How To Groom Your Eyebrows: Quick Learning Method

Even if I put on makeup, it doesn’t come off, and The cause maybe my eyebrows! Why don’t you know how to prepare beautiful eyebrows and transform them into a clean face at once? This time, for children trying to get their hands on their eyebrows for the first time, we will explain the steps to prepare them and the tips for making eyebrows! If you read this, you will not fail.

The crucial part of the cleanliness was the eyebrows!

Now that you have more mask life, you pay attention to the fashionable eyes you see. The standard is eye makeup, but the same force is applied to “eyebrows. Since it is a place where the image of the entire face changes with one shape, more and more people are taking this opportunity to look at the way the eyebrows should be.

Have you taken care of your eyebrows?

  • However, although many people do eyebrow makeup, few people think they should take good care of their eyebrows!
  • Have you ever thought, I don’t know how to arrange it?” Even if you say you want to arrange it, you shave the parts you don’t need.”
  • If you prepare your original eyebrows, cleanliness will increase when you apply makeup.

Let’s take this opportunity to take on the challenge of maintaining your eyebrows!

What kind of eyebrows is ideal for you?

In conclusion, each person has a different shape and amount of eyebrows, so it is ideal for matching the shape of your face and the image you want to be. However, it is said that there is an ideal balance for each angle and length and the end of the eyebrow. Let’s look at each point by referring to the following illustrations.

Inner eyebrows: Place on the extension of the inner corner of the eye

  • First, look at the face from the inside and the inner corner of the eyebrows at the beginning.
  • It is recommended to look at the position of the eyes and place them on the extension of the inner corners of the eyes.
  • If this is too far inside or too far away, it will give the face an unnatural impression, so be careful.
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Eyebrow butt: Place on the extension line connecting the side of the nose to the corner of the eye

  • The last is the corner of the eyebrows, and let’s put it on the extension of the nose and the corner of the eyes while imagining drawing a diagonal line on the face.
  • Be careful because the angle of the end of the eyebrow is also a place that leads to the image like Mt. Bizan!

What is the shape of the eyebrows that suits your image?

  • Eyebrow designs for each image you want to be can be generally classified into the following five categories, depending on the year’s trend.
  • By the way, the trendy design is thick eyebrows with emphasized hair flow and Korean-style parallel eyebrows.
  • Once you have decided on the shape of the eyebrows you want to be, let’s prepare the eyebrows immediately.

How to prepare eyebrows 1: Self-care of your eyebrows.

Once you find the ideal eyebrow shape, let’s take care of it! Here, we will lecture on how to prepare your eyebrows, dividing them into items and methods.

What items do you need to care for your eyebrows?

The following four items are required for maintenance.

  1. Eyebrow brush with comb: Used to straighten hair flow
  2. Eyebrow scissors: Used to adjust hair volume and height
  3. Tweezers: Used to remove unwanted parts
  4. Eyebrow: Ideal shape

The primary care for the eyebrows used to draw is to cut and sort the hair. Razors and the like can inadvertently shave in another location, so it’s best to avoid using them as much as possible.

Care for eyebrows learned in 3 steps!

Let’s explain how to cut eyebrows in 3 steps.

Step 1

  • Write down the shape of the eyebrows you want to be with eyebrow
  • First, write down the shape of the eyebrows you want to aim for after cleaning.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s powder or pencil. Choose the one that’s easy to draw.
  • It’s only used as a guideline, so you don’t have to draw it firmly.

Step 2

  • Cut the protruding eyebrows against the flow of hair
  • Once you have a guideline, cut the protruding eyebrows.
  • If you cut one by one as much as possible, you will reduce the number of mistakes.
  • Use scissors and adjust the parts that you care about with tweezers.
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Step 3

  • Pass the comb along the hair flow to cut the protruding eyebrows. After adjusting the shape, adjust the length of the eyebrows.
  • The point here is not to pass it all at once but to re-comb it from place to place.
  • The amount and orientation of eyebrows often differ depending on the part, and it is necessary to be aware of the hair flow to adjust them evenly.
  • Generally, the inside of the eyebrows is from bottom to top, the ridge of the eyebrows is diagonally sideways, and the bottom of the eyebrows is from top to bottom.
  • Reinsert the combs one by one and cut off the protruding parts.
  • It may take some time, but just by doing this, you will get a uniform and beautiful eyebrow to finish!

How to prepare eyebrows 2: Care at the eyebrow salon.

So far, I’ve introduced how to prepare by yourself, but some of them are clumsy and anxious. Since it is a part that affects the impression of the face, you can understand the feeling that you do not want to fail. Also, many children may say, “I want to know what kind of eyebrows look good on me in the first place!”

  • I want to get eyebrows that suit me carefully.
  • The recommended method for such a child is to prepare it at the “Eyebrow Salon.”
  • At the eyebrow salon, not only will you cut and trim your eyebrows, but you may also be offered a shape that suits your image through counseling.
  • If you want to make clean eyebrows, you can talk to a professional who has seen many people’s eyebrows at the salon!

How to prepare eyebrows 3: Make eyebrows to make the shape you want.

  • Not only do you care for your eyebrows, but if you want to get the shape of your eyebrows, try using eyebrow makeup.
  • Maybe many girls finish their eyebrow makeup with only eyebrow pencils and only eyebrow powder?
  • The point of eyebrow makeup is the proper use of items and the order.
  • You can draw more natural eyebrows just by paying attention to these two.
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What items do you need for eyebrow makeup?

Prepare the following four items for clean eyebrow makeup.

  • Eyebrow brush
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow powder
  • Eyebrow mascara

Eyebrow makeup learned in 3 steps!

Step 1

  • Adjust the hair flow with the eyebrow brush
  • Like the eyebrow cut, first, adjust the hair flow with the eyebrow brush.
  • Just as you need to brush your hair before setting it, eyebrow makeup starts with straightening your hair.

Step 2

  • Draw an eyebrow outline with an eyebrow pencil. While keeping in mind the golden balance, draw an eyebrow outline with an eyebrow pencil.
  • First, outline the ridge of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, and then from the top of the eyebrow, not the bottom.
  • The point is to draw carefully along the hair flow to fill the part without eyebrows.

Step 3

  • Fill the outline with eyebrow powder.
  • Next, use the powder to finish the eyebrows soft and fluffy.
  • In the same way as a pencil, first, apply the powder from Mt. Bizan to the end of the eyebrow.
  • If you draw the inside of the eyebrows thinly using the powder left on the tip of the brush, it will soften the impression of the eyebrows, and the finish will be feminine.

Step 4

  • Unify the color of the eyebrows with eyebrow mascara. If your eyebrows and the color of the eyebrow pencil powder do not match, the eyebrows will have an intense “drawing” atmosphere.
  • Use eyebrow mascara to match the color of your eyebrows to create a sense of unity.
  • Finally, use an eyebrow brush to re-adjust the hair flow, and you have a clean eyebrow.

Maintenance of parts is more refined than ever!

Nowadays, more attention is being paid to parts than ever before. Even a child who cares about the overall fashion, such as makeup and hairstyle, may be able to do more maintenance than ever before by performing maintenance on each part! Adjusting your eyebrows is the first step! Get to know self-care and salon care and aim for a clean face.

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