Inwardly Wound Bob: Introducing Styling, Cut, Perm, And How To Make It

An inwardly wound bob with a cute roundness. It is well organized, easy to style, and has various arrangement methods. It is easy to suit anyone and is a popular style from multiple generations. This article will introduce three ways of styling, cutting, and perm to make such an inwardly wound bob.

I Want to be a Cute Bob!

  • As the name suggests, Bob’s inwardly wound is a bob with inwardly wound hair tips.
  • The feature is that the roundness is cute.
  • Also, because it is inwardly wound, the hair is well organized and easy to style.
  • Bob tends to have hair tips that are easy to bounce due to their exquisite length, but you can cover such problems by using an inwardly wound bob.
  • As mentioned above, the inwardly wound Bob is full of charm. Many people want to make the current bob hair inward and “want to make it bob hair from now on.”
  • Here are three ways to create an inwardly wound bob style for those who like it!

How to Make an Inwardly Wound Bob 1: Styling

As of now, if you have bob hair, let’s make an inner roll with styling first. Inward winding can be done not only with a trowel but also with a hairdryer or curler at home. Here, I will tell you about the styling method!

How to make an inwardly wound bob with a dryer

Step (1)

  • Wrap wet hair with a towel and gently drain it.
  • Wet hair is easily damaged, so treat it gently.
  • Pass the brush through the inside of the hair and comb it from the tip of the hair.
  • After combing, apply a treatment that does not wash off the entire hair.

Step (2)

If you try to pass the brush from the root at once, it will quickly get entangled and cause damage.

Step (3)

Separate the bangs and dry them while pulling in the direction opposite to the usual division (usually left for proper division).

Step (4)

Dry while pulling in the direction of the usual division

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Step (5)

Separate the top hair and pull it to the right to dry it.

Step (6)

In the same way as the step, pull the top hair to the left or back and forth to dry it.

Step (7)

Grasp the hair on the left-back, place your fingers on the skin, and pull it from the back to the front according to the roundness of the head to dry it.

Step (8)

Dry the back right in the same way.

Step (9)

Separate the hair around the bee and dry it while pulling it from top to bottom according to the roundness of the head. Dry it from front to back when it dries to a certain extent.

Step (10)

Dry the other side by steps 8 and 9, and complete.

How to make an inwardly wound bob with a trowel

Step (1)

Put hair oil on the palm and stretch it to blend into the entire hair.

Step (2)

Divide the hair around the bee into upper and lower parts and block it with a clip.

Step (3)

Remove the hair around the face under the bee, pinch the center of the hair with a trowel, and heat it downward once.

Step (4)

Put the center of the hair down again with a trowel, rotate it half a turn at the tip of the hair, and wind it inward.

Step (5)

Grate the hair on the bee

Step (6)

Separate the hair around the face of the bee and repeat steps 3 and 4. Similarly, the hair on the other bees is completed by winding the ends inward!

There is also a way to make an inwardly wound bob with curlers!

You can also make the inner Bob with a hair curler, which you can buy at drug stores and mass retailers. Just take a bunch of hair, wrap it around the curlers, wait a while, and remove any curl marks. To finish, gently loosen the hair bundle so that it contains air, add a styling agent, and you’re done.

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How to Make an Inwardly Wound Bob 2: Haircut

  • If you’re thinking, “I want to make bob hair from now on,” why not order a haircut as inward as possible?
  • Although it is difficult to entirely inwardly wind, it is possible to make it easier to organize inside depending on the cutting method.
  • Below, we will introduce the bob style that naturally becomes inwardly wound.
  • If you have a style that interests you, talk to a beautician!
  • If you want to cut it inward, I recommend Wanrenbob. Since the ends of the hair are heavier, it naturally becomes easier to organize inside.
  • If the ends of the hair are neatly organized, the neckline will also be clean.

On-eyebrow straight bangs and preeminent cuteness.

  • On-eyebrow straight bangs x inwardly wound Bob is an outstandingly cute combination.
  • It gives an innocent impression and is very cute. You can become a pure and cute girl! 

Fashionable look with high tone color.

  • If you change the standard bob style to high tone color, it will become fashionable at once.
  • If you want to get rid of Bob’s inwardly wound, why not change your hair color? Light hair color is perfect for the coming season.

No bangs x uncut, Bob

The inwardly wound Bob is a style I would like to recommend even to those without bangs. Mainly, it goes well with the uncut Bob. It is a cool hairstyle with sharply trimmed hair tips and an unpretentious atmosphere.

Clean with Bob over the ears

The nice thing about Bob’s inwardly wound is that the roundness is cute. On the other hand, some people may be worried that “the volume is too high and something is quick. It is recommended to put the side hair on your ears for such people. It suppresses the importance and makes you feel refreshed. This style is fashionable with a glimpse of the inner color as an accent.

How to Make an Inwardly Wound Bob 3: Perm

  • If you want to keep the inner wrapping firmly or can’t quickly reproduce it with styling, you can make an inner wrap by incorporating a perm.
  • You can also create fashionable styles that are difficult to style with styling.
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Easy styling with an inwardly wound perm

While the heavier Bob naturally rolls inward and tends to be organized, many people may be concerned about the volume. However, if you reduce the amount of hair, it will be easier to splash. In such a case, apply a one-curl inwardly wound perm to the ends of the hair to make it neatly organized.

Korean style bob hair

Tambarumori is popular in Korea. It is similar to Japanese Bob, but it features an A-line silhouette with the volume on the ends of the hair and one curl on the ends of the hair. By applying an inwardly wound perm, it quickly transforms into a famous Korean-style bob.

Inner winding x outer winding well-mixed style

This hairstyle has a cute fluffy inner wrap. The small face effect is perfect by creating a constriction with the outer winding inside the inner winding. It is a well-balanced hairstyle that takes advantage of both inner and outer winding.

Adult cute no bangs x inward winding one curl

It tends to be cool without bangs, but one curl on the tip of the hair adds femininity. A well-balanced hairstyle that is both cool and cute. You can produce mature femininity.

Inner winding one curl x medium bob

Medium Bob with cute curls on the ends of the hair. By applying an inwardly wound perm, a coat with a length that is easy to bounce will also be better organized. It is also recommended for those who want to look fashionable and cute even if stretched out!

Find a Method That Suits you Best!

This time, I introduced the methods of “styling,” “cutting,” and “perm” to make an inwardly wound bob. There is more than one way to make an inwardly curled bob. Get the ideal Bob inwardly in the way that suits you.

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