How To Wrap Medium Hair Quickly. Tips And Styles Learned From Illustrations.

How To Wrap Medium Hair Quickly. Tips And Styles Learned From Illustrations.

A must-see for mediums who yearn for fluffy curly hair! This time, we will introduce how to make a wide range of curly hair, from the royal road winding to trend winding, which suits medium hair. In addition, we will introduce recommended styles that will serve as a model for each winding method. Let’s try the loose fluffy curly hair that we longed for now and aim for de-Mannering.

I Long for Fluffy Curly Hair!

The fluffy curly hair is a girl’s longing style. If you have curly hair and medium hair, you should be able to aim for a style that is highly loved easily, but the atmosphere changes greatly depending on how you wind it, such as inner winding, outer winding, and mixed winding. Those of you who are worried about “what should I do?” And “what is the recommended style?”, This article will introduce a special winding method.

Items Required for Curly Hair Styling

First of all, let’s hold down the items necessary for making curly hair. The following three items are often used.

  • Hair irons
  • Styling agent
  • Pins for blocking

There are two types of curling irons and straighteners, but iron is recommended for beginners. The medium should choose a trowel from 26mm to 32mm. Choose a styling product according to the texture you want to be.

3 Tips for Making Cute Curly Hair

Next, let’s remember three tips to make cute curly hair!

How to wrap 1: Add heat to the unwound part with a trowel.

Pass the trowel through the non-wrapping areas such as the surface and around your face. Bypassingwhen wrapping your hair in heat, the hair becomes soft, and it becomes easier to create a fluffy air feeling.

How to wrap 2: Hair is rolled separately.

People who are not accustomed to curly hair tend to wrap their hair together because it is troublesome. However, this does not transfer heat to the inside, making it difficult for curls and waves to form. For curly hair, it is important to apply heat evenly. Divide the hair you want to roll into upper and lower parts such as the surface and the inside, or divide the hair around the face into small pieces.

How to wrap 3: Use shea butter to create a sense of a bunch.

After wrapping your hair, use a styling product to keep and loosen the curls. Shea butter should be used at this time. You can express a lot of nuances, and the curly hair will have a good bunch. It will not collapse even more and will maintain a fashionable look.

Medium X How to Make an Inward Winding Style

I will introduce how to make, and a model catalog about the curly hairstyle recommended for medium. First of all, from the inward winding style. The inner winding is a cute arrangement, even with one curl. You can easily get a cute silhouette!

Step (1) First, brush the entire hair with a brush, then divide the hair up and down around the bee and block it.

Step (2) Roughly squeeze the hair on the side, especially pinch the surface of the trowel inside the hair and pull it down to the tip of the hair as if stroking the hair.

Step (3) Hold the trowel so that it is inside the hair, especially for the hair on the side, hold it so that it is perpendicular to the hair, stroke it down to just before the tip of the hair, and then wrap the tip of the hair and release it. Wrap the existing hair inward in the same way and grate the blocking hair.

Step (4) Pick up about one-third of the hair on the surface from the left or right side.

Step (5) Hold the trowel so that it is perpendicular to the hair’s surface so that the trowel is inside the hair.

Step (6) Complete the remaining surface hair by winding it inward.

Medium-style inward winding that serves as a model

Loosely fluffy with one curl

Medium hairstyle with a natural and cute curl that is not too textured. Put oil or balm on her hair to add a sense of bunch to the curls.

Accent with bangs

The rough one-curl midi is accented with a slightly noticeable bang. Matching natural colors for a mature finish with a sense of omission.

Neat and cute with a natural curl

With a natural inward winding one curl, it gives a neat and cute impression. After passing the iron quickly, loosely angle it and make one curl. If you add a layer, morning styling will be much easier.

For a soft and moving texture with layers

Put a layer on the surface to give it a soft texture. One curl on the inside of the hair to add even more softness! Match the trendy see-through bangs and aim for the royal road.

How to Make Medium X Outer Winding Style

Here, we will introduce the arrangement of the outer winding. The outer winding is an arrangement that makes the “adult-like and mellow look” come true. The impression changes greatly depending on the size of the curl! The out-of-the-way style with a sense of bunch is trendy.

Step (1) Divide the hair up and down around the bee and block it (people with a small amount of hair can leave it as it is)

Step (2) Divide the hair beside the ears from under the bee by about a quarter, hold it so that the surface of the trowel is on the outside concerning the hair, and pinch the middle of the hair.

Step (3) Hold the tip of the hair so that the surface of the iron is on the outside. If you pinch it, roll it up to the ear.

Step (4) After winding up, hold the iron vertically and pull it down as it is.

Step (5) Roll other hair the same way as step ③ ④ and pull down all the blocking hair.

Step (6) Divide the hair near the back of the head from the top of the bee by about a quarter. For the separated hair, sandwich it from the middle so that the surface of the trowel is on the outside, and slide the surface of the hair as it is (hold the trowel vertically). , It’s easier to slide it sideways)

Step (7) While holding the iron sideways, pinch the tip of the hair so that the surface of the iron is on the outside, and then wind it up to the ear.

Step (8) After rolling up, hold the trowel vertically and pull it down

as it is. Wrap other hair in the same way.

Step (10) Separate the hair around the face. Hold the middle of the separated hair with a trowel and slide the hair’s surface (at this time, hold the trowel vertically).

Step (11) With the iron upright, pinch the tip of the hair and wind it outward to the root. After winding it up, pull it down as it is.

Step (12) Use a hand comb to pour the hair around your face back and loosen it with your hands along with other hair.

Medium style with outer winding as a model

Medium constriction that looks like a small face

Constricted medium hair with outer wrapping around the face and hair tips. The small face effect is outstanding if you tighten the part tightened with the outer winding! Raise your bangs firmly and let them flow outside with the side bangs to complete a Korean style.

Natural constriction medium

A neat semi-di that extends to the bottom of the clavicle is arranged outside! The ends of the hair are fluffy on the outside, and the surface is wrapped on the outside to make it look like a constriction. If you put a layer in style itself, you can get more movement and feel better!

Produce a feeling of mellowness with the outside of the hair tips

A natural style with a 26mm trowel on the ends of the hair. It is recommended to use oil to create a wet texture. Even if you have dark hair, you can create a mellow atmosphere by choosing a transparent color.

Produce a fashionable sex appeal with a wet feeling

This fashionable, feminine style adds a wet feeling with oil to the outside splash. A thin and long bang for a desirable hairstyle.

How to Make a Medium X Mixed Winding Style

Finally, I will introduce the arrangement of mixed winding! Mix winding is a winding method that repeats outer winding and inner winding. It is a royal road mote arrangement that gives a loose feeling. Recommended for those who want a sense of cleanliness with their hairstyle!

Step (1) First, brush the entire hair with a brush, then divide the hair into two at the back.

Step (2) Separate from the hair on the side behind the ears.

Step (3) Separate the hair around the face in front of the ears. Hold the tip of the hair so that the surface of the trowel is on the inside, and lightly wrap it inward.

Step (4) Divide the hair on the surface from above the ears by about a quarter. Put a trowel in the middle of the hair and rotate it once to the outside.

Step (5) Remove the hair around the face again and pinch it so that the surface of the iron is inside around the temples.

Step (6) Wrap the hair out from the sandwiched part, remove all the trowels, and wrap in the same way.

Step (8) Divide the hair on the surface from the top into small pieces. Hold the iron so that the surface of the iron is on the outside.

Step (9) Wrap the hair around one turn from the pinched part and remove it with the hair pinched.

Step (10) Separate the other hair by leaving a small gap from the first wound.

A model mixed medium winding style.

A cute MIX roll with a loose and fluffy feeling

A cute curly hair with a mix of outer hair and inner hair. Apply oil to her finish to give her a loose and fluffy feel. It is a popular style that both boys and girls will be captivated by.

Beloved Mote Constriction Midi

The secret of being loved is the MIX curl with just the right amount of winding! You will surely be popular if you carry a feminine silhouette with a constricted layer.

Natural girly MIX winding

A fluffy MIX roll from the middle of the hair to the tips. It is a cute style with the back hair left around the face. You can use a trowel, or if it is difficult, you can use a perm like this style.

Random wave for a three-dimensional effect

Among the MIX windings, the wave winding creates a wave-like movement. This random wave style combines fine waves with different wave directions. Creates a three-dimensional effect on the entire hair, giving it a cute and moving impression.

There Are Still More! Trend Winding Style Collection for Medium Hair

We will introduce trendy curly hairstyles for medium-sized people at once. Below each catalog, we have introduced related articles showing how to wind each, so please check that.

See-through bang adds a sense of omission.

Another recommended Korean style is Egyomori! It is a style that wraps the hair around the face, such as temples, and sheds it behind to create constriction. Since the volume appears around the face, the overall balance is good, and you can make curly hair like a cute Korean idol.

Constriction wave full of sex appeal

The gentle constriction wave is full of lovemaking appeal. The point where the natural fluffy feeling of the hair tips looks cute! Let’s finish it airy with a styling product.

What About Your Bangs? It Is a Bang That Upgrades Curly Hair!

In the first place, hairstyles are made up of various factors such as length and curl. Bangs are one of the factors. If you want to get closer to yourself, choose the perfect bangs for your medium curly hairstyle. Finally, we will compare each medium curly hairstyle with and without bangs in the catalog.

Medium curly hair x no bangs style

Elegant with a scraped bang

Anesthetic and mature style with a scooped up center part bang that looks like it is now. Incorporating the Yoshinori roll that originated in Korea, it has an elegant atmosphere like a goddess. Using a thick trowel to make the ends of the hair fluffy is the best way to get rid of Yoshinori.

Random center part

The loose wave-wound midi is perfectly airy with a casual center part. The point is to apply a trowel firmly from the root and finish it around the fluffy face. It is recommended to use a thick 32mm iron for the bangs.

Medium curly hair x style with bangs

Feather bang with an extraordinary sense of cleanliness

Midi with layers is wrapped around the face inside, and the tips of the hair are curled outside. The feather bang, which has a long side flung outside, exerts an extraordinary cleansing effect.

Has a small face effect, straight on eyebrow bang

Styling medium hair with layers on the outside. Make your face look smaller with the light movements around your face and the straight on-brow bangs! The result is a cute image.

Let’s Aim for Loved Curly Hair That Shakes Every Time You Walk!

The highly-loved curly hair is perfect for fashion in any season! If you have trouble with your hairstyle, try curly hair. With curly hair that sways softly, you should be able to enjoy the coming season even more.

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