I Want To Know The Effects Of Plum Wine! Introducing Effective Drinking Methods

I Want To Know The Effects Of Plum Wine! Introducing Effective Drinking Methods

Umeshu, which has a rich sweetness and a mellow aroma, is a sake with various effects and effects. This time, we will introduce the effects and effects of plum wine, how to drink it effectively, and how to make homemade plum wine.

The Effects Are Also Attractive! What Is Plum Wine?

“Umeshu” is a sake that has been loved in Japan for a long time. Various types of plum wine are currently on the market, but “umeshu” can be made with simple ingredients such as plum fruits, sugar, and sake. Basic umeshu is made by adding sugar or distilled liquor to the umeshu harvested around June, and many people enjoy making homemade umeshu at home. It is said that ume has a bactericidal effect, and umeboshi and umeshu have long been used as preserved foods. Umeshu has been used as a kind of medicinal medicine for a long time, and it is not only delicious but also expected to have various effects.

Effects of Plum Wine

Recovery from fatigue, For example, plum wine contains “succinic acid” and “citric acid,” which have the role of decomposing lactic acid that causes fatigue, so you will likely get tired and catch a cold—recommended for recovery from fatigue and measures against summer heat. In addition, succinic acid, citric acid, and picric acid contained in plum wine can be expected to promote the secretion of digestive juices and revitalize the gastrointestinal tract to support an increase in appetite.

Relaxing And citric acid support the absorption of calcium and help prevent frustration due to calcium deficiency. It also has the effect of healing the rich aroma and sweet taste peculiar to plum wine.

Abundant in vitamins and minerals Plum fruits are also rich in vitamins and minerals, so it is recommended for those careful about beauty and health.

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It can also expect a good night’s sleep by promoting blood circulation Alcohol has a blood circulation promoting effect, so if it is used appropriately, it can be expected to have a relaxing effect. Also, for those with poor circulation in winter, drinking a small amount of plum wine is recommended before going to bed. The ingredient “Mumefural” contained in plums is also said to improve blood circulation. If your blood circulation improves, your metabolism will increase so that you can expect a dieting effect.

Umeshu can be expected to have various effects and effects, but it is said that if the amount of plum wine is appropriate, it can suppress the rise in blood pressure and make the blood smooth. When the blood becomes smooth, it becomes easier to discharge the waste products that accumulate in the body, and it also helps to keep the skin and stomach in good condition.

Anti-aging In addition, “ume polyphenol” contained in plum wine has an antioxidant effect to expect an anti-aging effect.

An Effective Way to Drink Plum Wine

Umeshu should be used in an appropriate amount. Umeshu can be expected to have various effects and effects, but since it is a liquor, it is NG to drink too much. Also, plum wine contains a lot of sugar, so if you drink too much, you will eat too much sugar, which will hinder your diet. A guideline is about one glass a day. Keep at most two glasses.

An effective way to drink plum wine Also, after drinking alcohol, water is needed to break down alcohol in the body. Most people who want to enjoy the taste of plum wine drink rock or straight, but if you drink strong plum wine, enjoy plum wine while drinking water. If you divide plum wine with carbonated water or mineral water, you can also take water. If you don’t want to cool your body, we recommend mixing it with warm water.

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Let’s Make Plum Wine That Is Effective for Beauty and Health.

Umeshu, which has various effects, can be easily handmade at home. Homemade plum wine.

  • Plum fruit (1kg)
  • Rock candy (600g)

White liquor and shochu with an alcohol content of 20% or more (1. You can easily do it with a small amount of material such as 8L). Homemade plum wine is popular because you can change the number of plum fruits, sugar, and sake to get the taste you like. In addition to shochu and white liquor, it is delicious to add gin and vodka, and brandy plum wine using brandy so that you can enjoy a luxurious aroma is also recommended. However, since homemade plum wine is aged, bacteria and mold may grow, so you may want to be careful when making it. Disinfect and use the bottle. First, select a bottle made of heat-resistant glass that can be sealed with a lid that can hold 4L or more. Before making plum wine:

  • Put water and a bottle in a large pot.
  • Heat it.
  • Disinfect it with boiling water while turning the bottle for at least 15 minutes.

(1) If you don’t have a large pot, wash the jar thoroughly, add boiling water, and rotate it to spread the boiling water inside the jar to disinfect it. It is safe to do it several times. After disinfecting with boiling water, add a little shochu or white liquor, spread it in the jar, and wipe it off with clean kitchen paper.

(2) Preparing plum fruits Also, plum fruits are used for making plum wine as soon as they are purchased. After carefully washing the plum fruits one by one, soak them in water for about 2 hours to remove them. After washing the ume fruits, wipe off the water with a clean cloth, remove the calyx of the ume with a bamboo skewer, dry it once, and then make umeshu.

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(3) Put the ingredients in a bottle. When the ingredients for making plum wine are ready, it’s time to pickle the plum wine. First, put half of the plums in the jar, and then add half the capacity of rock candy from above. Next, add the remaining plum fruits, add the remaining rock candy from above, and pour in white liquor and shochu to complete the process.

(4) Store in a cool and dark place. While fermenting plum wine, store it in a cool and dark place out of direct sunlight. You will be able to drink after 3 months or more, moving the contents from time to time and mixing. After a year, the taste of plum wine will be richer. Remove the plum fruits about a year after they are pickled. It is also recommended to eat the plums of plum wine as they are. It’s for me. Plum fruits are also delicious to chop into pound cakes and cookies. Plum fruit jam and plum wine jelly made from plum wine and plum fruit are also popular. It is also recommended to use it as a sauce for meat and fish dishes or simmer it together.

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