Important Things To Observe In Foot Acupoints Tips For Self-made Massage?

“Somehow I feel tired.” “I don’t know why, but I’m still feeling sick.” For those who have such problems, a foot massage is recommended. The feet have acupoints that cover every part of the body. This time, I will explain the effects of each part of the foot acupoints and how to massage the acupoints by yourself.

Painful Foot Acupoints. Is There a Direct Effect?

When it comes to foot massage, do you have an image of frowning and enduring severe pain?

Why Does the Acupoint Hurt?

  • People initially walked barefoot on uneven roads, and it was natural that there was irritation on the soles of their feet daily.
  • However, nowadays, I wear shoes and change to a life of walking on a flat road, and there is almost no irritation to the soles of my feet.
  • Therefore, many modern people feel pain even with a slight stimulus to the sole.
  • In particular, if you are tired or upset somewhere in your body, you may feel a sharp pain when you stimulate the corresponding area (reflex zone).

However, the acupuncture points are only painful in loosening the soles of the feet and are not intended to cause pain. If you firmly massage the soles of Ayour feet and reduce the tingling sensation of the soles of your feet, you will not feel any pain even if you stimulate with the same strength.

The Effect of Foot Massage

There are four main effects of foot acupoints. 

Effect: 1

Activation of each organ by stimulating the reflex zone existing in the foot is a collection of capillaries connected to each organ by nerves.

Therefore, the corresponding organs are activated when the reflex area is stimulated with a foot massage.

Effect: 2

Blood is sent from the heart to the whole body, and the blood that has flowed to the end returns to the heart again. At this time, to send blood from the foot to the heart against gravity, it is necessary to contract the muscles of the foot. The foot is said to be the second heart, and blood can quickly return to the heart by stimulating the foot firmly. Stimulating the soles of the feet also promotes blood circulation and helps reduce swelling of the feet.

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Effect: 3

Activates metabolism When blood circulation is promoted, metabolism is also improved, and the discharge of waste products is promoted.

Effect: 4

It is maintaining and improving the natural healing power. The natural healing power that prepares one’s body declines due to stress and fatigue. By stimulating the acupuncture points, it becomes easier to get in shape by approaching the function of the autonomic nerves.

The Explanation for Each Part! Each Foot Acupoint Effect

There are reflex zones on the sole that correspond to each organ of the whole body. If you are tired of your daily desk work or standing work, pay attention to the following four places in the reflex zone.

Arch of the Foot

For people who have stomach strain due to stress or irregular eating habits.

Big Toe

When you have a lot of sleep deprivation or thoughts, your head (brain) is strained. By thoroughly loosening your big toes, your head will be refreshed.

The Index Finger and the Base of the Middle Finger

If you are tired of your eyes due to overuse of your smartphone or computer, stimulate the base of your index and middle fingers.

I Want to Do Foot Massage Myself!

After checking the reflex areas on the soles of your feet, you’ll want to massage. However, knowing this will make it easier for you to self-massage.

Points Before a Foot Massage

Do foot massage at least 1 hour after eating. Immediately after eating, blood collects in the digestive organs such as the stomach to digest food. A foot massage improves blood circulation throughout the body, but after eating, it may cause blood concentrated in the digestive system to flow, which may interfere with digestion. About an hour after eating, be aware that you should massage a calm gastrointestinal tract. It is also recommended to take a bath. When the soles of your feet are soft. If you do an acupoint massage before bathing, wash your feet thoroughly and clean them.

The Item You Want to Prepare Is Hand Cream.

  • Prepare a hand cream that makes your fingers slippery so that you can loosen your feet.
  • Apply a small amount of hand cream to the reflex area before loosening the vases.
  • If the slipperiness gets worse while loosening, massage with a small amount of hand cream.
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Let’s Do It Ourselves! Foot Massage

After holding down the points before self-massage, let’s put it into practice! Here, we will explain the specific reflex zones and approach methods. 

Arch Massage (Stomach Reflex Zone)

Do this while sitting on the sofa, chair, or floor.

  1. Apply a small amount of hand cream to the position of two fingers below the ball of the mother’s finger
  2. Support the instep with four fingers, from the index finger to the little finger of the
  3. Sliding the thumb of the hand, Loosen the part

Thumb Massage (Head / Neck Reflex Zone)

  1. Apply a small amount of hand cream to the big toe.
  2. Support the toenail side of the big toe with 4 fingers, from the index finger to the hand’s little finger.
  3. Slide the big toe from the bottom to the top of the big toe.
  4. Rubbing the base of the big toe inward
  5. The big toe is the reflex area of ​​the head.
  6. In addition, the inside of the thumb is a reflex area of ​​the neck, so let’s loosen both together.

Massage of the Base of the Index and Middle Fingers (Reflex Area of ​​the Eyes)

  1. Apply a small amount of hand cream to the index and middle fingers of the foot.
  2. Loosen the thumb of the hand by sliding it from the index finger’s base to the middle finger’s base.

Ankle Massage (Lymphatic Reflex Zone)

  1. Apply a small amount of hand cream to the dented part on the
  2. Stimulate by sliding the thumb of the hand from the top of the ankle toward the instep.

Foot Massage Using a Golf Ball

  1. For those who want to massage their feet easily, we recommend a massage using a golf ball.
  2. Put a towel on the floor and put a golf ball on it. If you use his golf ball, be sure to put a towel on it as it may damage the floor of the room, or the golf ball may pop out and cause unexpected injury.
  3. Move the golf ball to roll. If the stimulus is not enough, do it while standing.
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However, the golf ball will slip, so be careful not to tip it over. In addition to the pressure point effect, massage with a golf ball stimulates the muscles. The toes can be moved more easily by stimulating the plantar muscles, and the posture can be adjusted more easily.

If You Have a Vague Upset or Want to Refresh Yourself

Even if you feel tired, you may not know where you feel sick. You may also want to refresh your foot fatigue, even if you don’t feel that bad. It is recommended to consult at the foot acupoint salon in such a case! The foot massage that you receive at the salon has the following advantages.

Benefits of Foot Massage at the Salon

  • At the foot acupoint salon, experienced practitioners will accurately point out the tired part of the body through counseling and foot acupoint massage.
  • In addition, it massages with reasonable force according to the condition of tiredness and stiffness of the soles of the feet, so you can expect a refreshing feeling that cannot be obtained by self-care.
  • It is merit unique to the salon that you can relax with the exquisite power of “It feels painful!”, Which is the absolute pleasure of foot massage.
  • In addition to foot massage, some salons also massage hands with reflex zones.
  • It is also a salon feature that you can expect higher effects by using foot massage and hand massage together.

Differences Between Foot Massage and Reflexology

Foot massage is roughly divided into Eastern style (mainly Taiwanese style) and Western-style (mainly English style).

In general, the oriental style, which is characterized by painful treatment, is called “foot pot,” and the western style (mainly English style), which gently loosens with a comfortable force, is called “reflexology.” However, both are official “reflexology.”

Oriental style

  • The primary purpose of the Oriental style is to relieve physical disorders rather than relaxation.
  • Therefore, the reflex zone is loosened with a strong force, which causes pain in loosening.