Here are Reasons Why People Like Fashionable With A Cut Around The Face.

Here are Reasons Why People Like Fashionable With A Cut Around The Face.

By trimming the hair around the face, the impression of the face changes dramatically. The small face effect is outstanding. Here, we introduce layer cuts around the face that look good on each hair length. It also explains how to make self-cutting and antenna hair that you can do at home, so please refer to it. You can make it even cuter by putting out your hair.

The Cut Around the Face Has Many Benefits!

By cutting the hair around the face, the tips of the hair will move, and the hair will follow the area around the face. Since you can hide the area around your face, you can not only aim for a small face effect, but also your profile looks cute.

They are Lightly Finished, Even With Dark Hair.

For dark hair colours such as black hair, it may look plain or give a heavy impression depending on the hairstyle. However, cutting the hair bundle around the face according to the skeleton and scrubbing the hair makes it possible to produce a sense of sheerness and sheerness even with dark hair colour!

You Can Add a Feeling of Familiarity to Your Usual Arrangement.

It is also an advantage that you can make a moving hairstyle by lightly wrapping the hair bundle around the face or rubbing wax. You can add a refined impression to your usual arrangement by adding lightness and movement. You can enjoy a slightly different fashion just by bundling your hair.

How to Self-Cut Around the Face

Here, we will introduce a simple self-cutting method that you can do at home. Please try it while looking at the illustrations.

STEP1: Separate the Hair to be Cut

First, separate the hair around the face you want to cut. As a guide, bangs about 1 cm wide will be finished in a well-balanced manner. Use a hair clip to fasten all but the hair around your face to make it easier to cut.

STEP2: Cut the Length

Determine the length while looking at the balance of the entire hair. For people with short hair, it is recommended to cut under the cheekbones, and for people with medium hair, it is recommended to cut at a length of 2 to 3 cm below the chin line. As for the cutting angle, sharpen the tip of the hair so that the end of the hair on the inside is short. It will look like a home cut if you cut it roughly in parallel, so be careful!

STEP3: Prepare With Thinning Scissors

Cut the cut hair bundles further with thinning scissors. Cut the scissors diagonally at the same angle as STEP2. You can make an excellent line by inserting thinned scissors many times in the same place. Please cut the thinned scissors while sliding them down little by little.

STEP4: Completed

They are completed by looking at the balance of the entire hair! Lightly wrap the hair around your face for a more attractive finish.

[By length] Recommended Catalogue For Layer Cuts Around the Face

“The hair around the face affects the impression of the face, so I’m worried about cutting it myself.” If that’s the case, leave it to the beautician! You can have a cut that suits the person’s skeleton and hairstyle at the salon, to rest assured. It will cut the hair around your face while adjusting the overall balance! Here, we will introduce matching cuts around the beginning according to length.

Short x Face Cut

If you are aiming for a small face effect, it is best to put a layer from the bangs to the side so that it wraps around your face.

Firmly permed and wave style

The point is the thin bunch around the face and see-through bangs. In addition, a crisp and mellow style is completed by wrapping the entire hair at random!

Long bangs for an adult-like style

Cut the layer a little longer to the cheek area. This style is also recommended for those about to stretch their bangs. You can get a calm and feminine impression of an adult.

Bob x Face Cut

By creating a firm bunch around the face, you can aim for a small face effect with a natural style! It’s a cute style even if you finish it with oil to make it witty.

Loose fluffy bob style

A style that creates a layer with the length that covers the cheeks. A combination of casual perm and outer perm adds movement. Perfect for those who want to give an ennui impression.

Unique style with inner colour

For those who want to add personality, putting a point colour in the layer part is recommended. You can leave the inner colour part and make your hair look fashionable even if you put it on your ears!

Medium x Face Cut

A style that leaves a natural bunch around the face. You can get a healthy impression by making the tips of the hair outside.

Two-layer style

Layer style cut around the face and along the chin line. Hair of different lengths can have various movements to create a different atmosphere depending on the hair set. The area around the face is curled to hide the cheeks, and the tips of the hair are cute even if they are fluffed outside.

Seasonal Wolf Style

The trendy wolf style is achieved by cutting the hair around the face short while giving volume to the top of the hair. For those who want to give more individuality, it is also recommended to use a high tone colour.

Long x Face Cut

It is best to apply a layer cut around the face for long dark hair that tends to be heavy. You can make a light and neat hairstyle by gently wrapping the ends of the hair inward.

Long x perm royal road mote style

You are adding a feminine look by creating a layer around the face. In addition, by making the hair colour transparent and ash-based, you can create a foreign-style hairstyle!

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Antennae hair is the back hair that hangs down along the face when tying the hair. Even with a simple ponytail, putting out the hair around the face will improve the feeling of mellowness and fashion.

Points on how to put out antenna hair

Take it out from the side of the bangs, temples, and sideburns. The recommended hair bundle is about 1 cm. Be careful as it will look unkempt if you put too much. The trick is to pull it out like pinching it with your fingers.

Points on how to wrap antenna hair

You can make natural antenna hair by winding the iron to slide smoothly without winding it too tightly after removing the hair bundle and pushing the tip of the hair outside if you incorporate it from the middle of the hair bundle to the outside.

Be Conscious of the Cut Around Your Face and Enjoy More Fashion!

The person who thinks, “Oh, it’s cute. It’s fashionable.” Maybe a person who can enjoy fashionable details around his face. Even in a mask life that tends to be depressing, I hope that trimming the hair bundles around the beginning will be an opportunity to enjoy fashion. Please consult with a beautician to find out the cut around the face that suits your face line and hairstyle and to get it.

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