iPhone 11 Vs 11 Pro: 12 Things Apple Didn’t Tell You About

Though i want to talk about the iPhone 11. The difference is vs. 11 pros why i still feel the iPhone 11 is the best iPhone for most people. Finally, go a little deeper into some of the things Apple didn’t talk about on stage long live Windows 95. The iPhone 11 is the follow-up to the iPhone 10 are the iPhone 11 Pro is the follow-up say iPhone 10 s. Finally the iPhone 11 pro-Mac supersedes the iPhone 10s Macs.


I don’t think that’s the best name in the world the overall naming scheme and branding. This year is much better one the roman numerals are gone. We’re not gonna have people asking for the iPhone X I thank goodness and two I really think it was a smart move with Apple not naming the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 is because whoever picks one up isn’t gonna feel like.


They’re getting the budget or watered-down version. The 11 shares more feature with the pro than you might think price-wise. That is the most attractive thing about the iPhone 11. It’s essentially a better 10 are for $50 cheaper. Tim Cook came in clutch dropped this thing down to $6.99. That’s gonna save you 300 bucks versus the 11pro or 400 bucks stacked against the 11 at pro max.


First and foremost you get the same exact a 13 Bionic processor so no sacrificing performance is worth noting. Apple did not talk about on stage but I would more than likely bet just like last year. The iPhone 11 Pro is gonna have more round in the 11. Again it is the same exact chip. While the iPhone 11 Pro does have that fancy-pants, triple-lens system, the front-facing camera. 11 Pro is exactly the same as the 11. There’s a brand new 12-megapixel sensor in there. By default, it’s going to be cropped in. Those are gonna be 7-megapixel photos. When you open up to the wide-angle mode that’s gonna utilize all the megapixels and take full advantage of that sensor. Automatically just adjusts into the wide-angle mode.

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What they didn’t talk about is this will also work in portrait mode by simply zooming out. So you’re not just limited to the landscape which is awesome that same. The front-facing camera will now record 4k video up to 6 see frames per second. Or 4k video up to 30 frames per second with an extended dynamic range. Which is huge also new with the front facing camera is slow motion video 120 frames per second at 1080p. The face ID improvements on the 11pro come to the iPhone 11. It’s faster you have more range apparently. You can now use face ID when your phones lying flat on a table. While that’s not gonna be really that useful. I think that will apply more to maybe something like Apple pace. You’re at the store you don’t have to bring your phone up to your face.

You can kind of just casually looking at it glance at it pays to get out and you’re good to go. Video capabilities are also the exact same some both the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro. You can now shoot 4k video not only up to 60 frames per second. But 4k 60 with an extended dynamic range which was previously capped at 30 frames per second for reference. On the iPhone 10 are there is no extended dynamic range. There is a huge difference also again the exact same on both phones is night mode. Apple is late to the game but it’s exciting that it’s here on the iPhone alpha kind of showcase that it will work automatically. When it knows there’s not on a flight it just turns on.

Shutter Mode

What they didn’t talk about is when the iPhone knows it’s steady or still whether it’s a tripod or honestly just a saltshaker. It’s gonna go into extended shutter mode which is crazy cool from there. Jumping over to the differences with the iPhone 11 Pro even with that ridiculous name aside from the super retina. The display is an even bigger difference than the triple camera system with the iPhone 11 versus the pro.

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LCD Versus OLED 

With 11 Pro you now have a 2 million in one contrast ratio. A peak brightness of 1200 nits a sustained brightness of 800 nits and all that fancy tech talk. That probably makes no sense what that translates to is true HDR support on the 11 Pro and 11 Pro max. iPhone 11 looks really good now while you do lose HDR 10 and Dolby vision on the iPhone 11. You do get Dolby Atmos and spatial audio the same as on the iPhone 11 Pro Apple kind of showcase that on stage. Where it creates this virtual surround stage around you. Kind of curious to see how that actually works in person. While you do sacrifice some of the videos it’s nice that you get the same audio.


As far as charging goes both the iPhone 11 and they live in pro support fast charging. In the box, you’re only getting that 18-watt fast USBC charger with the pro and the pro max. With the iPhone 11, you are stuck with that tears dot PNG 5 watt charger.


Again you got a factor in the price difference for $6.99. You can probably scoop up something first 30 bucks and you’re still gonna save a ton compared to the 11 Pro.

Triple Lens

Let’s talk about that triple-lens camera system and coming from someone who uses it on their regular. Now with the iPhone 11 Pro, we’re seeing the aperture drop from F 2.4 to 2.0. There will be better low-light performance. If you’re not really into the display I wouldn’t say the telephoto lens is a huge reason to jump from the 11 to the pro.

Battery Life

One thing I also wanted to clarify is battery life and don’t get me wrong for hours more on an 11 pro. 5 hours more on the pro max is super impressive but when compared to the iPhone 11 it might have been a little confusing or even deceptive. You got to remember the affluent NR was the battery life king like it smashed the iPhone 10s and 10’s max. The balance of the force might have been restored this year and on paper. The 11pro and the 11pro max is going to be better than the 11. The gap between the three isn’t as big as you might think.

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Apple Chip

One that really stood out to me that they didn’t really talk about was the Apple one chip. What that’s for is for ultra-wideband spatial awareness and fancy Tech Talk condensed into normal human speech. Is your phone’s going to be aware of where it is relative to other phones around it? Immediately right off the bat that’s going to be useful in something like airdrop. Where if you’re next to someone, it’s going to prioritize them instead of someone fifteen feet away. That is shared across both the iPhone 11 and the 11pro. Same with gigabit-class LTE Wi-Fi six which kind of just hammers the point home. That you’re not sacrificing really that much with the iPhone 11.


Again I think for most people you’re not gonna need that Pro and for $6.99. It’s hard to argue with one more thing to consider is the iPhone 11 stays the exact same weight as the iPhone 10 is. Whereas the iPhone 11 pro and the 11pro Macs those boys got just a little thicker. Like one more see and the iPhone 11 pro max that is a beefy boy 226 grams. Like you lift that you feel that at the very least you’re gonna make some gains. and I guess that the triple camera lens system comes at the expense of some thick.

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