I Want To Be A Person Who Looks Good With Short Hair! Two Matching Points

I Want To Be A Person Who Looks Good With Short Hair! Two Matching Points

Maybe many people want to have short hair in the coming season when it gets warmer. “I don’t know if it suits me …” By knowing the points, you will surely find the short hair that suits you! This time, we will introduce the matching points and recommended styles for short hair from the types of face type and hair type.

What Kind of Person Does Short Hair Look Good on?

What Kind of Person Does Short Hair Look Good on

Short hair that cuts hair perfectly. If you don’t know if it suits you, you don’t have the courage. So what are the characteristics of people who look good with short hair?

People who are generally considered to look good with shorts are: -The neck is slender. The eyes and nose are clear, and the parts are the well balanced-The length of the face from the ears to the chin is 5.5 cm I have. Short hair with short hair makes it easy to get lines on the face and neck. That’s why the beautiful lines make it easier to balance your hair and face, and it looks good on you.

Never give up! Anyone can look good with short hair.

However, when I hear only the characteristics, when it doesn’t apply, I give up saying, “I don’t look good …”. But don’t worry. Anyone can match short hair by properly holding down the points and choosing! We will explain the issues of choosing fair short hair and recommended styles in the following items. 

Points to Choose Short Hair That Suits You

Points to Choose Short Hair That Suits You

To get the short hair that suits you, you need to know the hairstyle that suits your characteristics. This time, I will tell you about the points from the viewpoint of “face type” and “hair quality”!

Point of short hair that suits you 1: Choose a shape that suits your face shape

According to the skeleton, human face shapes can be classified into four types: round face, long face, base face, and inverted triangular face. Each face type has its characteristics, and by taking advantage of each face type and covering your worries, you can make short hair that suits you. 

Point 2: Choose by hair quality

Hair types can be classified into strong habitual hair and relatively straight hair, thick and hard bristles, and thin and soft cat hair. By choosing a hairstyle that suits your hair quality, you can prevent situations different from the image of “doesn’t fit neatly” or “doesn’t have the volume you want.”

Recommended Short Style by Face Type

Recommended Short Style by Face Type

Round face matching points & recommended styles

A round face with rounded cheeks and chin. While she has a cute and gentle atmosphere, her face can look rounder than necessary. To make the most of the round face atmosphere, we recommend a pretty and feminine style such as a rounded silhouette and a fluffy perm. On the other hand, to eliminate the roundness of the face. Cover the face line with the hair around the face. Make the bangs so that the forehead can be seen. Put the height on the top The point is to emphasize the feeling. The round image is relaxed, and it becomes refreshing and mature.

Rounded short with a cute silhouette

A rounded short with a cute silhouette is perfect for the atmosphere of a round face. The rounded back of the head is well-balanced, and it is popular when it looks like a small face. By making a side bang so that the charges and the side hair are connected, the margins on the face become smaller, and the small face effect is further improved!

Cute classic bob

The inwardly wound bob, which has a cute atmosphere, goes great with the round face! It is well organized, easy to style, and has a wide range of arrangements. It is a versatile hairstyle recommended for those who do not want to spend time and effort on hair and those who want to enjoy fashion.

Raise the bang to improve the vertical feeling

If you are concerned about the roundness of your face, the point is to give it a vertically long look. Here, the vertical lines are made in style without bangs. Furthermore, the height is raised to the top by scraping it up, and the sheer feeling is improved. 

Long face

Long face e1651745828447

  • The length of the face is longer than the width. She often gives the impression of being mature and calm, but on the other hand, she sometimes looks stretched. Such a face manager:
  • Cool styles such as no bangs and handsome shorts
  • Korean style hairstyles with elegant gorgeousness will bring out a more mature atmosphere.
  • On the contrary, to solve worries.
  • The wide and heavy bangs reduce the feeling of vertical length.
  • The volume on the side makes it easier to balance. In particular, the rhombus silhouette is the ideal balance.

Long bangs reduce the vertical feeling.

Handsome short with long bangs. It reduces the feeling of verticality, but it also has the nice effect of improving eyesight with the cut line just above the eyes.

Wide bang eliminates portrait.

The length of the bangs and the width can be widened to reduce the feeling of vertical height. I especially recommend the combination of sweeping bangs and straight bangs. The effect is doubled because it emphasizes the breadth more!

Small face effect with rhombus silhouette

Bob has a soft volume around his face. If you have a vertically long face, you can improve the balance by increasing the width. The rhombus silhouette, which is popular because it looks like a small face, is the perfect style for Mr. Osamu!

Base face

Base face e1651745846506

A base face with a strong image of gills. Since the bees are also stretched, the width is easily emphasized, and many people are worried about the size of the face and the stretch of the gills.

Such a base face looks good with a straight hairstyle that matches the contour, such as a style with no bangs and few waves, for those who are worried about the tension of the gills. Cover the gills that make the side hair longer. Move the inch around the face. Raise the height to the top to cover the gills firmly. It is effective to divert your eyes and making them less noticeable. You can also protect the size of your face by reducing the volume of the width and emphasizing the vertical feeling. In that sense, I recommend the straight style and the style without bangs.

The soft Perm makes the gills less noticeable.

The gills are less noticeable by using a perm to move around the face and raising the height to the top. The bangs of the center part emphasize the vertical lines, further improving the small face effect! 

Straight bob with sharpness

Straight bob straight to the tip of the hair. By not adding curls, it matches the sharp atmosphere of the base face. The dark hair base and high-tone accent color make it even cooler.

Cover around the face with a layer

By adding a layer, the hair naturally goes inside and covers the face line. By putting the hair on the side of your ears, you can also reduce the volume of the width.

Inverted triangular face

Inverted triangular face

An inverted triangular face with a tight bee and a small chin. Since the face line is refreshing, it is easy to see a small beginning, but on the other hand, the head’s size is problematic compared to the small chin, and it may be seen as a cold impression. For such an inverted triangular face. Let’s use the charm of looking like a small face with a

style that shows the face line firmly! For those who are concerned about the size of the head. Make the bangs thinner or make the type narrower on the forehead. It will be ready. Also, a gentle impression will be added by adding a curved arrangement.

Handsome short with a clear face line

We recommend a style that makes the most of its charm for the inverted triangular face, which is easy to see as a small face. This is a handsome short that shows the face line firmly. The sharp outline and the coolness of the hairstyle look great.

Center part that does not stand out around the bee

In contrast to the clean chin, the inverted triangular face makes the area around the bee stand out. If you use the bangs of the center part, you will not be worried about the bee area. Even short hair with a length that does not create volume around the chin can be styled in a well-balanced manner!

Good balance with A-line silhouette

A-line silhouette that I would like to recommend for an inverted triangular face. A typical example is an inwardly wound bob with one curl on the tip of the hair. Volume is added around the chin, and it balances the face.

Recommended Short Style by Hair Type

Recommended Short Style by Hair Type e1651745869411

Straight hair

Straight hair with straight hair. While she longs for hair with less habit, it is easy to handle and longs for it, some people are worried that it is hard to get volume and tends to give a heavy impression, and it is hard to get a perm.

Straight bob

  • For those worried that it tends to be heavy, it is recommended to add a layer to her, and if you want to add volume and lightness, it may not be easy to apply a perm. The hair has less habit, so it’s easy to get together even if it’s light!

Straight bob that takes advantage of hair quality

For straight hair with a little habit, straight hair that makes the best use of hair quality is recommended. The hair quality is easy to organize, so if you have a cute straight bob as it is, daily styling is easy.

Short bob with a beautiful cut line

Straight hair that is easy to get together with stones up to the tip of the hair. If the hair ends are trimmed, the cut line will be beautiful, and you can fully demonstrate the goodness of the cut. Beautiful hair tips are something everyone longs for. Naoge-san, you’ll get a good deal.

Lightness and volume up with layers

Straight hair is less voluminous and gives a flat and heavy impression. For such people, you can add volume and lightness by adding layers. It is a fashionable style with natural roundness and silliness that you can get both a beautiful silhouette and a feeling of omission.



Frizz is not neatly organized and tends to have trouble styling. However, because the hair has movement, it becomes a more fashionable style if you make good use of it!

  • If you make a casual perm that makes the most of your habit, your worried pattern will turn into a charm that will add movement to your hair.
  • For those who like a beautifully organized hairstyle,・ If you are aware of the points such as:
  • Make the tips heavier to make it easier to organize
  • Cut the parts you care about to eliminate the habit itself, and it will be harder to worry about practices.

Random hair that makes use of Frizz

Instead of trying hard to eliminate the habit, we also recommend a style that makes the most of the practice. Because of the original pattern, you can make more dynamic and casual hair. The habit that I thought was a problem turns into a charm that creates a feeling of mellowness and lightness!

The heavy cut makes it easy to organize

Frizz hair that is hard to get together. If you make the style heavier up to the ends of the hair without creating steps, it will be easier to organize due to the weight. It’s naturally contained inside, so everyday styling is stress-free.

The splashing neckline is neatly cut.

Even among Frizz, there should be many people who are worried about the splash of the neckline. Especially styling is difficult, and it is a problem that it does not fit easily. Let’s cut such a stubborn habit cleanly and eliminate the seeds of trouble! It becomes a compact silhouette and improves the small face effect.



Bristle with solid hair. Each of her hair is hard and thick, so it’s easy to get volume and strong habits. Therefore, she is worried that it is difficult to set. But having strong hair means that it is less likely to be damaged. Also, what seems to be a weakness can be an advantage depending on the style!

We recommend a style that creates a beautiful silhouette due to its volumes, such as mash shorts and rounded shorts for such bristles. For those who are worried about styling being difficult, Make it a style that fits compactly. Leave the hair on the surface long and put a layer on the inside. Perm the ends of the hair, which makes it easy to organize while suppressing the volume. If you set it to, it will be easier to set!

Mash short with attractive volume

Mr. Goge has healthy hair and tends to have volume. Then, let’s make a hairstyle that can best use its characteristics! If it is a mash short with attractive roundness, it is easy to finish it in a beautiful silhouette because it is Mr. Bristle.

Easy to set mini bob

For Mr. Bristle, who tends to have a lot of volumes, we recommend the mini bob that fits compactly. The style is easy to organize, so styling that tends to be time-consuming is easy! Since you can see the neck firmly, you can also aim for a small face effect.

For a Style That Is Organized With One Curl on the Tip of the Hair

For a Style That Is Organized With One Curl on the Tip of the Hair

It is also recommended to apply a one-curl perm to the ends of the hair to create a style that is easy to organize. The point is to make the Perm only for the tips of the hair. Mr. Goge, who tends to have a lot of volumes, can solve his worries by applying a perm to the pinpoint and preventing the importance from becoming too much.

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