I Want To Enjoy Bob Even With Straight Hair! How To Get A Soft Silhouette

I Want To Enjoy Bob Even With Straight Hair! How To Get A Soft Silhouette

Do you find it difficult to style a smooth silhouette with movement because straightening your hair straightens the ends of your hair? There is a way to enjoy fluffy and cute outer bob and inner bob even if you have straightened your hair! I have summarized how to make an adult cute and fluffy bob while straightening curly hair.

Even Frizz Can Get a Fluffy Bob With Movement!

I think many chronic hairs are longing for a fluffy bob, which is cute and easy to care for. Even if you straighten your hair, you can get a bob with a moving silhouette depending on the treatment method that will show you how to get a moving bob hair.

Must-see for Those Who Want to Straighten Their Hair and Make It Soft and Fluffy!

Some people who want to straighten their hair and make it a soft and fluffy bob have trouble, such as “Hair set seems to be difficult …” “What about bangs?” “I don’t know how to care!” it might be? Must-see for those who have such troubles! We have created a collection of all Q & A related to “straightening and fluffy bob .”Please refer to this and try to straighten curly hair and fluffy bob with movement.

(1)What are the benefits of straightening curly hair in the first place?

  • If you straighten your hair, you can make your hair straight semi-permanently. Frizz straightening is a procedure to straighten stubborn and curly hair. Therefore, you can straighten your hair semi-permanently.
  • It’s perfect for those who say, “It’s hard to set strong frizz every day …” and “I’m worried about having a lot of hair volume …”! Although you can get straight hair semi-permanently, it does not affect newly grown hair.
  • If you perform hair straightening at a pace of about once every six months, you can keep your straight hair in good condition. The appeal of straightening hair is that it lasts longer than a straight perm.

(2) Can you make an outer splash or an inner roll only by cutting?

Depending on the cutting method, you can create a moving silhouette. If your bob is long enough not to hit your shoulders, you can make an outer or inner wrapping style just by cutting, even if you have straightened your hair. By all means, ask the beautician to make a “cut that tends to get rid of the outside” or a “cut that tends to get the inside of the hair with rounded ends .”It seems to be the least expensive method recommended for students.

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(3) Is it possible to use hair straightening to make a moving and fluffy bob?

Depending on the method of straightening your hair, you can make the tips of your hair move. In normal hair straightening, heat is applied to the hair with an iron to make straight hair, but it is also possible to straighten the curly hair only at the tip of the hair and iron it to make it outward or inward. Of course, since it is heat-treated firmly, it will be a semi-permanent outer splash or inner winding style like straightening curly hair. Bring an image of the image you want to be, and request, “I want you to make it look like an outer hair” and “I want you to make the ends of the hair inward.” It depends on the beauty salon, but there are many places where you can pay for straightening your hair.

(4) What if I have resistance to straightening my entire hair?

It can move to the hair tips with a trowel. This method is perfect for those saying, “You don’t have to make a fluffy bob that moves every day, and you’re worried about pain in your hair …”. It is also possible to use a trowel to finish the hair a trowel, without using a curly agent only on the tips of the hair. The hair is smooth and straight from the root to the middle, so it’s easy to clean because it’s only the tips of the hair!

(5) What do you recommend when you want to make your daily hair set easier?

Let’s realize an outer splash and an inner curl that are easy to set with a stoker! A method called Stokal straightens the curly hair and then gives the tips a natural roundness. The result is a soft, natural straight bob that looks like natural hair. It is a treatment method that combines a digital perm that applies heat in the same way as straightening curly hair. The perm cost is also high, so the treatment fee is relatively high.

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(5) What if I want to wrap my bangs even if I have straightened my hair?

If you use a perm or iron, you can curl your bangs while straightening your hair. “Even if you are straightening your hair, you want to have soft bangs…” This method is perfect for such people. Give your bangs a fluffy impression by adding a loose curl with a digital perm or styling with a curler or trowel.

(6) How to style the outer bob and the inner bob?

Use oil and shea butter to style Bob with a lot of lusters. You can use oil or shea butter to make a shiny bob. Apply some oil or shea butter to the ends of the bob’s hair that have been rolled up or rolled inside. Add the excess to other than the tips of the hair to complete the style with plenty of lusters.

(7) What should I do for hair care after straightening my hair?

Haircare with good hairdryers and treatments. When it comes to straightening hair, what is worrisome is damage to the hair. In particular, daily hair care is indispensable for hair straightening methods and digital perms for hair tips. Wash your hair gently and carefully, do not leave it wet, and dry it while being careful not to overheat it. You can also relieve the strain on your hair by taking regular treatments and paying attention to UV rays and dryness. It’s a good idea to avoid using styling products as much as possible.

Hair Straightening & Fluffy Bob Recommended Hairstyle Collection

Even Bob, who has straightened his hair, can get various impressions depending on how the hair ends are wrapped and how the hair around the face is cut! This item will introduce a variety of hair catalogs for “straightening & bob,” divided into outer and inner hair.

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Outside splash edition

I will introduce the hair catalog of hair straightening & outer honey bob.

Healthy natural bob

Natural outside honey bob. Make the bangs thin to give a refreshing impression. If you want to have a healthy atmosphere, please come.

Feminine constriction bob

It can give a more feminine impression than a simple outer honey bob. With a diamond-shaped silhouette wrapped in a constriction, you can get a sense of trend.

Get rid of bangs and get fresh.

Outer bangs bob without bangs. You can add movement to the area around your face by making it look like an S-shape. The compact outer silhouette brings out a fresh impression.

A cohesive silhouette with a sense of mode

The cohesive silhouette with a uniform outer splash brings out a sense of mode. It is recommended for those who want a cool atmosphere.

Inner winding

An inwardly wound bob that gives a calm, mature and cute impression. I will introduce the hair catalog of straightening hair and bob inside.

Neat and inwardly wound bob

The royal inner bob can give a neat and calm impression. Perfect for those who want to have an adult, cute atmosphere.

Leave it cut and look like it is now.

You can get a sense of the trend by leaving it cut. It is also recommended for those who like a style that does not work too hard.

Long see-through bang for an adult look.

A combination of a long see-through bang and a loose inwardly wound bob. By making the bangs see-through, the weight of the tips is emphasized, giving it a Korean-like style. The style you can see on the forehead can also bring out adultness.

Add accents with highlights.

“I want an accent on a simple bob…” If you like that, let’s add a highlight! You can make it stand out and be fashionable.

Even if You Have Straightened Your Hair, Try to Make a Fluffy Bob With Movement.

So far, we have solved the questions about “straightening and fluffy bob” and proposed a cute “straightening & bob” hair catalog. Even if you straighten your hair, you can still make a bob with a soft and moving silhouette!

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