stands that you can get your hands on in 2020.

Lamicall Desktop Headset Holder

Bringing the fifth position holder of this list which starts with the Lamicall desktop headset holder made of aluminum and premium quality abs plastic. This headset holder is lightweight and has a low center of gravity design that provides a safe and stable foundation for your headphones.

This headphone holder supports all sizes of headphones which include companies from Sennheiser, sony, jbl, razer, Logitech, audio technical and more. The part of the stand where the headphones are placed has got a curved surface design which will protect the spawns of the headphone head beam against the wrist of scratches. This beautiful desktop headset holder is just great for a home office recording studio bedroom or next to your computer and thus comfortably takes the feed spot on this list.

Unique appearanceBit pricy
Multi-scenario use
Sturdy & elegant


MaterialAluminum and ABS plastic
Weight9.9 ounces
Dimension5.1 x 5.1 x12.48 inches

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

At number four we have this Satechi Aluminum USB headphone stand a modern solution to store your favorite set of headphones. It comes with three extra usb ports as well as a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so that you can have extra capacity to connect your computer without encountering a jumble of wires as everything is compartmentalized by the stand.

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The usb port transfers files at up to an impressive speed of 5 gigabits per second at the carrying clamp section. There is a rubber surface that will keep your headphone free of scratches on the back it has a convenient cable organizer which makes keeping your headphones neat and manage your tasks easily taking our number four position.

DurablePoor 3.5mm jack
Three USB ports
Cable management system


Connection typeType- A
USB Ports3 Ports
Weight1.46 pounds

New Bee Headset Holder

On number three we have got the new bee headset holder made of aluminum and tpu rubber. This headphone stand provides a safe and stable foundation for your headphones just make sure that the surface is flat and dust free.

The stance supports headphones of all sizes such as Sennheiser, grey bits, sony, hyperx, audio Technica, and so on after long intensive gaming sessions. You can hang the headphone on the stand to make your desk tidy and when you are not using the headphone you can just hang it up and keep it in the bookcase to avoid dust and extended headphones using live taking the third spot on our list. This wireless headset holder from New Bee is pretty unique and has a stylish design making it great for home office studio bedroom or next year tv.

AffordableCant be adjusted
Multi – scenario use


MaterialAluminum and TPU rubber
Weight 4.8 ounces
Dimension8.4 x 4 x 0.87 inches

Razer Base Station Chroma

On number two we’ve got the Razer Base Station Chroma Headphone Stand this is a perfectly balanced headphone stand that will hold and display your headphones when not in use pretty good. With the 3 port usb 3.0 hub equipped with audio passthrough, you can directly connect your devices and headphones to the stand effortlessly maximizing the efficiency of this detachable stand.

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While keeping wires minimal through razor synapse you can choose from pre-loaded lighting effects or create your own unique palette from 16.8 million colors for a gaming experience. That’s truly yours stay connected with intelligent razer coma underglow lighting that reacts to windows notifications and razer chroma integrations like in-game alarms. You will get the ultimate personalization and gaming immersion with the Razer Chroma that fully syncs with popular games.

Razer hardware philips hue and more loaded with so many features this headset stand has securely taken the second spot on this list. And if prices not really matter to you then the razer base station chroma headphone stand is the way to go.

USB 3.0 portsOverpriced
DetachableLittle bit bulky
Lighting effects
Nonslip rubber base


MaterialHigh-grade Plastic
Weight13.6 ounces
Dimension5.71 x 4.93 x 9.65 inches

Corsair ST100 RGB

Finally, at number one we have the CORSAIR ST100 RGB, corsair much like razer is recognized for his gaming equipment and the s200 rgb is a great final touch to any gamer’s workstation. It has a built-in 3.5-millimeter input that can deliver 7.1 surround sound and the base even has two usb ports to charge your device or transfer data.

Its aluminum build looks and feels sturdy and is well contrasted by the rgb lighting emitted from the raw brass base. You can customize the lighting across nine zones for virtually unlimited color combinations. It is compatible with other iq hardware and has excellent rubber grips on the bottom so it stays firmly in place. The CORSAIR ST100 RGB is durable element construction and iconic design combine to create the ultimate stand for a headset and that’s why it has taken the best position on our list.

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Build qualityPricy
RGB lightingNo USB type – c port
7.1 surrounding sound
Headphone jack


Connection typeType – A
USB port 2
Material aluminum
Weight 1.54lbs

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5 Best Ergonomic Mouse for Comfort & Productivity

If you have ever experienced pain in your hands or wrist, you know your productivity can be severely affected. The discomfort and incompetence of sitting on your machine all day can be relieved by an ergonomic computer mouse. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five ergonomic mouse options you can get in 2020. For tech enthusiasts, we offer a complete buying guide. We try our best to make you select the best components for PCs, laptops and other technological devices with brief technical details, advantages and disadvantages, ratings and ratings.

Kensington Pro Fit Ergo

We have the Kensington Pro Fit Ergo, a wireless vertical trackball mouse that is designed to ensure ergonomic wrist arm and shoulder alignment. This wireless mouse stands at a 60-degree angle designed to ensure ergonomic wrist arm and shoulder alignment to reduce strains from your body. You can also change between three DPI settings using a single switch to quickly adjust the sensor’s speed and sensitivity to different tasks. You can customize the nine programmable buttons in addition to multiple scrolling and pointer settings using the Kensington works software utility for better comfortability. It can connect up to three computers one using the 2.4 heart GB USB dongle that can be stored inside the trackball’s body. Two via Bluetooth allowing you to smoothly switch between devices, this mask is rated to operate for up to 18 months using two double batteries. Its 35 millimetre Frac ball ejects at the push of a button for easy cleaning helping to ensure that it remains responsive and accurate. If you are a fan of Frac balls the Kensington Pro Fit Ergo vertical trackball is a value for money option for you.

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Batterytwo AA
Weight10 Ounces
Ergonomic DesignFits a bit small in larger hand
Programmable Buttons
Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
Decent Performance

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

 We have the Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse, an ergonomic and versatile wireless mouse that is designed for comfort and convenience in mind. It’s sleek, elegant, and stylish to look at but more importantly, it promotes a natural hand position preventing forearm twisting and minimizing unwanted muscular strain to the lower arms. Built with a 4000 DPI optical sensor, this mouse is capable of tracking on various surfaces so that you can use it comfortably on any desk or even on glass. It can be paired with three devices simultaneously using the Logitech options software which allows you to copy and paste text images and files from one computer to another. You can stay powered for up to four months on a full charge with its built-in 240 mAh battery and get up to three hours of use from a one-minute quick charge. If you are in the market for a high-performance vertical wireless mouse then the Logitech MX Vertical is an excellent product that will give you amazing performance.


DPI400 to 4000
Weight4.8 Ounces
Strong build qualityNo dongle storage
Great battery life
Comfortable design
Multiple connections options 

ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse

 We have the ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse, it comes with all the essential gaming-related features such as high adjustable DPI levels and plenty of customizable buttons but packed in an ergonomic body. That’s comfortable to use even after you have lost track of time-saving the world from aliens. It’s packed with PMW 3325 IR sensor, which provides a DPI range from 1500 to 10000 so you can reliably track. The polling rate is also adjustable between 125 to 1000 Hz. It also comes with 11 programmable buttons for assigning custom commands. This gaming mouse has a colour-changing RGB marquee belt on both sides that makes it look cool and attractive against the black background. While gaming for the wonderful performance this mouse gives and the incredible flexibility provided by all its buttons and amazing price is just unbelievable.  This mouse feels comfortable in hand and with its powerful sensor it is an outstanding ergonomic mouse that you should get today.

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DPI1500 to 10000
Battery1200 mAh
Weight8 Ounces
High DPI LevelOnly wired version available
Great battery Life

iClever Ergonomic Mouse

 We have the iClever Ergonomic Mouse, upgrading your health and maximizing your productivity with its wireless vertical mouse that offers the next level of performance and comfort with a rubberized finish. This mouse utilizes a unique design with a palm rest to reduce tendon pressure. It features an optical sensor and three levels of DPI resolution from 800 to 1600 for precise tracking and fast-rolling from your connected laptop and pc. You can easily connect it to almost any Bluetooth enabled device for wireless navigation control from up to 33 feet away without any latency problems. With a double battery, you can confidently use the iClever Ergonomic Mouse for months without worrying about it losing power. It’s smooth and ergonomic with silent clicking and scrolling. This mouse lets you work comfortably on your device without disturbing those around you. For those of you looking for a lightweight cheap vertical mouse to go with your laptop or frequent travels, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better mouse than the iClever Ergonomic Mouse.


DPI800 to 1600
Battery1x AA
Weight4.8 Ounces
Virtually silent mouse clickCramped for larger hands
Comfortable thumb gripTakes time to get used to
Works on most surface types

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless

We have the Logitech MX Ergo Wireless economic mouse that comes with a vertical design to keep your hand and arm staying in a more natural position. With the Frac ball and an adjustable hinge, this mouse allows you to choose the best angle between 0 and 20 degrees for a natural hand position and great comfort. It’s built with a 2048 DPI optical sensor that’s capable of tracking on virtually any surface. So you can use it comfortably on your jeans or even on glass. You can connect this mouse to your system wirelessly using the included unifying receiver or via Bluetooth technology. You can also pair and use it with two systems at the same time, thanks to its Logitech flow technology featuring up to 4 months of battery life with its 500 mAh battery and weighing only 5.76 ounces. The Logitech MX Ergo Wireless is an extraordinary lightweight mouse allowing you to enjoy a fast and smooth experience without worrying about recharging. Its innovative tilt feature a sculpted design and intelligently placed buttons that make this one the most comfortable ergonomic mouse available. It is your best bet for a comfortable mouse that masters the art of ergonomic design.

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DPI512 to 2048
Battery500 mAh
Weight5.6 Ounces
Comfortable DesignTilt options are limited
Accurate trackball
Plenty of additional buttons

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10 Awesome Accessories & Gadgets For MacBook

Apple’s Macbook offers some of the greatest tech features among all the other laptops available on the market. Thanks to innovative technology. These Macbooks have become a lot slimmer yet powerful in order to achieve portability. But to carry out that compact form factor apple had to ditch many peripherals and ports to make their Macbooks even lighter and slimmer. That’s why you will need some essential accessories or some cool extra gears to experience the full potential of your new Macbook device. In today’s post, we are going to show you the top best Macbook accessories that you can have to enhance your total user experience.

KYY Portable Monitor

It works more efficiently with the KYY Portable Monitor, a slim and compact external monitor that delivers extraordinary picture quality and expands your laptop’s viewing area to improve your productivity. Featuring a Full HD 15.6 inch IPS panel that has an aspect ratio of 16 by 9, this portable monitor also offers 300 units of brightness and has the HDR technology, which delivers extremely crisp and sharp footage. To increase your productivity effectively with the superior color rendering ability this monitor has an excellent 85 NTSC color Gamut, which is amazingly higher than those general portable monitors available on the market. And this feature makes it an outstanding monitor for any editors designers or photographers offering its three-in-one monitor mode. You can duplicate your screen to share in the meeting, extend the screens to increase your work inefficiency, or use it as the main screen when your pc is turned off.

This monitor has two USB Type-C ports along with the mini HDMI and the 3.5-millimetre headphone jack port giving you a wide range of selection. So that you can easily connect it to your laptop, Smartphone, or gaming consoles with a breeze. No need to carry any extra sound system with your monitor as this device comes with dual 1-watt speakers that allow you to enjoy some amazing hearing experience. It also comes with a magnetic smart cover that is made of durable PU leather and provides comprehensive protection from scratch, water, and dust. So that you can keep your monitor safe and secure while you are on your move. Thanks to its 0.3-inch ultra-slim profile and only 1.7 pounds of weight this external monitor is extremely portable easy to carry and ideal for any travellers who move frequently. Powerful yet compact the KYY Portable Monitor takes all the boxes and places itself at the top of the lineup for its extraordinary feature.


FileHub AC750 Wireless Travel Router

Extend your Wi-Fi connection to turn a wired network into wireless by using the FileHub AC750 Wireless Travel Router. A handy travel router that can transfer your files to your smart devices without the need for an internet connection. With its 300 megabits per second Wi-Fi speed on 2.4 gigahertz band and up to 433 megabits per second on 5 gigahertz. This router allows you to transfer your photos or any other documents between flash or external drives including your smart devices with ease. It comes with three different modes which are AP router and bridge mode that allows you to instantly convert a wired network to private and share internet access with multiple Wi-Fi devices. So that you can split your fun with your friends and family pretty easily with the support to connect up to five phones tablets or laptops simultaneously.

It offers one key backup feature that allows you to backup SD card files directly to your USB drive at a speed of 12 to 18 megabits per second so that you can move and free up your SD cards without needing to use a computer. It offers a dedicated FileHub plus smart app that allows you to access your external storage and edit or transfer files within seconds. Weighing at around just 7 ounces this tiny router packs a 6700 mAh battery, which allows you to charge up your smart devices while you are on the move. The AC 750 from Ravpower is a three in one device which makes it a perfect Macbook accessory and the travel companion gadget that you can use conveniently anywhere anytime.

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Durgod Fusion

Introducing the Durgod Fusion, a mechanical 80s design keyboard that offers a compact form factor and high-quality key switches in order to enhance your tapping experience. Featuring 7 different Cherry MX key switches and high-quality keycaps. It offers you an un-plated precision fine-tuned tactile and audible feedback as well as linear feel, which allows you to type faster without making any error offering three different pairing modes with your Macbook.

It allows you to connect with your device in wired 2.4 Gigahertz wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 mode providing you with versatile connectivity features. So that you can choose as per your preferences at just 14 inches of size this compact designed keyboard can last up to 40 days on a single charge, allowing you to carry it on your backpack or briefcase without worrying about recharging it frequently. The Durgod Fusion keyboard is an essential Macbook accessory for your sac type switches, durable construction, and portable design, which will surely elevate your Macbook’s user experience.


VAVA Portable SSD

Store all your contents and transfer them quickly by using the VAVA Portable SSD a crucial accessory for your Macbook that offers a blazing fast transfer speed and extra security protection to keep your files safe and secure. Featuring up to two terabytes of storage this tiny SSD comes with SM 2258 XD flash controller and offers a read speed of up to megabits per second and a wide speed of up to 480 megabits per second, allowing you to store a huge amount of your essential files while enabling you to transfer them quickly to your Macbook device with fingerprint identification technology.

This palm-sized SSD has AES 256 bit encryption protection and can store up to 10 different fingerprints. So that you can conveniently unlock your critical fat with just a touch of your finger constructed. With a strong aluminium alloy upper case and zinc alloy lower case, it prevents overheating and offers up to 4 feet of shock and drop resistance feature making it a solid device that protects your essential files like a breeze compact lightweight yet ultra fast. The VAVA Portable SSD is a great device and a must-have accessory for your Macbook for its amazing features.


Flujo PowerEdge Dock

Expand the flexibility of your Macbook device with the Flujo PowerEdge Dock, a monitor stand with a modular USB-C multi-function docking station that is ergonomically designed to keep your cables neatly in place and make you more productive. Constructed with an aluminium casing with an anti-slip pad the Flujo PowerEdge Dock is made to elevate your screen to eye level for having a healthy and comfortable viewing experience. It comes with a cable holder that keeps your wire steady while its added space below allows you to stow away your keyboard and mouse for a tighter desktop experience. It offers one HDMI 1.4 port which can transmit signal in 4k at 30 Hz. While the VGA port supports up to 1080p giving you multiple display options that you can choose based on your monitors with two USB 3.0 ports.

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This power edge up offers an additional USB Type-C port which supports power delivery capability of up to 60 WATTs. It can transmit data at 480 megabits per second so that you can plug multiple peripherals and charge your Macbook device quickly. It also has SD and micro SD card slots along with a 3.5-millimetre jack and GB Ethernet port that supports signal up to 1000 megabits per second. So that you can connect your headphone cameras flash drive and Ethernet cable to browse the internet. The Flujo PowerEdge Dock is an excellent accessory for Macbook that can make you more productive while giving a healthy and comfortable viewing experience.


Satechi Dual HDMI Adapter


Connect your dream setup with your Macbook device by using Satechi’s dual HDMI adapter. A tiny yet must-have accessory for your Macbook that offers high-resolution HDMI ports and power delivery options in order to enhance your Macbook user experience. Engineered for dual display, this tiny tool features dual HDMI ports to connect two monitors for achieving the stunning 4k 60Hz display allowing you to enjoy streaming movies, playing video games, or serving the web across up to 2 HDMI enabled monitors in high quality designed with convenience in mind.

This adapter includes a USB-C charging port that delivers power up to 60 watts. So that you can keep your setup always up and running without occupying a third USB-C port. Built-in modern yet durable aluminium construction that is combined with an easy to use plug and play design. This standing adapter will give you a truly effortless experience without needing to install any extra driver. So just plug your adapter with your Macbook and you are ready to roll durable but yet sleek and powerful Satechi’s dual HDMI adapter is an essential Macbook accessory that can bring out your Macbook’s full potential with ease.


Logitech MX Master 3

Without a doubt, take your productivity to a whole new level with Logitech MX Master 3. A Mac compatible wireless mouse that is designed to work seamlessly on your Macbook devices. In order to enhance your productivity skills featuring 2.4 Gigahertz and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This wireless mouse comes with a 4000 DPI dark field laser sensor and offers all new max speed electromagnetic scrolling, which is nearly silent precise, and quick enough to scroll 1000 lines in a second allowing you to seamlessly transfer cursor text and files between your Macbook and your desktop without any pressure. With its ideally placed back forward and gesture buttons, which is crafted for the shape of your hand.

This mouse provides you with enough comfort so that you can improve your productivity with its fully customizable option. This mouse will let you work even faster with its predefined app profiles allowing you to work effortlessly in adobe Photoshop, premiere pro, final cut pro, and many more. It runs for up to 70 days on a full charge while a one-minute quick charge gives you three hours of non-stop usability. The Logitech’s MX Master 3 gives you many powerful features and it does so in a package that feels natural and comfortable no matter what you’re doing on your Macbook.


MOFT Carry Sleeve

If you’re worried about carrying your Macbook while you’re on the move, then do not worry because we have the MOFT Carry Sleeve. An innovative slim and compact design Macbook sleeve that can take your device and other accessories like a breeze compatible with up to 13-inch Macbook pro. This sleeve is made of 100 vegan PU leather and fibreglass which makes it 0.3 inches thin and durable. Allowing you to carry your Macbook in a sleek style without having any bulkiness designed by invisible space folding structure and invisible storage. This sleeve is supported by 21 built-in magnets which allow you to get from 15 to 25-degree angle so that you can have a better posture whenever you’re on the go.

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Thanks to the neoprene material, this sleeve magically expands when you need to keep your Macbook essentials offering the room that you need without adding bulk supporting up to 10 kg of weight. Its innovative fold in triangle structure makes it sturdy and stable enough to prop up your Macbook device. The carry sleeve from MOFT is a must-have accessory for any Macbook owner. For its slim and foldable features and compact design that can elevate your daily user experience.


Omega 200W & 100W GaN USB-C

Power up your Macbook with the Omega 200W & 100W GaN USB-C Charger which is built in a compact design and offers multiple high power charging ports, in order to keep your Macbook active and running featuring an industry-leading NV6127 power IC these chargers comes with two USB Type-C ports with 100 power delivery 3.0 and two USB type-A ports that support quick charge 3.0 which allows you to charge your two 16 inch Macbooks along with your iPad or iPhone at maximum speed. With the support of worldwide universal voltage these chargers come with three plug converters so that you can use it in various countries worldwide.

It offers two-way foldable patent-pending prongs which can be adjusted at a 90 degree or 180-degree angle allowing you to fit your charger in vertical or horizontal without any hassle the Omega 200 watt and 100-watt GaN USB-C charger is an excellent device for its powerful charging capabilities and universal voltage support that makes it an essential accessory for your Macbook without a doubt.


COOLPO Webcam with Microphone

Introduce yourself with the COOLPO Webcam with Microphone, an excellent Macbook accessory that includes the camera, microphones, and speaker to provide you with an immersive online meeting experience for remote teams with a 60-degree vertical field of view. It offers a 360-degree lens that can take footage up to 4k resolution which allows you to capture your whole meeting room in super high quality. It comes with 4 smart built-in 360-degree Mics that pick up everyone’s voice within 15 feet giving you an immersive conference experience with rich details. With dual algorithm voice and motion detection feature, it automatically tracks and focuses people according to their voices and motions.

Besides it also highlights current speakers with a red frame that helps you to figure out who’s speaking so that you can follow up on the meeting. It comes with a split-screen and real-time communication feature that enables you to have better interaction among participants and help your online conference be more efficient and productive. It offers a plug-and-play installation that allows you to set up your webcam without installing any driver with a convenient and portable design. This device is easy to carry so that you can take it in your backpack without any hassle. The COOLPO Webcam with Microphone is well known for its versatile features, portable design and also it’s a great choice for any small to middle-sized conference room making it a must-have Macbook accessory.


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