The Hairstyle That You Must Try In Your 30s

The Hairstyle That You Must Try in Your 30s

In your 30s, your facial expression and mind will start to calm down, so you’ll be able to get a more grown-up hairstyle. We’ll show you trendy hairstyles that look even better on each recommended hair color and face shape for women in their 30s. There are also hairstyles for people in their 30s who are busy with work and raising children that are easy to do.

Three things about a hairstyle for women in their 30s

  • We suggest a style that is both attractive and cute.
  • Layering the hair gives it a sense of movement and looseness, making it look more mature and soft.
  • Be careful to make a hairstyle that usually makes you look youthful look, elegant, and grown-up.

Here are some styles that look good on people in their 30s.


A grown-up and cute style, with a close-fitting neckline and a softly rounded shape. The top layer isn’t too big, and the waist is gradually made bigger from the height of the ears. The side-swept bangs are also beautiful.


Turn on a tight wave perm like a foreigner with a short base and many layers. It gives the impression of depth and three-dimensionality, making it look airy. You can keep it, and it’s easier to style than a loose perm.


Set the length of the hair to be the same size as the face’s golden ratio. Cut parallel lines by one length. Layer the hair above the ears and around the face so that the ends stay thick.

Long bob

Cut to a single length where the clavicle is. The front slopes gently, so the splash on the outside is well-organized. It has a shiny and classy look by leaving the right amount of weight and adjusting the volume. The bangs are comprehensive and clear.

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High ponytail

The type of collected hair that makes you feel the best is the ponytail. It gives the hair some movement and creates an upward line on the face that sends a message of happiness. Always dark hair is more attractive.

Minimalist ponytail

Clean updos are always elegant and can be worn to many different events. Both bows and pigtails are worn with a line in the middle and low. It has a lovely simplicity that works for people of all ages.

Flipside hair

Gray hair makes you look older. The best way to make them look better is to treat them well and keep them from getting frizzy or yellowed. Even after 50, they can be helpful if we pair them with a good haircut, makeup, and accessories. But how we wear our hair is also essential.

Spiral bun

The idea of getting a hairstyle that works for any age is to show ourselves in a simple but unique way. We can do this by adding a different accessory and combing our hair in another way, like with this spiral bow that is held differently.

Sideways bob

Bobs with a side part are always seductive. If we also give it a body with waves or change the way the hair feels, we give it the feeling of energy. The tips’ retro look helps us make things move and feel alive.

Braided bun

Low updos like this bow give off a cosmopolitan vibe, and adding a creative touch like braiding makes it even better. We can change it to fit different faces by combing the hair to one side, keeping the part in the middle, or combing all the hair back.

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Ballerina bun

High updos are always stylish, make us taller, and look more put together. We can save years if we make it look messy and casual.

Double ponytail

Accessories are the best way to update your look, especially when they are part of trendy hairstyles like this double ponytail. The best way to always feel young and healthy is to show ourselves creatively.

Textured bob

No matter how long or short, Bobs are always modern and in style. It is a way to make a face look better. You’ll look a lot more stylish if you put waves in your hair.

Natural Long

Long hair that is cute and has a loose wave perm. A calm dark Brugge hair color will give you a natural look. As an adult in your 30s, the hairstyle makes you feel at ease.

Wavy bob

A short bob with a wave perm finishes off the diamond shape and gives off an adult vibe. A soft curve is great for being feminine. You can make a light hairstyle by leaving a space in the bangs. This gives the hair a feeling of being loose.

Wide bangs

“Wide bangs,” which make the width of the bangs wider, can make the width of the face stand out, so they are great for people with long faces. If you pair it with long black hair that is finished with dark gray, you’ll get a unique look. A wave perm will add some lightness.

Medium curl

Women in their 30s who are getting more attractive would look great with a stylish hairstyle that has medium-length layers that are wrapped inward. Her hair color is a mix of greige and ash beige, and the highlights make it look trendy.

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Loose fluffy bangs

With a “see-through bang” that lets the forehead show, the goal of a hairstyle with bangs is to make the face look wider in the middle. If you pair it with long, loose, fluffy hair, you’ll have a cute, grown-up hairstyle for your 30s.

Wave semi-long

The beige color is soothing, and there are a few highlights here and there. Adding highlights brings out the wave perm’s three-dimensional movement and makes it feel even more feminine.

Straight with a part in the center

Straight, smooth hair, like this one around the collarbone, parted in the middle and combed, will give us a modern look. This style doesn’t make you look older because the hair is shiny and healthy.

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