Korean Style Short Hair 2022: Style Catalogs

Korean Style Short Hair 2022 Style Catalogs

Most Korean hairstyles that have been attracting attention these days are medium and long hair. People who want Korean-style short hair are wondering what hairstyle to use. In this article, I will explain the order to make short hair Korean-like from the trendy Korean short bob style with a catalog!

Even if It’s Short, It’s Ulzzang, I Want to Know the Korean Style Short Style!

In recent years, hairstyles with the theme of “Korean style” have attracted attention. Many styles are medium or long hair like the one in the picture. People who want Korean-style short hair are wondering what hairstyle to use.

For those who like this, this article introduces trendy Korean short hairstyles. We have picked up a wide range of Korean-style shorts, from shorts with hair tips under the ears too short bob styles close to the chin line. In addition, we also introduce order points to make the standard short hair look Korean, so please check it out if you want to make short hair from now on or if you are short hair now.

How to Choose a Korean-style Short Style That Suits You by Face Type

When making short hair, many people are worried that their faces will not look big because they are short. Know how to choose short hair that matches the shape of your face, and choose a Korean-style short that looks small! Here, I will tell you the short’s points that suit each face type.

Korean short hair with a high top looks good on a round face.

For round faces concerned about the width of their face, adding volume to the top of the hair is recommended to add height. If you have a style with hair bundles around your face, it will cover the width so that the small face effect will be improved.

Korean short hair with wide bangs suits you.

Contrary to the round face, the face length tends to worry about the vertical width of the face. You can cover the vertical feeling you care about with your bangs. Choose heavy, wide bangs and have them balanced!

Korean short hair with smooth movement suits the base face.

For the base face, which has an overall angular impression, we recommend the style of making movements with layers. It creates a fluffy atmosphere while covering the face line you care about. Furthermore, if you use the bangs of the center part, you can alleviate the impression that it is stretched around the bees and next to the Ella.

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Korean Short Hairstyle Collection

If you find a Korean-style short that suits your face type, let’s know the standard style! Next, I would like to introduce short hairstyles that attract attention in Korea.

“Korean style short” that gives you a refreshing cuteness with layers

Speaking of “Korean style short,” it is a very short that a Korean actress showed in a drama. It features a layer that gives volume to the top and a soft, airy feeling. The point is to keep her neckline short and leave the sides long enough to hide her ears. A well-balanced hairstyle with femininity in a boyish atmosphere.

Get cuteness and a small face effect with a diamond silhouette

The layer, also a feature of Korean-style shorts, gives a roundness not only to the volume of the top but also to the sides and back of the head. As a result, a diamond-shaped silhouette is created, making it look like a small face. You can get cuteness and a small face effect at the same time.

It’s like K-POP artist “Korean Mash.”

Korean mash like a K-POP artist is also one of the trends in Korean styles. The style is a little heavier than Japanese mash hair. It features bangs cut just above the eyes, cut lines connecting to the sides, and a smooth texture.

Well-balanced mash x center part

This Korean mash has long bangs as the center part. Mash with cute roundness × The stylish center part is a well-balanced combination. By emphasizing the vertical feeling in the center part, it also covers the sides that tend to swell sideways due to the volume.

Korean-style bob “Tambarumori.”

Tambarumori, which means “bob” in Korean. It is a heavy bob style that leaves volume by trimming the ends of the hair like a bob. The characteristic is the A-line silhouette with one curl on the tip of the hair. It’s a cute style with a roundness unique to Bob.

Produce the beauty of adults with bold curls

This Tambarumori without bangs has the hair around the face firmly raised from the root wrapped around the outside. The point is to make the curls around the face and hair tips big and bold. A sharpness is born and finished in a mature and beautiful Korean style.

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Order Points to Make Short Hair Korean Style.

It is important to order with a concrete image. Let’s hold down the order points to finish like Korea0.

Point 1: Cut to finish in Korean style

Many Korean-style hairstyles are characteristic, such as tassel cuts and hash cuts. Therefore, by incorporating Korean-style cuts, the style base becomes Korean-like. Let’s look at the classic styles in the catalog introduced here.

A symbol of Koreanness is the “Layer around the face.”

The key to determining the Korean look is the hair around the face. The hair around the face that has been moved with layers becomes Korean once when it is wound in reverse. It is a hairstyle that can be said to be a symbol of Koreanness.

Mode Korean version wolf “hash cut.”

The hash cut is a Japanese “wolf cut” style with a layer on the tip of the hair. Compared to Japanese wolf cuts, there are more layers around the face and fewer waves. Therefore, the model has a strong impression of being cool.

“Tassel cut” of trimmed hair tips.

The tassel cut is a style similar to the “cut bob” in Japan. It features trimmed hair tips like tassel that puts together curtains without adding layers. The difference from the Korean-style Bob’s “Tambarumori” is the silhouette and impression. The straight bob style emphasizes the crisp cut line, so it gives a more casual impression than the cute Tambarumori.

Point 2: Incorporate Korean-style bangs

The bangs are the parts that greatly affect the impression of the face. Therefore, if you use Korean-style bangs, you will get closer to the image you want. Even those difficult to cut are easy to take in, so please check them out.

“See-through bang” with plenty of sheerness

A see-through bang with thin bangs is becoming a standard item in Japan. The biggest attraction is that it creates a sense of sheerness and makes it possible to get rid of it. The Korean style, which has a lot of volumes, is a perfect combination that is well-balanced.

“Feather bang” with cute feather-like curls

Feather bangs are bangs that are fluffy and fluffy like feathers. The curled and cute hair tips go great with short hair. Cuteness is born in a boyish atmosphere.

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Adult-like and cool “Kakiage Bang.”

A bang is recommended for those who like an adult-like atmosphere. The key to finishing the Korean style is to raise the root firmly. The transparent ash greige enhances the Korean style.

“Center part” that balances adultness and small face effect

The center part also has an adult-like atmosphere, similar to the kakiage bang. I especially recommend the round face, which tends to be seen young. It emphasizes the vertical feeling and has a small face effect.

Point 3: Incorporate Korean-style hair color

If you want to get closer to authentic Korean hair, it is recommended to use a hair color that is popular in Korea. Introducing short hairstyles that incorporate the hottest Korean hairstyles!

Blue-black with outstanding transparency

Blue-black, close to black hair, is a royal Korean-style color. By mixing the blueness, the hair becomes transparent. At first glance, it looks like black hair, but when it hits the light, it looks bluish and transparent. Recommended for those who cannot lighten their hair color but want to get rid of it and those who do not want to dye it black!

Warm feminine brown

Warm brown is also a popular hair color for Korean girls. Ash brown combines that brown with ash, which gives a sense of transparency. By matching the see-through bang, you can get a more transparent finish.

Authentic K-POP style with eye-catching blonde color

The bangs are layered and constricted, and the tambarumori has curled hair tips. An authentic Korean style with blond hair color that catches the eye. Incorporate high-tone colors and become a K-POP idol.

Soft and cute pink beige

The girlish atmosphere is cute and popular pink. It is easy to dye Japanese hair with intense redness, and it has a long-lasting color. By mixing beige that is familiar to the skin, it gives a soft and cute impression.

Get the Ideal Korean Short Style.

Shorts also have a trendy Korean style and points to make them look Korean. You don’t have to give up your Ulzzang style just because you have short hair. Using this article as a reference, order a Korean style at a beauty salon and make it you’re ideal Korean short!

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