How to Look Taller: 5 Proven Fashion Tips For Shorter Women

Who of us has not dreamed of having long, slim legs? Only those women who already have them. And for the rest, simple styling tricks that help us look taller and have longer legs will be of great help, even if only visually. Garments strategically included and combined in our looks can help us look taller visually. Today we remind you of 5 simple style tricks to achieve it.

Heeled Shoes in Nude Color

The shoes in natural color: nude, beige or camel is a smart investment. Feminine and light, they perfectly replace the usual black color. In addition, they can help us to visually lengthen our legs and even lose a few kilos. For this reason, it is better if they are high or medium heels.

One of the simplest tricks: choose shoes or sandals that match the color tone of your skin. This helps you visually make the shoes an extension of your legs by adding the missing centimeters.

An important detail is knowing how you will wear these shoes: without stockings or with stockings, or you want to wear them in summer when your legs are more tanned. In all these cases the tone of shoes can vary.

High-waisted Skirts and Pants

Models of pants and skirts with a high waist are designed to create the illusion that the legs start a few inches higher than they really are. So we can only be glad that these models are now in high esteem by fashion designers and style icons. Wear your top garments inside your pants or skirt. This will accentuate your waist and visually lengthen your legs.

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Asymmetric Designs. Fashion Hacks to Look Taller

Asymmetrical hem skirts, dresses, and outerwear can work to your advantage in the fight for precious inches. Since this detail makes a smoother transition, creating an illusion of length and visually stretch the silhouette. Instead, the straight hem can cut sharply across the leg line, creating a ‘shorter legs’ effect.

Garments With Vertical Stripes

This is one of the fashion tricks as old as the world and yet it should not be neglected. The vertical lines really help the legs appear visually longer and slimmer. The most effective is when the lines are not very narrow and have the maximum contrast (like black and white, for example).

Important detail: choose the garments of your size and of straight or wide-cut so that the stripes are vertical and do not become a curved line. For this reason, I do not recommend tight designs to the body, because in this case, the stripe loses its vertical line.

Wide-cut Pants + Heels

An excellent investment this season (and any other) is undoubtedly wide-cut pants. It is important to keep two things in mind: first, pants of this type should be combined with high-heeled or platform shoes. And secondly, the pants have to belong, practically covering the heel, but without touching the ground.

By practicing these simple style tricks, you can easily elongate your silhouette and appear visually taller and slimmer. Of course, there are many more style tips for this, but we’ll talk about that in another article. Meanwhile, enjoy creating new outfits including key items.

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