Hold Down The Trend: See-through Bang X Medium Beloved Hair

With an exquisite length, the medium hairstyle that makes it easy to achieve the image you want to be is a gorgeous good hairstyle. When setting, pay attention to your bangs. In particular, the bangs “see-through bang” set so that the forehead is transparent can make a good impression with plenty of trends!

See-through Bang X Medium to Create a Good Impression

See-through bangs are bangs set so that the forehead can be seen through. It is a style that can produce innocence and femininity! Combine it with medium hair, which has a good impression of just the right length, and aims to be a wonderful woman who will grab your eyes.

The Bangs Also Show Off Their Foreheads!

The point is the forehead that you can glimpse.

Even if you like to pull down your bangs, set them so that your forehead is transparent if you want to create a trendy look. It will change to the seasonal style quickly!

Set while being aware of the parting!

When it is difficult to create a proper sense of sheerness, show your forehead around the part. It will be easier to grasp the tips of the set.

High color x medium x see-through bang

A transparent, high-colored, striking medium that stands out. Let’s take in a trendy feeling with a see-through bang.

Moderate lightness is attractive.

The see-through bang is also characterized by being finished in a light image. The neat dark tone medium doesn’t get too heavy either.

Impressive bunch bang

By setting the bangs in a bundle, the appearance of the forehead will change to a different impression. Try changing the setting method according to your ideal image!

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Look Into Your Forehead From Your Long Bangs.

See-through bang x greige color

“Greige” is a nice gray and beige color. The transparent color and the transparent bangs go well together.

An attractive style that creates a mysterious impression

The see-through bang and the medium volume that suppresses the overall volume are impressive. A somewhere ephemeral and mysterious atmosphere is also attractive.

Enjoy the feeling of omission with a rough set.

The medium hair set roughly has plenty of loosenesses with a casual image. The long bangs give a more natural image.

A fusion of neatness and adultness

The dark tone, loose and fluffy medium is a neat image. By adding desirable bangs, you can create a moderately mature atmosphere.

Let’s Curl the See-through Bang Round and Round.

Let’s become popular hair with a gentle impression

When setting the see-through bang, adding a soft curl with an iron is also recommended. It gives a softer and gentler impression!

Combine it with the outside splash to give an adult impression

An adult-like style with the tips of the hair fluttering outward with an iron. For cool people, try incorporating movement into your bangs.

Medium straight, neat style

The see-through bang that draws a soft curve enhances the neat impression. Good compatibility with the straight medium!

Loose and fluffy medium with a feeling of air

The fluffy and light style that loosely wraps the entire hair will also add movement to the bangs. Enjoy the elegant adult cute style.

Become an attractive woman who wants to touch

The smooth straight is so beautiful that you will want to touch it. The see-through bang that rises softly from the root is also eye-catching.

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Let’s Complete the Style With See-through Bang X Medium.

By incorporating a trendy see-through bang, the impression of the basic medium may change significantly. Complete the ideal style with see-through bang x medium style in the fall and winter. Please find a hairstyle that you are satisfied with while consulting at the salon!

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