Collection Of Layer Haircut Styles For Long Hair

Collection Of Layer Haircut Styles For Long Hair

A layered cut that is light and fluffy and creates a stylish atmosphere. There are many types, and it is an attractive cutting method that makes various impressions. Such a layer cut is a style that I want long hair to adopt. This time, for long hair, we will introduce layer cut styles that you will want to try right away, such as versions with and without bangs and by color!

Long Length X Layer Cut Is Fashionable!

Incorporating a layer cut into long hair with the tips of the hair under the chest enhances the nuance and makes it easy to remove. This article will introduce the features and benefits of long-layer cuts and how to incorporate them into the catalog. Let’s get to know the charm of long layers and get closer to the impression you want to be.

What Is a Layer in the First Place?

I know it’s a trend, but what kind of style is layer cut in the first place? You may be wondering. The layer is an English word that means “step,” and layer cut is a method of cutting hair with steps. With layer cuts, you can add movement and lightness to your design by adding layers to your hair. As a result, it is an attractive cutting method that can create a voluminous and mellow feeling in the hair.

If you apply a layer cut to your hair, the amount of hair will decrease toward the ends of the hair. In other words, you can create a fluffy and light image of the entire hair. In styling, it becomes easier for the part where the layer is put to move, and if you arrange it with hair oil, etc., you can easily give a feeling of pulling out.

Also, depending on the type of layer, it becomes easier for the hair to get inside. Since you can make hairstyles, it will be easier for you to take care of your hair. The layer cut style is a style that has many advantages for any length.

Advantages of Layer Cutting Unique to Long Hair

Actually, besides the merits I mentioned earlier, there are many merits that long hair can get by incorporating layers. From here, I will introduce the charm of layer cuts that I would like to recommend for long hair. Long hair, whose hair extends below the collarbone and chest, often finds it difficult to change the image to maintain that length.

By incorporating a layer cut, you can change only the atmosphere while keeping the length as it is, so it will be easier to imitate.

In addition, adding layers makes it easier to handle hair and makes it easier to arrange hair. You can enjoy various hairstyles because the layers are incorporated, such as the movement of the coating is cute when you pull down the hair and the ponytail with a feeling of pulling out when tied together.

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How to Order to Get Closer to Your Ideal Layer Style

To make the ideal layer cut, you also want to know how to order at the salon. There are many types of layer cuts, so I will explain the points so you can convey the atmosphere you want to be to the beautician.

Point 1: Tell Me What Kind of Atmosphere You Want to Be

First, it is essential to tell the beautician what kind of atmosphere you want to make a layer cut style. There are multiple types depending on how the layers are attached, so if you understand the difference, you can create the ideal style when ordering. Among the layers, the standard ones for orders are high and low. This is a high-layer long hairstyle. A high layer is a cut that inserts a layer from an elevated position on the head.

Since the movement comes out from the top around the face, the point is that it is easy to give a voluminous feeling and make a cute silhouette.

The low-layer cut style is a cut that puts a little layer on the tip of the hair and can create a calmer atmosphere than the high layer. This style is for those who want to try layer cutting, but high layers have high hurdles …!

Point 2: Tell Where You Want to Put the Layer

Like high and low layers, the form and impression of the style change depending on where you put the layer cut. For example, if you put layers around the face and in the center of the hair tips, the volume will be created in those two places, and the neck will be tightly constricted.

By doing this, you can achieve a Korean-style constricted hairstyle. However, it is difficult for me to understand and tell where the layers are. Therefore, let the beautician find out where the layer is in the style you want to be at the salon with a sample style.

[by Category] Long X Layer Cut Style Collection

Long hair and layer cuts go well together, and you can enjoy various styles by changing the cutting method. Here, we will introduce a hair catalog that allows you to make the most of layer cuts!

Long X Layer Cut Style to Find With or Without Bangs

Long quack hair that makes you feel good

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Combined with a long see-through bang, this style is called quantum hair. It comes from the Korean word “decorating and un-decorating” and features layers around the face and natural curls. By incorporating it in a long length, the hair around the front will be fluffy and desirable, and the fashion will significantly improve.

Neat and clean straight bangs are also lightly layered

Black hair x straight bangs and long hair with a neat impression. It is a style that tends to look heavy if it is straightforward, but putting a layer on the surface, is too lightly, gives a feeling of the bunch to the bangs, and gives a sense of pulling out.

Korean-style constricted hair that moves the hair to the fullest

After adding the layer, the hair will move more quickly, so just lightly wrap it around, soon turning into a trendy constricted hair! The point is to make the bangs as thin as possible to balance the volume with plenty of hair tips.

Around the face is essential for layer cuts without bangs

You can create a clean atmosphere for long hair without bangs at once by simply creating a layer around your face. If you cut around your ears, it will not be too tight when tied and will give you a cute impression.

Long X Layer Cut Style With Perm

Layer long x loose perm is a style that is easy to challenge

The combination of loose Perm and layer long is an easy-to-challenge hairstyle. The layer makes the perm curl not overly insisted, making it highly fashionable. The appeal is that it makes it easier to prepare for the morning.

Perm x low layer for a fluffy

A long style that incorporates a soft layer to create a calm atmosphere. By adding a perm there, a fluffy hairstyle is completed! You can add cuteness to an adult-like older sister-like style.

Cut around the face x Perm around the face Long wolf-like

If you put a layer around the beginning, the hair will naturally go inside, and you can create a wolf-cut atmosphere. For wolf-conscious layered long hair, turn on the Perm around the face! For long hair with an excellent impression, a soft feeling of looseness is added, giving a slightly sweet finish.

Steam perm x layer long and fluffy

A steam perm is added to the fluffy hairstyle that gives a feeling of looseness to provide a softer texture. Long hair that is lighter and cuter.

By Face Type! Layer Cut Style That Suits You

High layer long for round face

The high layer suits the round face with a round face line and a cute impression. The high layer that gives a volume to the top and gives a soft feeling is perfect for the appearance of Mr. Marugami.

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Surface layer long for face length

Many people who have an intellectual impression are concerned about the vertical width of their faces. Therefore, put a layer on the hair’s surface and ask them to create a horizontal volume so that the width looks wide. If you make the bangs sweeping bangs, you can further emphasize the width and make it cute long hair!

Diamond layer long for the base type

The base type, which has a lively impression, suits the style that hides the gills. The layer-long kind, which is conscious of the “high-shaped,” is recommended because you can hide the area around your face and get a modern look.

Long X Layer Cut Style by Hair Color

Bright brown x inner winding layer long.

Layer long style with a trowel around the face. By combining it with a light brown that looks like soft hair color, the three-dimensional effect of the layer will be enhanced when exposed to light. 

Violet color x A-line layer long and cute for adults

A-line long hair that is cut heavily toward the ends of the hair. A coating around the face is added to the style that gives a girlish silhouette, adding a sense of omission so that it does not become too heavy. Combining it with deep warm color will quickly change into a cute and mature style! 

Orange color x layer long for a relaxed atmosphere

The bright orange color is a hair color that gives a lively impression. Combining such orange color and layers long, an impressive and straightforward style is completed.

Korean style hair made with blue-black x layer long!

Blue-black is a hair color that attracts attention because it looks like black hair but does not look heavy! It is a color that goes well with Korean-style hairstyles, as Korean idols adopted it. Put plenty of layers around your face and combine it with the Korean-style layer long with a large curl to complete THE Korean-style hair!

Even With Long Hair, You Can Change It With a Layer Cut!

The appeal of layer cuts is that you can make an image change without changing the length of your hair. Why don’t you tell the hairdresser the image you want to be and feel the usual long hair fresh? There are various types of layer cuts, and many cutting methods can be incorporated into long hair. Please enjoy this article by learning about the cutting method that suits you best. 

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