How To Get Natural Perms! Explains The Cause, How To Fix It, And The Style

How To Get Natural Perms! Explains The Cause, How To Fix It, And The Style

If you have a so-called natural perm with strong hair habits, you may have trouble with poor styling and not finding a suitable hairstyle. To get along well with natural perms, you need to know the causes, fix them, and utilize them. I have summarized the causes of natural perms, hair care, styling methods, and recommended hairstyles.

What Kind of Hair Quality Is Natural Perm in the First Place?

Permanent hair that has a cute impression when rolled up like the image. Generally, it is a style taken in by perm treatment, but some people have a strong habit of hair from the beginning, and some naturally have a perm style. This type of hair is called natural perm.

What Is the Cause of Natural Perm?

There are two types of natural perm, a congenital type inherited from parents and an acquired type caused by lifestyle-related habits.

Most of the natural perms are congenital types. It is attributed to the inheritance of the properties that make up hair habits, such as the structure of proteins, which are the main components of hair, and the bending of hair. Occasionally, there are also acquired type people who originally had straight hair but later became natural perms. It is believed that these people have curled or undulating hair due to clogged pores, lifestyle-related disorders, and nutritional imbalances.

How to Interact With Natural Perm 1: Improve With Hair Care.

As mentioned earlier, acquired natural perms are caused by clogged pores, dirty scalp, and lifestyle habits. Therefore, it may be possible to improve by reviewing your usual hair care and lifestyle. First of all, be sure to shampoo carefully and wash it off thoroughly. It will not clog your pores or stain your scalp. Undernourishment and taking too much oily food can also cause pores to become clogged. It is recommended that you have a well-balanced diet and eat protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, zinc, etc.

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It may also be caused by poor blood circulation in the pores. In addition to your message, it is also effective to incorporate cleansing care and head spa in a beauty salon.

How to Interact With Natural Perm 2: Improve With Styling.

  • Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to improve with diet and hair care in the case of congenital natural perm. 
  • However, you can alleviate some habits if you know the styling tips. 
  • There are two tips I would like Natural Perma to know. 
  • When you dry your hair, pinch it with your fingers and dry it while passing it through your hands.
  • Let’s pass it through your hands and dry it to the root with a hairdryer when you dry it. 
  • If it’s light, you can stretch it with a straightener, so please give it a try.

How to Deal With Natural Perm 3: Straighten With Straightening Hair.

  • For those who say, “I tried various things, but the styling didn’t go well …”, I also recommend straightening the hair.
  • Hair straightening is a hair menu that uses chemicals and heat to straighten habits.
  • Even with stubborn frizz, straight hair will come true, making daily styling easier!
  • If you want straight hair but don’t want it to be flat, don’t worry.
  • Depending on how you apply the iron used for straightening curly hair, you can also give it a soft roundness.
  • However, this requires a high degree of skill, so it is recommended to appoint an experienced stylist!

Recommended Straight Style That Can Be Achieved by Straightening Curly Hair

Adult cute rhombus short

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A small face style with a diamond-shaped silhouette is naturally finished by straightening curly hair. The roundness that looks like it is now is also added by making the neckline crispy.

Neat dark hair semi-long

Natural straight hair is made by straightening curly hair. It is a neat style that can be finished just by curling the ends of the hair.

Straight long with plenty of gloss

Natural long hair is straightened by straightening curly hair. You can give it a glossy look by leaving it cut. You can aim for an elegant impression.

How to Interact With Natural Perms 4: Make Hairstyles That Make the Most of Perms.

Natural perms have many worries, but you can use those perms as a fashionable hairstyle. Especially the wave of frizz style is one of the trends in hair these days. It is also recommended to take on the challenge of foreign-style hair by taking advantage of your natural perm.

Why don’t you try incorporating fashionable hair while consulting with a beautician, such as adding a perm to the part that is difficult to style? Finally, we will introduce recommended perm styles by the length you would like to use as a reference for hairstyles.

Natural Perm X Short Hair

Girly french short

French mash style with squishy styling of round and round perm hair. With a rounded silhouette, it has a girly atmosphere.

Casual shorts with a casual perm

Random perms give a short style a more casual look. The bright orange-brown hair color should make you look lighter!

Natural Perm X Bob Hair

Firmly wave foreign-style Bob.

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Fashionable hair that has been waved firmly and finished in a foreigner style. Random curls create a rough atmosphere.

Bob with hair tip perm

If you are worried about the peculiarity of the hair tips, why not apply a hair tip perm together and change to a more modern bob style? It is an arrangement that uses the ease of bouncing peculiar to bob.

Natural Perm X Long Hair

Country style with on-eyebrows and curly perm

A perm style that firmly puts out a ridge over the entire long hair. With your bangs on your eyebrows and casual styling, you’ll get a somewhat country style. Perfect for those who want a casual atmosphere.

Get Close to Your Hair Quality.

A natural perm that can be used not only to fix it. Make sure you know how to get along well to get closer to the style you want to be. In addition, the right menu will change depending on the condition of the habit. If you have a problem, please consult your beautician about styling and get the ideal style.

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