Korean-style Bob Hair! 2022 Trend Hair Charm & Recommended Style

Korean-style Bob Hair! 2022 Trend Hair Charm & Recommended Style

Korean hairstyles cannot be missed when talking about recent hair trends. But do you have a variety of styles and don’t know which one to choose? I want to recommend Korean-style lob hair to you! Here are some Korean-style lob hair catalogs.

Bob’s Hair Is Fashionable to Add a Korean Touch!

Bob hair has the silhouette of bob hair but has longer hair than bob. Bob, which has a length from just on the shoulder to above the collarbone, is a style that is attracting attention for its feminine atmosphere and ease of arrangement. If you want to make such lob hair more fashionable, it is recommended to add “Korean style,” a trend in hairstyles.

Korean Style Lob Is Such a Style!

As the name suggests, Korean-style lob is a Korean-style lob style with lengths from the shoulder to the collarbone. Also known as “medium.” There are various types of the same Korean lob depending on the cut style, including the lob length tassel cut and hash cut.

A longer Korean-style lob than a normal gives a feminine atmosphere. Many arrangement methods easily match with other cuts, such as layers and constrictions. In addition, the long hair from the shoulders to the collarbone covers the contours, and the small face effect is outstanding. The features emphasize the vertical lines, and the neck area looks neat.

Korean Style Lob Order Point

  • It is difficult to tell them how to cut them when ordering Korean-style lobs.
  • In such a case, let’s tell the beautician, “I want to look like Korea. I want to make the length, Bob”! At this time, you should be able to order more smoothly by showing the ideal Korean-style Bob catalog.
  • Furthermore, if you order at a salon familiar with Korean trends, you will get a more authentic hairstyle! First, look for a nearby salon.
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I Want to Be Found! Recommended Korean-style Lob Hair Catalog.

Here are some recommended Korean-style lobs. Korean style lobs with various arrangement methods. Please find your favorite.

Feminine with constricted hair

It is a style with a constricted arrangement of lob hair. It adds a touch of color while keeping the trend down. The bangs are also see-through bangs for a more Korean-style finish.

Make the hair around your face look handsome.

Even with the same constriction arrangement as before, there is a difference in the atmosphere with and without bangs! If you wrap the hair around your face to connect to the hair behind you, a natural flow will be created. It is a beautiful and handsome style that can be easily done.

Casual with tassel cut

A tassel cut gives a casual finish while retaining the quirky cuteness of Bob. It looks like it’s trimmed along the shoulder line. The styling of the outer honey goes well with such a tassel cut! Gives an active impression and has a great small face effect.

Adult-like without bangs

It is a tassel cut without bangs. You can easily get a seasonal look just by flipping the ends of your hair. Also, if you want to give it a Korean feel, it is recommended to stick to your bangs. The centered bangs are sexy and bring you closer to a Korean girl. 

It’s like a Korean idol! Pink and gorgeous

Korean-style lobs go great with high-tone colors. The gorgeous pink beige is like a Korean idol! Also, by setting it roughly, you can create an adult-like finish with less shoulder strength. Try to balance the sweetness of pink with styling. 

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The fluffy S-shaped curl is girly and cute.

Make the hair a girly and soft style by making it a fluffy S-shaped curl as a whole. If you use oil to finish the surface, you can create a feeling of the bunch.

Hash cut and unique

The hash cut is a wolf cut in Japan. Compared to Japanese wolf cuts, the point is that the tips are heavier! The layer on the tip of the hair is very stylish. It also goes well with high-tone colors, so it is recommended for those who want to create a unique Korean style.

Add a layer to add movement to the ends of the hair

Even a small layer on the tip of the hair will create movement. Therefore, it is recommended for those who want to finish it lighter than trimming all the ends of the hair. Since a constriction is also created, the small face effect is inevitably also.

Find the Ideal Catalog and Update Bob in Korean Style!

This time, I introduced and explained some Korean-style lob styles to get closer to Korean girls. Did you find your favorite style? I hope it will be helpful when ordering at the beauty salon. By all means, challenge Korean-style lobs, keep up with trends, and make your eyes look yours.

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