Amazing Haircuts To Try For The Graduated Bob

Gradation Bob’s Hair With A Classic Hairstyle

“Graduated Bob” is famous because it gives you a small face. The secret is how to cut? It is a seasonal style recommended for adult women who often wear elegant and simple clothes.

We approached the charm of “Graduated Bob” that makes the shape and outline of the head look beautiful. What kind of hairstyle is Graduated Bob in the first place? What are the points of ordering and cutting? What style does it look like now? And so on, I will dig deep!

What is Graduation, Bob?

A Rhombus Form

Graduated Bob with a downward-sloping front that looks light even with a lot of hair and looks like an adult. When viewed from the front, the diamond-shaped form, which is said to be the “golden balance of hair,” is the basis.

The rhombus silhouette has the effect of compensating the skeleton and making a face look neat. The most crucial point is the graduated cut behind. It gives a depth to the back of the head and gives a gorgeous impression. A versatile style that suits anyone regardless of hair volume or quality.

Tips on How to Cut the Graduated Bob?

Inflate the back of the head softly and cut it so it goes down smoothly toward the front. After blowing straight, it is also recommended to easily roll it up according to the outfit of the day to give it an expression.

If the back of the head is rounded by cutting and blowing, the profile’s impression will be completely different. By making it look tight from the neck to the back, it also has an excellent effect that the head does not look significant.

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Graduated Bob’s Charm

It gives an elegant impression.

Bob’s graduation silhouette is attractive for any occasion. This hairstyle is recommended for the Oggi generation because it gives a sense of elegance and neatness.

Small face appearance effect!

It’s a short bob that tends to make your face look more prominent because it has contours, but with a graduated bob, you can naturally cover the area around your face, so it looks like a small face.

Graduated Bob’s Hairstyle (with bangs)

“Short Bang” Bob

The point is the smooth silhouette that makes the atmosphere cute even with “with a mask.” The cut of the neckline is short, giving a round and voluminous feel to the back of the head. Putting an independent layer around the face looks like it is now.

Bang Bob

While leaving the line feeling of Bob and giving a seasonal impression, the see-through bang also creates a lightness and a feeling of omission. You can also aim for a small face effect by the length that the one-length bob under the chin covers the face line.

Short Bob With a Softly Rounded Silhouette

A rounded feminine style with one curl added to the whole. Adding an outer splash to the hair bundle on her surface can create a light feeling of pulling out. While creating a youthful impression with a see-through bang that casually puts out the forehead, it balances the femininity of an adult with a feeling of familiarity.

Wet and Tight Short Bob

Short bob style with a wet texture and a tight silhouette. The hair gives a fashionable and elegant impression that leaves a nuance even if closed.

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Light bob made by mixing

A mannish style with an extended back of the head and a graduated cut. Wrap the whole with a trowel to make the hair on the surface fluffy. If you set the sideburns and neckline in a compact form with a styling agent, you can keep the airy feeling of graduated cut.

Graduated Bob’s Hairstyle (no bangs)

Rhombus Bob With Rounded Sides

A hairstyle with a fluffy and voluminous form. To reproduce the smooth movement, loosely digital perm with one curl.

Bob With a Plump Silhouette

Length and graduated color that is easy to handle even when stretched. While giving the impression of a neat adult, the swaying expression of the hair can subtly bring out the sexiness. graduated cuts and the magic of styling that creates “shaking” create a natural yet plump silhouette and movement.

Natural & Cool Bob

The voluminous feel of the back of the head and the tight neckline create a sexy look. The short graduated cut has a slightly downward line to add depth and coolness. The soft movement of the bangs that fall around the cheeks adds femininity.

See-through Feminine Bob

The base is a gentle front-down short bob cut at the chin line. The soft and rounded silhouette adds femininity. The skin peeking through the brushed bangs gives a slightly sexy and feminine impression.

Clean Neck! Length Bob

A short-length bob with a beautiful neck. Apply moisturizing hair milk and then dry to prevent excessive volume.

At the End

I wouldn’t say I like short hairstyles, and I feel that my face looks big. If you have such a problem, please try Graduated Bob, which looks good on people with any complexion and looks small.

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