How To Choose The Right Bob Haircut For You

How To Choose The Right Bob Haircut For You

Advice and suggestions on how to choose the ideal bob cut for your summer 2022 makeover. Are you ready for a fresh, classy look?

Who wouldn’t want to transform their appearance over summer and vacation completely? We also frequently consider our hair. Bet on fresh highlights that will make it more transparent or give us the haircut we always speak about but would never risk. Now is the right moment to get a bob haircut. However, the first thing you should consider when visiting the hair salon is the style of bob cut you want, as well as several other questions that we will help you with.

The bob cut is incredibly revitalizing and adaptable to numerous features, styles, etc. Furthermore, styling is simple and versatile. We also like it since it might serve as a gentle transition from highly long hair to a shorter, edgier cut than even the bob.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bob Haircut

There are a few things to consider when choosing a bob haircut for yourself: your face shape, hair texture and length, and your style goals.

If you have a round or square face shape, a bob will emphasize your features while framing your face well. If you have long, straight hair that is textured but not curly, a bob will be flattering on you since it will add volume and bounce to your hair. If you are looking for a more versatile hairstyle that can be dressed up or down, choose a bob that is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Finally, if you want to try something new but are unsure of what style is right for you, go with a bob that is different than what you typically wear. A bob can be easily personalized by adding layers or curls to the front or back.

How to Get the Perfect Bob Haircut for You

Looking for a modern bob haircut that will suit your personality and style? There are many different bob haircuts to choose from, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

Here are five tips to help you pick the perfect bob haircut:

  1. Think about your face shape. A round face will look best in a classic bob, while a sharper face shape looks better in a modern cut with lots of volumes.
  2. Consider your hair type. Loose, wavy hair will look best in a curly bob, while thicker, coarser hair will do better with an angular bob.
  3. Pay attention to your hair length. A short bob is flattering on most faces, while long bobs can be more versatile and look good on all hair lengths.
  4. Choose a style that fits your lifestyle. A tight bun or updo works well for formal events or daytime activities, while a messy bun is great for weekends or chillaxing at home.
  5. Try different styles until you find the one that suits you the best. No two bob haircuts are the same, so there’s always room to experiment!

1. What Is the Shape of Your Face?

Even if this is one of the haircuts that best flatters all face types, just because it’s trendy does not guarantee that it will look well on you. Select the “bob” cut style that complements your features the best. For instance, if you want to draw attention to your jawline, try an inverted bob with the front section longer than the rear section. Or a square shape is preferable if you want to accentuate the cheekbones. In any case, discuss with your stylist whatever ” bob ” style will work best for you.

The best “bobs” for round faces have a more extended cut and reach over the chin to visually lengthen the features. If we’re talking about broad faces, we might need to use hidden internal layers to take volume away from the edges of the hair to create a more aesthetically pleasing result. We can also choose to have a long, crooked fringe to create angles to the face.

Square faces should choose an inverted “bob” (longer in front than in the rear), which lengthens the face and balances the heavy jaw characteristic of this kind of face. Above all, to avoid drawing attention to this location, cuts at the height of the jaw must be avoided in this type of face.

The traditional “bob” at the jaw height or even a lesser one will be the most attractive to shorten the face’s length in the event of extended features. If we prefer longer variations, such as the “long bob,” it is advised to wear bangs with them to minimize the length of the face and lessen the weight of the forehead, making the overall look more aesthetically pleasing.

If our chin is notably sharper than our forehead, we will need to add volume to balance the features if we have a heart-shaped face. We can use long “bob” variations and add volume by working the tips into interior layers.

To counteract the vertical inclination of oval features, the optimum “bob” choice for them will be slightly below or in line with the jaw.

2. The Texture of Your Hair

Be cautious if you’re one of those who believe that getting a haircut in this style would allow you to skip the morning routine of checking your reflection. Remember that the haircut will depend on the thickness of the hair. For instance, fine hair often looks better with shorter layers since there is a visible thickening effect, whereas thick hair looks better with longer cuts that allow for volume management. To avoid the amount becoming overly rounded and losing its original shape, it is a good idea to highlight the “bob” towards the rear if you have curly hair.

Simply put, you may save time and effort in front of the mirror only if you pick the style of cut considering these qualities in your hair.

3. What Is Your Type of “Bob” Cut?

Before going to the hairdresser to ask for a “bob” cut, take your time to find the type of cut that can best suit you. Suppose you prefer to put yourself in the hands of the stylist to make the decision. In that case, we recommend at least being clear about the options and knowing your preferences so as not to rush and facilitate mutual understanding.

Among the Types of Bob, It Is Worth Highlighting:

  1. Straight: It is the “bob” cut par excellence in which the length of the entire head is equal, and only the inner line is trimmed more to generate volume, making the cut curve slightly inwards.
  2. Inverted: It is a cut whose front sections are lengthened, drawing an inclination concerning the back. Thus, it is a cut that follows the jawline and provides excellent movement.
  3. Asymmetrical: In this case, the difference in length occurs between the front and side sections, leaving one side more pronounced in the cut.
  4. “Bob” with layers: The classic cut with layers to give texture to the hair and gain volume and movement.
  5. Long bob: Another of the haircuts of the season, which extends below the chin and is above the shoulders, with the characteristic inclination of the bob. It is ideal for square or heart-shaped faces because it lengthens the face and softens the jawline. In addition, the slope of the cut allows for adding volume.
  6. Short bob: It is the short version of this style, more similar to French care, as it rises to the height of the jaw (even above). It is perfect for fine hair looking to gain volume and texture.

4. How to Style the Bob Cut

Before going through the scissors:

  1. Assess with your stylist the pros and cons of the chosen style to make sure that you can replicate the hairstyle with which you will leave the salon as best as possible.
  2. Remember that all “bob” cuts require some form of styling (using products, techniques, or heat tools).
  3. Make sure you can do what your new amount needs at home, and try to walk out of the salon with helpful styling tips.

In any case, wearing a cut of this type does not imply the obligation always to wear it styled in the same way. We can take advantage of it differently depending on the length and the occasion. For example, with a high or medium semi-updo made with the superficial layers of the hair; with accessories such as hairpins or headbands; hairstyle with volume and a dirty air; smooth and with bangs, with a parting in the middle or on one side; backward, with a wet effect and, of course, with waves.


How do you know if a bob haircut is right for you?

You should consider cutting off the top of your hair if you’re a woman with a round face. If you have heart-shaped face, then that is not a good idea.

How do you pick a bob haircut?

Although the bob is one of the most important hairstyles of all times, there is a lot to be said about its design. For example, when you have the basic shape and fade style, the only challenge becomes selecting a color. Pick a color that suits your hair and personality.

Which face shape is best for bob cut?

The best face shape for bob cut is round. The length of the hair should be about midway between the edge of chin and the bottom point of ear.

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