I Feel Like High-tone Color. Pick Up The Attention Color

I Feel Like High-tone Color. Pick Up The Attention Color

High-tone color that gives you a sense of transparency and luster. It’s OK with or without bleaching, so it’s a hair color that you can easily change—introducing the colors attracting attention this season and the recommended arrangement methods. Even children who didn’t dare to make their high-tone debut!

What Is the Actual High Tone Color?

What Is the Actual High Tone Color

High tone color is a term that refers to all bright hair colors. There is a wide variety of colors, and you can enjoy a lot, from foreign-style hairstyles to unique hairstyles. Bleach the hair to remove the pigment and then finish it in high tone color. Recently, many coloring agents give a bright hair color without bleaching, and it is also attractive that it is easy to take on challenges.

What Kind of Person Looks Good in High Tone Color?

What Kind of Person Looks Good in High Tone Color

Many people think that high tones are fair-skinned and don’t look good unless they look like foreigners. However, high tones can be matched by anyone. The topic of personal color is a clue to finding a color that suits you! 

Beige High Tone Color Makes It Look Like an Overseas Celebrity.

Beige High Tone Color Makes It Look Like an Overseas Celebrity. scaled

The high beige tone is a color that combines naturalness with elegance, like an overseas celebrity. It is also recommended for first-time users.

Ash beige short bob

Add ash, which gives you a glossy look to make your hair clearer and more beautiful. A natural short bob is completed with a high sense.

Elegant blonde beige

By matching the high-tone color to the trendy bob style, you can create an atmosphere of a fashionable expert. Elegant blonde beige with less dullness is also recommended for those who want to incorporate adultness.

The high tone that is transparent when exposed to light

Clear beige is a color that becomes more transparent when exposed to light. It has a natural color that is familiar to the skin, so it gives an adult-like impression. Femininity with short hair with a rounded silhouette!

High tone beige straight, long

The straight long with even hair tips have a high-tone beige color to enhance the glossy atmosphere. A style that you can enjoy the transparency and texture peculiar to milk tea beige. It is also recommended for those who want to avoid being too flashy!

Sweet and Sour With a Red High Tone Color

Sweet and Sour With a Red High Tone Color

The red high tone color is sweet and sour with gloss and depth. I’m glad that the color is relatively good!

Cherry red and cool bob

The bluish cherry red has a deeper and cooler atmosphere than ordinary red. By combining it with Bob, you can create a sophisticated style. This style is recommended for those looking for a cool high tone.

Passionate rose red

It is a style that adds movement to the tips of medium hair and colors it in rose red. The passionate rose red is sure to be the center of attention! Please consult with a beautician to adjust the redness to your liking.

Sweet and sour wine red long style

The high-tone wine red color is a hair color that gives you a sweet and sour, and sensual atmosphere. You can bleach and enjoy the beautifully colored red color by putting it together in a straight style.

Cute With Pink High Tone Color!

Cute With Pink High Tone Color

Pink high tones are cute, after all. However, you can give various impressions depending on the length and styling!

Coral pink mash short

Coral pink gives an active impression with a glossy texture. The mash shortcut into a round shape also has a lovely atmosphere.

Feminine arrangement with lavender-pink

Finish with a high-tone color of lavender-pink for a feminine image. The one-tie arrangement of medium hair should be more feminine!

Cool With Blue High Tone Color

Cool With Blue High Tone Color

Blue high tones are difficult to care for, but their refreshing and cool atmosphere attracts the hearts of fashionable girls! If you want to decide your personality, please try it.

Blue ash outside honey short

A style in which blue ash creates a lovely atmosphere. If you put it together in stylish shorts, you can get a crisp look. It is recommended for those who want a color that does not cover the surroundings!

Bruges wolf midi

Wolf Midi dyed in Bruges. By suppressing the redness of the hair, it is finished with plenty of transparency. If you want to create a cool overseas style, please try it.

With Purple High-tone Color!

With Purple High tone Color

The high purple tone has a favorable impression, but it has a sexy atmosphere. You can get a higher-grade fashion.

High tone purple short bob

If you finish it in purple with double color, the short bob will have a very sexy atmosphere. A large perm also enhances the lovemaking appeal. If you want to make an adult-like image change, try it.

Lavender color to enjoy fading.

Bob has been breached three times and dyed with plenty of transparency. It has a texture that makes you want to touch it so that you can aim for mote hair. The color fading will settle down to a light gray.

Fleeting with a thin lavender

The high-tone color of lavender is not too flashy and gives a mature atmosphere. Give a soft wave to give a more brief impression. 

Bright and Energetic With Orange High Tone Color

Bright and Energetic With Orange High Tone Color

The high orange tone is a color that gives a lively and fresh impression! It can change the atmosphere depending on the color composition.

Juicy orange outer honey hair

A style that gives a lively impression with orange and outer honey styling! When the pale tone of orange is exposed to the sun, the tips of the hair are transparent and fashionable. You can enjoy a bright and impressive hairstyle.

Orange-brown straight

The orange-brown color, which is a nice color, is even more glossy if it is a high-tone color. Get a soothing atmosphere with a combination of brown and orange. 

Milk tea white mode bob

A cool style features milk tea white. Milk tea white, which is close to white, is unique, but it is a color that is familiar to the skin.

Long white ash with great impact

If you want to have a great impact, try long white hair! Get cool by blending ash. Overseas celebrities and Korean idols often have white hair, so it is recommended for children who want to get closer to their favorite celebrities.

Gradation, Perm, How to Incorporate? High Tone Color

Gradation Perm How to Incorporate High Tone Color

Even if you are longing for high-tone hair, may some people find it difficult to bleach or dye the whole thing brightly? It is also a good idea for such people to incorporate high tones into a part of the hair with a gradation style! Also, if you apply a perm, it is recommended to apply a color that will give you an impression when it is straight, as it will give you a fluffy atmosphere.

Gradation bob made with white ash.

Gradation color is a hair color that gradually changes to another color toward the tip of the hair. Gradation so that the ends of the hair have a high-tone color will give you an outstandingly mellow finish.

Gradation color that leaves the root black

The gradation color will be fashionable even when the hair grows if you leave the roots. Mauve pink on the ends of the hair creates just the right amount of sweetness and individuality! This style is also recommended for high-tone beginners.

Cute pink perm

A cute and airy style with a perm that curls the ends of the hair and makes the surface fluffy. The pink color is perfect for raising the mood of spring and summer.

Express Your Personality With High-tone Colors!

Express Your Personality With High tone Colors

High-tone color with a sense of transparency and luster. You can express your personality because the hairstyle is finished uniquely at once. There are plenty of color variations, so why not choose the one that suits your image? First of all, let’s reserve a salon and decide on hair color with a hairdresser.

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