How To Order A Layer Cut “I Want To Be”? Recommended Style Sample By Impression

How To Order A Layer Cut I Want To Be Recommended Style Sample By Impression

Layer cuts have been trending for the past few years. It’s popular as a light and loose hairstyle, isn’t it? However, each person has an impression that he wants to be a layer cut. What style should I order to get the impression I want to be? This article will introduce how to order layer cuts and recommended styles as a sample to get closer to the impression you want to be.

Layer Cut Is a Hairstyle That Can Make Any Impression!

  • The layered cut that creates a light impression by adding steps to the hair is a style in the middle of the trend.
  • Even if you say layer cut, the finish will change drastically depending on the cutting method and position.
  • In other words, layer cut is super-excellent hair that can make any impression according to your taste.

By Impression! Layer Cut Order Sample

  • When ordering a cut, tell the style and impression you want to be, and consult with a beautician to decide the cutting method.
  • So what kind of layer cut should I order to get the impression that I want to get the finish?
  • From here, we will introduce plenty of order points and recommended styles according to the impression you want to be. Please find the best ordering method for you according to your face type and worries.

If you want to make it look soft and cute, layer from a high position

If you want to create a feminine and cute impression, we recommend the high layer you can put in from a high position. The high layer is a cut with a large layer from the top of the hair. Due to the position of the step, it stands up softly from the hairline, making the entire hair look soft and airy.

Put a layer on the top and in the middle to make it soft

Putting a layer on the top and putting a layer lightly in the middle gives a soft impression. Leaving weight on the ends of the hair suppresses the spread of hair and creates a well-balanced style.

For long hair, it’s more like putting a layer around the face

It is best to put a layer around the face to make it look like it is now for long hair. It will be finished in a lighter and softer atmosphere by wrapping it loosely with a thick trowel to enhance the nuance.

Put a light layer on the surface if you want a healthy feeling.

  • For those who want a healthy and mellow style, adding a light layer to the surface is recommended.
  • The slight misalignment of the hair bundles creates a natural movement in the hair, giving the impression that the overall hair flow is natural and loose.

The outside of the hair tips improves lightness.

Bob hair with a layer only on the surface is even lighter by making the tips of the hair outside. A refreshing, healthy, and great atmosphere. As the form is refreshing, choose a mellow color and add an accent with the color around your ears.

Refreshing constriction layer midi

The constricted medium hair created by putting a layer on the surface creates a refreshing and neat atmosphere. The ideal style has freshness and femininity by leaving both ends of the bangs long and flowing.

If you want to look like an adult, put a layer on the tip of the hair.

If you want to create a mature and beautiful atmosphere, it is recommended to put a low layer on the ends of the hair and lightly put the whole hair together. It is best to finish the area around the face naturally without adding a layer so that it will be sharp.

An adult style that is cute even if tied

The layered hair that is put low on the tip of the hair gives a calm and mature impression while moving. If you wrap the surface inward and make only the stepped hair tips outside, you will get more movement, and the small face effect will be improved.

Dark hair long is more elegant.

For long black hair that looks heavy and flat, the layer at the tip of the hair adds elegance. Don’t dare to move around your face; blow it together to make your face look more mature.

Wolflayer, if you want to look cool.

A Wolf layer cut is recommended for those who want to have a cool and cool impression, which is completely different from other layer cuts. The point is to put a layer on the neckline left short and long to give it lightness. The form is light but also has individuality so that you may meet a new self.

Make a difference with the surroundings with a straight bang

The soft and light wolf layer is dared to match the bangs to create a style that differs from the surroundings. There is plenty of movement around the face and hair tips, so it does not give a heavy impression.

For a mature atmosphere with a natural fluffy feeling

By adding a layer lightly to match the face shape, the hair flow will look natural and create an adult-like atmosphere. The see-through bang and the delicate layer cut around the face soften the silhouette, enhancing the small face effect.

If you want to look like Korea, layer around the face.

  • If you want to create a natural and cute atmosphere like a Korean girl, try a Korean-style layer that will give you a small face.
  • The delicate layer cut around the face is important to making Korean hair.
  • When asking a beautician to move around your face while covering your face well, don’t forget to show the catalog or say, “I want to make it Korean!”
  • A beautiful silhouette with a striking small face effect may bring you one step closer to Korean girls.

The point of cuteness is the inner winding around the face

An acute and pure atmosphere is completed by curling the hair around the face with layers into one curl. On the other hand, by styling the ends of the hair on the outside, you can create an S-shaped silhouette that is indispensable for Korean-style hair.

For elegant quack hair with a constricted silhouette

The fluffy face and hair flow create an exquisite elegance. The see-through bang, which does not dare to create a feeling of the bunch, is also an important point to improve the feeling of pulling out.

Let’s Make Yourself What You Want to Be With Layer Cut!

  • By incorporating a layer cut for the hairstyle, you can get a light and soothing atmosphere.
  • If you get tired of your current hairstyle, why not add some layers and enjoy the changes?
  • Furthermore, as introduced so far, the impression of the finish of the layer cut changes drastically depending on the position and method of inserting the layer cut.
  • Please talk about your impression of becoming a hairdresser and your hair problems, and find the best cutting method.
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