The Most Fabulous Hairstyles For Long Faces

Hairstyles For Long Faces

Hairstyles For Long Faces are a game-changer in enhancing natural beauty by balancing proportions and contours. Long faces, characterized by their narrowness and length, can exude elegance but might benefit from hairstyles that add width and softness.

In the pursuit of femininity, long faces are often admired for their aristocratic features. Yet, for those seeking to refine their look, hairstyles offer a powerful tool. A well-chosen hairstyle can minimize length and sharpened chin lines, creating a more balanced appearance.

In the world of beauty, women experiment with makeup and hairstyles to accentuate their features. Understanding the unique qualities of long faces is crucial. By choosing the right hairstyles, it’s possible to turn perceived flaws into assets.

In our exploration of Hairstyles For Long Faces, we uncover the top picks for 2024. These hairstyles promise to enhance allure and captivate attention with their ability to harmonize facial dimensions effortlessly.

Features of Choosing a Perfect Haircut for an Long Face

Finding the right haircut for a long face is essential to balance out its elongated features. Here are some key tips to consider:

  1. Long Bangs: Opt for long bangs that reach at least to the eyebrows. These help visually shorten the face and can be rounded at the sides to add softness.
  2. Cheekbone Emphasis: Choose hairstyles that emphasize the cheekbones, such as a short bob with thick or torn bangs. This adds width to the face and complements its length.
  3. Volume and Length: Aim for short, fluffy haircuts that add ovality to the face, focusing on the middle of the cheekbones for the fullest styling. Voluminous curls near the ears can further enhance facial features.
  4. Nose Consideration: For long faces with prominent noses, opt for lush, long bangs that extend at least to the eyes to help conceal this feature.
  5. Haircut Length: Keep haircut lengths up to the jawline to visually expand proportions. A bob haircut is particularly flattering for long faces, offering balance and proportion.

By considering these features when selecting a haircut, individuals with long faces can enhance their natural beauty and achieve a more balanced appearance effortlessly.

Soft curls

We can do this styling on hair of any length. Large, textured curls add volume to the cheeks and soften the jaw and chin. Plus, messy curls look classy.

If, for some reason, you do not like curls, try simply curling the ends.

Collarbone length

Another great hairstyle for an elongated face is a forehead (elongated bob) or a square below the chin. Elongated bob with bangs to the eyebrows will look very impressive. In general, bangs are very suitable for owners of a high forehead. Additional trick: Experiment with multi-colors to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. For example, you might like bronzing, tiger eye coloring, or colored highlights.

Cascade and shag

If you like long hair, try on different levels of haircuts: ladder, cascade, and shag. By the way, these haircuts can be made to any length, as well as twisted into spectacular curls. Shag especially adds volume and texture to hair. The option with bangs looks beautiful.

For Long

All types of curls and volumizing styles are suitable for you. Long hair is not always suitable for this type of face. So they tend to stretch the entire silhouette and lengthen the face. But, it is doesn’t mean at all that you should cut your long curls.

Thus, the framing strands can be styled inward with a hairdryer, or curls can be twisted, adding roundness to the face.


Remember, your most useful assistant in shaping your face is volume.
Girls with elongated faces can safely do this hairstyle. The strands are shorter on the back of the head, allowing you to achieve the desired volume. Gradually, the length of the hair strands increases from the back of the head to the face.

“Bob” is good because the elongated strands near the face can be styled and given volume with a hairdryer, or light waves and curls can be made.


It can also be used for a narrow face. In contrast to the classic version, the bulk is distributed in the temple area. Long dynamic graduated bangs will help correct a large nose, high forehead. It is recommended to create sloppy styling, avoid symmetry, correct geometric lines.

Women’s haircut emphasizes the beautiful neckline, suitable for slender, fragile young ladies. Refers to basic haircuts, has curative properties, will be a godsend for mature women.


It’s an ideal haircut for an elongated, oblong oval, also suitable for owners of a triangular shape. Combining straight, arched bangs and chin-length strands is optimal for narrow shapes. Performed on straight curls, the hairstyle duplicates the lines of the correct oval. Strands combed over the face make up for the lack of volume.

Recommended for young girls and mature women with small heads, neat features. It will become an adornment of slender young ladies. With the help of a haircut, it is easy to hide a narrow forehead, create beautiful cheekbones.

Stylish squares

It’s also suitable for owners of narrow facesA high forehead will allow you to correct short bangs in a semicircle, but this option is unsuitable for girls with a large nose. Asymmetrical bangs will help divert attention; complex dyeing techniques are also often used to emphasize the advantages of appearance.

The combination of dark and light strands will restore proportions. Bob can be created on thick, sparse, straight, curly curls.


Thanks to the stepped haircut, stylists recommend oblong ovals. Soft curled curls that fall over the face add femininity and mystery. They distract attention from a large nose and high forehead, especially with balayage and status techniques. Golden shades visually expand the face and also create the effect of lush, thick hair. The haircut is complemented by asymmetrical bangs hiding the forehead and creating sculpted cheekbones.


Pixie is another popular and successful option, made in a boyish style. Pay special attention to the design of the back of the head – it should be lush and high. And the last nuance is the bangs. Please do not make it even, but opt ​​for ragged and side ones.


For those who carefully grow long hair and are not going to cut it off, there is also a solution, and this is a ladder. Strands that elegantly frame your face will easily give your face an oval shape.

Cascade for medium hair

Of course, stylists warn girls with a long face from haircuts longer than shoulders. However, many people want to show the beauty of their hair. A layered haircut cascade comes to the rescue. You can wear hair of any length, but don’t forget about the layered structure of the haircut. The first strands can be trimmed at chin level, round the face. And additional layers will add volume to the entire hairstyle. Thus, the imbalance in the face will disappear. It is best if you curl your hair a little. This can only be done in front, curling the shortest strands.

Long hair with bangs

Maria Sharapova is a vivid example of a girl with a long face. However, the athlete never gave up long haircuts. To correct the situation with the proportions of Mary, thick bangs helped. She hid the elongated forehead and gave the face the required volume. Not without layers along the entire length of the hair. Very stylish and simple.

Creative haircuts

Brave and creative people are incredibly lucky – creative haircuts look very beautiful on thin and thin hair. Unusual effects such as asymmetric lengths or shaved temples can dramatically improve the appearance of fine hair.


A stylish bob has been pleasing world fashionistas for many years and striking with its beauty. In addition, every season, changes happen to her that open up new facets of this original haircut. This season’s trend is considered to be a messy bob, but no one has cancelled the elongated strands and thick oblique bangs.

Tomboy’s high hairstyle

This haircut can have both an asymmetrical version and torn strands. The bangs can also be elongated or practically absent. Nevertheless, this variability makes it possible to successfully apply a haircut for an elongated face.

Graduated bob

Helps to correct facial features – with a bob and bangs, you can achieve balance. If the lower or middle parts of the face are heavy, the bob will make them thinner.

The cheeks are visually removed, and the neck gets additional length. The hairstyle trick almost does not require styling, and slight negligence only adds a little charm to the owner of a graduated bob.

The graduated bob has become Rihanna’s business card. She has distinctive features, a heavy chin and large cheekbones. Thanks to the chosen hairstyle, the face looks elongated, excess volume is removed.


  • This option implies a short nape and medium-length bangs.
  • There should be no abrupt transitions: smooth, soft lines with an elongated face will go well, making it rounder.
  • The hedgehog is often combined with milled strands, and it will also look great with light highlighting.
  • It is ideal for active young people and athletes.

But what short haircuts look like for an oval male face can be seen in the photo in this article.

We have considered the most popular options for women’s and men’s haircuts, suitable for an elongated face shape. Which one you take is up to you. Using our advice and the golden hands of the master, you can easily acquire an elegant hairstyle and stylish appearance.


This magic word in hairdressing is just a panacea for all occasions. And this is not surprising because asymmetry can take over all the attention, distracting it from certain imperfections of the face. Yes, a round face owner is also advised to choose such haircuts. They seem to stretch the face, make it thinner. But if the oval is already elongated, then the asymmetry will not focus on this.

Graduated square

The second medium-length hairstyle is suitable for those with wavy or curly hair. If, in the previous case, we milled perfectly straight strands stacked one on top of the other, creating volume, then here all attention is directed to randomness, slight negligence, which is naturally inherent in curly hair.

Such shortcomings as curly curls and a long face turn into advantages and look holistic but unusual. Often graded squares can be found on actors, artists, directors, photographers and other representatives of the creative profession.

Hipster style

This hipster haircut is recommended for those with a triangular face. It goes especially well with the beard. A beard is recommended for those with a narrow chin. The barista is like Undercut, but the whiskey is not shaved, and the transition between strands of different lengths is smoother.

Kare universal

This is a versatile haircut suitable for both women and men. But young people often choose a sports bob – with shortened strands or a double bob, when the top layer of hair is longer.

Off-centre hairstyle

This is a model haircut, and it is done depending on the hair type and facial features. But its main characteristic is that there are elongated oblique bangs, and the parting is shifted to the side. This hairstyle is suitable for hair of any length. Some asymmetry makes it more suitable for young people.


It is easy and simple to “disguise” an excessively long and elongated face, and it is important to know which hairdressing techniques are worth using. In the first place among them, we have a bang – this element of the image hides the forehead (in our case, too wide). In addition, due to the bangs, the face becomes more weighty, horizontal lines appear, which visually “expand” it.

Lush whiskey is second in importance. Of course, you shouldn’t go to extremes and leave a lot of hair on your temples, cutting them off at the crown of your head, but you still need to leave a certain amount there. Well, in third place is slight negligence. It can manifest itself in asymmetry, in graduated strands, in strong thinning and a cascading type of haircut, in bangs that are worn slightly on the side. By combining all three qualities, you can make a whole variety of long and short hairstyles, which will most favourite emphasize the beauty of an elongated face.

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