How To Make Highlights At Home: Your Ultimate Guide

How To Make Highlights At Home Your Ultimate Guide

When you want to change your look quickly and without expensive hair beauty treatments, you do the same thing a hairdresser or a professional would do, so you get the wave of the natural thing done at home. So what? Do you want to know how to make highlights at home?

It is an easy technique for those who want to work from home and make their look something better or change the colour without dyeing everything entirely as an option without becoming a slave to hair dye month after month.

Likewise, the wicks become a silent weapon against the annoying grey hair that becomes the headache of many women in the autumnal age, but that should not stop the arrangement of the physical appearance, especially that of the hair, at any age and for course done personally.

That yes, it is a way to save a few euros also to be well and feel beautiful, with a sweetie made by yourself and of course, they look good so that the hair looks stunning, manageable and does not fall out when combing it.

Essential Things To Know Before Highlighting Your Hair at Home

If you’re looking to highlight your hair at home, you need to know a few important things first.

Here are five tips to help make the process go smoothly:

  1. Make sure your hair is clean and free of product.
  2. Prepare your hair by conditioning it beforehand with a hydrating treatment or serum.
  3. Choose a highlighter that matches your hair colour and tone.
  4. Use a heat-protection spray before applying the highlighter to avoid damaging your hair.
  5. Take care when highlighting your hair, working in small sections at a time to prevent damage.

Popular Techniques Of Applying Hair Highlights

Do you want to learn how to apply hair highlights at home? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will share some of the most popular techniques for using hair highlights.

There are a few different ways that you can apply highlights at home. You can dye your hair at home using temporary hair colour or use an all-in-one kit that includes both the colour and highlight products. Another popular method is to use a semi-permanent dye that fades gradually over time.

Whatever method you choose, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, your highlights may not turn out as planned. So don’t hesitate to learn how to apply hair highlights at home today!

1. Foil Technique

When it comes to highlights, many people think the traditional salon style is the only way to go. But that’s not true! You can use many techniques at home to get the perfect highlights. One of the most popular techniques is called foil highlighting. This method uses thin pieces of metal or foil to create a shiny highlight effect. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by washing your hair thoroughly. Ensure all the product is removed so your hair is clean and free from oils.
  2. Apply a light dusting of powder to your hair and allow it to dry thoroughly before beginning your highlights process.
  3. Take a piece of thin metal or foil and place it over one section of your hair. Ensure the foil sticks out slightly on all sides to work with plenty of surface area.
  4. Heat the metal or foil until it’s hot but not too hot, then use a flat iron to press down onto the foil and start lifting sections of your hair. Be careful not to burn yourself!

2. Balayage

Balayage may be the perfect solution if you’re looking to add a little brightness and life to your hair without harsh chemicals. This process involves applying highlights to the hair at specific points using a lightning brush, which gives the hair a natural-looking burst of colour. Here’s everything you need to know about balayage highlights, from how to find an excellent technician to tips for keeping your new ‘do look its best.

3. Colour Melting

When it comes to colour-meeting, there’s no one better than a Pantone Universe Pro™ guide. But if you want to create highlights at home without shelling out the dough, follow these simple steps.

First, select the shade of highlight you want to achieve. Next, gather your supplies: a heat-proof bowl or container, hair dryer, curling wand, and hairpins. Heat the hair dryer until it’s hot but not too hot. Place the highlighted hair in the bowl or container and use the curling wand to curl the hair around the wand’s barrel. Be careful not to burn yourself! When you have curls close to your scalp, use the pins to hold them in place while you blow-dry your hair using a low setting on the hair dryer. Finally, style your highlights as desired!

What do you need to make highlights at home?

To make your highlights, you will need:

  • Hat
  • Foil
  • Tints
  • Clips
  • Time
  • Mirror
  • Gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Mouse tail comb
  • Professional brush
  • Bleaching powders
  • Water for dyes of 30 or 40 or volume, depending on the tone you want.

Once you’re happy with your highlighted hair, you must switch up your hair care routine with products and practices that enhance and protect your colour-treated hair.

Instructions for making highlights at home

First of all, we remind you to go to a professional and ask any questions, or if you want to put yourself in their hands so that the arrangement of highlights in your hair is perfect, also if you know this matter, then get to work.

The first thing is to think about the dye. In addition to looking for the colour to dye that goes with your skin colour, that is not very flashy or tacky, and if you want to hide the grey hair, the champagne-coloured highlights are the ideal ones for this, so We leave it to your discretion.

This is how the highlights are made step by step.

There are many options you have to make highlights, so first, choose the type you want to make and go with the way to collect your hair so that you can work well from home so that the hair is not damaged. Among the options you have to give highlights to your hair, you can choose between:

Balayage or the ones you like the most.


  • Container
  • Sadness
  • Bleaching powder
  • Tweezers
  • Brush to distribute the bleach

Steps to follow:

  1. We remind you to use ampoules after dyeing so that your hair stays soft, manageable, and without problems falling out or looking dry and damaged after bleaching.
  2. Prepare the bleaching powder with 30 volumes of water to be placed on the hair, as long as it is without lumps and can be placed on the hair without problems.
  3. Separate the hair into parts with tweezers and place the preparation covering the part with this mixture with aluminium foil plastic bags. Remember that they must be sections of all the hair.
  4. After this, wash your hair, apply the dye of your choice, leave it on for 10 minutes, and then remove it with a regular wash of your hair and dry as you want to your style.

With Hat


  • Sadness
  • Brush tool
  • Knitting needle
  • Hat for locks
  • Silver dye

Steps to do it:

  1. This is a way to add more highlights to the style you prefer. For this reason, it is a way to choose to make many more highlights without touching your natural hair tone.
  2. Also, with the hat, you have the solution to cover the grey hair in a hidden way since they will be confused between the wicks, and your hair will be seen with more life, shine and beauty.
  3. Comb the hair well to be smooth, and once your hair is tangle-free and soft, put on a cap.
  4. The wick cap has a series of holes through which you will remove the hair or the strands that you are going to bleach; you choose the amount of hair you want to bleach.
  5. Next, and when you have the number of strands ready to bleach, mix the powder and the water for dyes and prepare that you will put on the strands you have taken out above the hat.
  6. Let it act for as long as you need or until you see that your hair is already bleached, and proceed to wash it well without removing the cap, so it does not stain your hair.
  7. Put a dye of the colour you want to nuance the wicks, so you do not have problems hiding the grey hair or covering them with this discolouration, so you will see that it works and feel beautiful.
  8. These two ways to make highlights are the most straightforward and beneficial when doing them at home by yourself. For this reason, you must learn the tone that suits you and does not look too exaggerated when making highlights.
  9. The main thing is to change your look without you looking too exaggerated, or that what you do to change your appearance a little does not look good the main thing is that look good, cover the grey hair and feel beautiful with the change that many times is hard.
  10. Hydrogen peroxide is the main element to use together with the bleaching powder since they are the two main elements that will change the tone of the hair without problems, taking into account that you want a different look but without making mistakes.
  11. Using the bleaching powders and hydrogen peroxide, depending on the volume you choose, is a way to provide the perfect mixture to bleach the strands of hair; in these two products is the secret that the wicks will look good on you.
  12. If you wish, using aluminium foil also gives you the option of obtaining perfect highlights without using the bags, although it is a bit more expensive for you; Depending on what you want to do to yourself, you already have those two options.
  13. With the highlights, you can change your appearance without being too daring and try out how you look with other colours and create games of colour and luminosity in your hair. If you have some grey hair, the highlights are ideal for covering them if you still do not want to take the step of changing all your hair with a dye.
  14. Likewise, the nuance of your grey hair is also an option with any form of highlights you want to make so that you will improve your appearance by 100% and self-esteem will rise a lot. Therefore we recommend you make some highlights to look better with prettier hair.

Tips for making highlights at home

Making highlights at home is a great way to save time and get your hair looking its best.

Here are some tips:

Choose the right hair colour

  • Choose a hair colour that matches your natural highlights to get the best results. If you have a lot of light brown or blond highlights, try choosing a light blue or purple hair colour. If you have a lot of dark brown or black highlights, try selecting a light red or green hair colour.

Get ready

  • Make sure you’re well-prepared before starting your highlights process. Bring along hair products that will help create the desired look and be prepared to spend time in the salon. Try using lightening cream, heat protectant spray, and styling products to help achieve the look you desire.

Choose the proper highlighting technique.

  • Many different highlighting techniques are available, so find one that works best for you. Some people prefer to use hot tools such as irons and blow dryers, while others prefer to use cold implements such as sponges and brushes. Experiment until you find a technique that works best for you.


How can I highlight my hair at home like a pro?

There are many different ways to highlight your hair at home, but not every hairstyle is suitable for coloring so that you can achieve the results you want. A good way to start with is a ponytail, because you’ll be able to pre-style it before doing anything to it. You can also comb over and spray your hair with a light mist of water before using product.

What’s the best way to do highlights at home?

To make highlights last longer, you should dry your hair with a diffuser. There are many great choices for diffusers on the market nowadays and it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that suits you.

How can I highlight my hair at home by myself?

Hair dyeing is a process that requires care and patience. Make sure to put on gloves and a face mask before starting the painting process so you don’t get burned. You can also use hair color samples to figure out your hair shade. Remember not to dye the same shade or color as the base of the hair.

Is it hard to do your own highlights at home?

Yes, highlight color is a challenge when coloring at home. Some people who know how to highlight already can do it quickly and efficiently, but if you don’t want to spend a lot of time highlighting, our online highlights will help you to find the right shades for your hair.

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