Dry, fluffy, It’s good to know the cause of damage and prevent the trouble of damaged hair! Here, we will introduce how to care for damaged hair and improve damage. In addition to salon treatments, we also present plenty of shampoo treatments that it can use at home, hair dryers that moisturize hair, and hair-friendly brushes. Know how to improve and aim for smooth hair!

What Does it Mean to Have Your Hair Damaged? How does Hair Works? You Want to know.

  • I hate hair damage, such as dryness and fluffiness.
  • To solve this, start by studying hair!
  • First, hair is made up of three layers.
  • Cortex, which makes up about 85-90% of hair, is mainly composed of protein and contains a lot of water.
  • And for healthy hair like the one in the picture, this cuticle protects the protein and water in the Cortex.

What is the Condition of Damaged, Dry Hair?

  • However, if the cuticle is peeled off or turned over for some reason, the protein, and water in the Cortex will flow out, leaving the hair dry.
  • Furthermore, if the cuticles that commonly overlap in a scaly shape are damaged, the body will be distorted, and the appearance will be dull.
  • In other words, hair damage is a problem caused by abnormal cuticles.

4 Causes of Dry Hair

  • Hair, like nails, is a dead cell and cannot repair itself.
  • Therefore, it is impossible to restore the damaged hair.
  • However, you can keep your hair smooth by slowing down the damage and trying not to hurt it as much as possible.
  • So all you need to know is why your hair is damaged!
  • Here is a summary of common causes of damaged hair.

Cause of damage 1: Wash with shampoo

  • The shampoo is essential to keep your hair clean.
  • However, it may damage your hair depending on how you wash it.
  • The cuticle of hair has the property of opening when it gets wet.
  • If you scrub your hair with the cuticle open, it will hurt you.
  • Whisk the shampoo with your palm, put it on your hair, and wash it while rubbing the skin like the shampoo you receive at the salon.
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Cause of damage 2: Hair will dry naturally

  • Because it is troublesome, many people do not dry their hair but let it dry naturally.
  • If you leave your hair wet, you will lose more and more protein and water needed for your hair.
  • Also, if you fall asleep with your hair wet, it will be damaged by friction with pillows.
  • If water remains in the hair, germs can propagate and cause “itch” and “smell.”

Cause of damage 3: Heat damage from dryers and irons

  • Cuticles are also sensitive to heat.
  • When asked, which is better, natural drying or a hairdryer? You will think that.
  • In conclusion, it is better to dry with a dryer.
  • Because the friction caused by natural drying causes more damage to the hair than the heat generated by the dryer.
  • However, it is NG to apply too much heat to the dryer.
  • Let’s dry the hair that has absorbed moisture with a towel dry with a hairdryer.
  • As shown in the photo, keep the distance between the inch and the dryer about 20 cm, and dry the hair quickly.
  • If you apply the dryer around the root, it will be easier to dry.
  • Also, ironing and ironing while wet can cause damage to your hair.
  • If you want to iron or iron, it is a must to do it with your hair dry, as shown in the photo.
  • NG is to keep ironing in one place not to damage too much.
  • If you iron every day, it may be better to apply a straight perm or straightening to your hair in some cases. Please refer to the following articles for the benefits of straightening hair and straight perm!

Cause of damage 4: Color and bleach multiple times

  • Coloring and bleaching can also damage your hair.
  • Cortex, which makes up about 90% of hair, contains melanin pigments.
  • This melanin pigment determines the color of the hair, but coloring and bleaching change the color of the hair by dyeing and decomposing the melanin pigment.
  • And to penetrate the Cortex, the coloring agent and bleach contain a cuticle-removing agent.
  • The cuticle peels off here, which can lead to hair damage.
  • However, it is also true that I want to enjoy fashion with hair color.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to try colors and care bleach menus that can be done without bleaching.
  • Even if you don’t bleach, you can develop your hair well by blending colors and layering.
  • First, talk with your beautician and ask if you can get the color you want to try without bleaching.
  • If you need bleach, use a care bleach that contains a care agent that protects your hair, and have it dyed while suppressing damage.
  • Enjoy your hair color in a proper balance while knowing your hair condition.
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Four Ways to Improve Your Hair

I will introduce four improvement methods that reduce hair damage and lead to smooth and shiny hair!

Improvement Method 1: Moisturize and nourish hair with treatment

  • Hair that has been damaged once can be regained its luster and moisture even with later care.
  • First of all, it is essential to moisturize well with hair treatments and hair masks.
  • Replenish lost protein and hydration to moisturize and shine your dry, dry hair.
  • When coloring or perming at the salon, it’s a good idea to order the treatment.

Improvement Method 2: Protect hair with hair oil and styling products

  • If you want to protect your hair from dryness and heat damage, you can also coat your hair with hair oil.
  • Hair oil containing repair ingredients is recommended to reduce heat damage from hair dryers and irons.
  • In addition, hair oil is an item that can also be used as a regular styling product.
  • It’s a good idea to have one for care and for enjoying everyday fashion!

Improvement Method 3: Brush the right way every day

  • Haircare starts with choosing a brush.
  • Static electricity is the enemy of the cuticle!
  • Nylon brushes, which are prone to static electricity, can dry your hair and make it dry.
  • If you want to reduce the strain on your hair, look for natural hair or wooden ones in specialty stores.
  • Also, “forced combing” is NG! Is your hair entangled when you wake up and forcibly comb it?
  • It prevents hair damage from accelerating.
  • If you take care of it every day, smooth hair like the one in the image is not a dream!
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Improvement Method 4: Cut damaged hair

  • Hair that has been damaged once cannot be restored.
  • If so, it is recommended that you take the plunge and cut your hair, carefully protect the newly grown hair, and grow it again.
  • If you want to cut your hair, let’s make an image that you want to take the plunge!
  • I will introduce the style I like to refer to when I take the plunge and cut.

Cut Damaged Hair and Keep It Beautiful! Recommended Style Collection

Small face, short and cute Imechen

I’m worried about hair damage, but many people are reluctant to make it short. We recommend a small face short made with a constricted neckline and a long see-through bang for such people.

Damages with uncut cut

The hair that has been stepped with layers etc., has been damaged! “Blunt Cut” is recommended for such women. It may be good to cut it straight once and stretch it again.

Let’s decide elegantly with the inwardly wound bob

I want to cut damaged hair, but I still want to keep the length. Then, as an immediate measure, why not cut only the hair that is too damaged? By finishing the ends of the hair inward, you can create a cohesive hairstyle that suppresses dryness.

Straight perm for beautiful hair without ironing

Even if you cut the ends of your hair, you may damage your hair with the iron again. Then apply a straight perm or straightening to get shiny straight hair. Hair may be less likely to be injured than ironing daily.

Let’s Say Goodbye to the Troubles of Damaged Hair and Get Smooth and Beautiful Hair.

The key to keeping your hair beautiful is not to damage the cuticle. If your hair is damaged while paying attention to daily care, it is also a way to get rid of the hair damage and goodbye by cutting the dry and dry part.