How To Paint Your Nails? Collection By Color And Combination

How To Paint Your Nails Collection By Color And Combination

Originally, it was common to apply nails neatly and evenly. But lately, the trend is for nail designs that are dared to be painted. This time, we will introduce the features and charms of painted nails together with nail catalogs of various designs. Please refer to it before you start trend nails.

It’s Good Because It’s Unfinished, The Reason Why Painted Nails Are Popular.

Its Good Because Its Unfinished The Reason Why Painted Nails Are Popular. e1648115108862

  • A painted nail design makes you think, “Is it in the middle of painting nails?”
  • However, this painted nail is very popular now because it makes your fingertips feel slippery and mellow and looks fashionable.
  • Why are the seemingly half-finished nails so popular?
  • Behind this is the popularity of nuance nail designs, which have become a staple.
  • Nuance nail is a general term for nail designs with impressive ambiguity.
  • Among them, the painted nails attract attention as a design with a sense of omission.
  • It is necessary to paint the entire nail, and besides the feeling of coming off, there are plenty of arrangements and a high degree of freedom!
  • Even if your nails grow, unevenness is not noticeable, so it is recommended for busy and difficult people to maintain!

Painted Nails Are Recommended For People Like This.

Painted nails are arranged like an animal pattern.

  • It is a painted nail that suits any fashion, but it is especially suitable for light, feminine, and casual fashion.
  • The reason is that it is easy to incorporate conspicuous colors as an accent because it is painted.
  • In addition, a part is not painted, which gives a feeling of omission, and it is a design that will improve the feeling of mellowness!

The Combinations Are Endless, Nail Swatches Painted By The Color.

The Combinations Are Endless Nail Swatches Painted By The Color.

By the way, people who are looking for nail design may hear such a voice. “The combination is free! But what kind of combination do you have?” So, here, I would like to introduce recommended designs for each base color of the painted design. Please use it as a reference for your order.

Blue-based smeared nails

Blue based smeared nails

Painted nails with an artistic atmosphere. A design with a deep blue color and a reddish-brown color. You can get an artistic feeling by intentionally leaving traces of the brush and creating unevenness. The point is not to make all the fingers the same color but to mix transparent fingers to balance them! Sprinkle gold or silver glitter as an accent for a more stylish finish.

Fantastic marble-painted nails

Fantastic marble painted nails

A design with a marble pattern creates a mysterious and fantastic atmosphere. Creating a space where nothing is painted gives an adult-like impression with plenty of room. The point is to dare to make it uneven and make it blurry.

Gold-based smeared nails

Gold based smeared nails

A unified design with gold and glitter while giving a sense of omission. The same color is used for all fingers, but the elements other than the color do not give a sense of unity and make it look fashionable. For example, in the case of this design, which direction to leave the handwriting on the fingertip or the base is painted separately. If you balance these small details, it will look fashionable.

Chicly finished gold nails.

Chicly finished gold nails. scaled

An adult feminine design creates a sense of unity throughout with gold accents. At first glance, this design, which has a different base color, seems to be disjointed, but applying it to clear nails gives a sense of unity that is not too tied up.

Pink-based painted nails

Pink based painted nails

A simple design with just a little dark pink color. Applying a solid color to a dark color tends to give a heavy and strong impression. You will get a cute impression if you put it in a small area like this design.

Light pink nails like watercolors

Light pink nails like watercolors

A fluffy feminine design that combines soft colors. Mixing mild white with mild light pink as if the paint had been dropped adds the overall color, but the atmosphere is gentle and transparent.

Brown-beige-based painted nails

Brown beige based painted nails

It combines a design with a lot of margins and is transparent to your nails and a design that overlaps colors to fill the margins. By incorporating a random design, you can make your fingertips sharp and fashionable. It is possible to balance each design, but it is also the secret to improving the feeling of being comfortable by adding sharpness to the hands like this design.

Painted nails are arranged like an animal pattern.

Painted nails are arranged like an animal pattern.

They are designed with brown accents on a mild beige background. By partially randomizing the pattern, it looks fashionable like an animal pattern. The point is to make the intervals between the patterns different for all fingers so that a sense of unity is not created.

Balance Is The Key To Making The Paint Look Fashionable!

Balance Is The Key To Making The Paint Look Fashionable

You can freely combine many designs, and the more uneven the nails are, the more transparent the nails will be. You might think, “Oh, can’t you do it easily by yourself?” But in fact, the balance of this combination is very difficult, and it doesn’t look fashionable if you’re yourself.

To make the painted nails look fashionable, it is most important to determine the color scheme and painting degree. This professional is the manicurist of the salon. When you want to get fashionable and cute nails, it is best to go to the salon and ask for the ideal design!

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