Here Are 50 Latest Haircuts For Big Foreheads

Do you want to find the best hairstyle for your big forehead in 2023? There are many haircuts will help you out to balance the size of the face. If you want to know how to draw attention away from a big forehead with a beautiful and stylish hairstyle in 2023, then our list will help you make the right choice. Choose haircuts for big foreheads that bring out the best in your face, eyes, mood and state of mind. And, of course, the right hairstyle can help hide things you don’t like about yourself.

Wearing bangs that cover all or part of the forehead is one way to hide it. Another would be makeup, but today we’re going to talk about haircuts, specifically the fringe, which we’ve already discussed.

Many famous people with big foreheads have this feature, which you need to be aware of. Because, with the assistance of a professional, they cut and style their hair in ways that minimize the visibility of these hairstyles.

How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for a Big Forehead?

A bang is an important part. Bangs are your best friend and helper if you have a big forehead and want a hairstyle that will hide it as much as possible. In this case, it doesn’t matter what shape the bangs are. Straight, angled, milled, short, or curly bangs will give your hair the shape you want and draw attention away from your forehead.

A haircut and style can make a big difference in how you look. Hair can hide, cover-up, or bring out features. People often ask us, “so here are the best tips for hairstyles for a big forehead.”

Tips for making your big forehead look smaller:

  1. Hairstyle: As I mentioned before, hairstyles, such as bangs, can help you to cover your big forehead.
  2. Makeup: It can reduce big forehead. Use bronzer or darker foundation or powder to contour your big forehead. Defining the forehead can make it appear smaller.
  3. Eyebrows: Well-defined eyebrows also reduce forehead size. Maintain well-groomed eyebrows to attract a lookout to your eyes.
  4. Accessories: A hat or scarf can hide big forehead. It is great if you want to avoid styling or applying makeup.
  5. Confidence:  Finallyconfidence matters. Being confident and positive can help you feel better about your big forehead.

Everyone is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Finally, be co  nfident in your uniqueness.

Features of the Face Shape With a Big Forehead

  • Check your forehead geometry. It requires a regular ruler or centimeter tape. Face height.
  • If your forehead is bigger than a third of your face, it’s high.
  • You can trust geometry if the forehead height is a third or less. Even though it appears big, the forehead is not!

Some haircuts and hairstyles can help make your forehead look smaller. Here are some of the best examples for you:

Bob Cut

According to stylists, the optimal hair length for girls with a big forehead is medium, from the chin line to the shoulders. They balance the upper and lower parts of the face.

Curl Cut

The best option for the length of curls for owners of a big forehead is medium, ideally not lower than the chin. In different variations, pay attention to possibilities such as bob, ladder, cascade, and square.

Pixie Cut

The owner of a big forehead fit stylish short haircut. The ideal option is a pixie with an elongated bang that needs to be removed to one side.

Wavy Cut

Beautifully styled hair with long strands gives proportions. Make a voluminous bang in one layer so that it is translucent. This marvelous hairstyle is unusually young and gives the image of romance.

Long Bob


The long bob is classy and seductive if you want to show off your natural beauty and best features. It’s simple and pretty, and it looks great on round faces.

Layer Cut


 A layered style can go on long or medium hair without necessarily wearing a fringe. Adding layers to your hair can create volume and texture that can help to minimize the appearance of a big forehead.

Messy Cut

Delicate beach waves, styled in a tousled hairstyle, create a natural look. Due to uneven strands and visual volume, a big forehead will not stand out against the general background.

Fringe Cut


Bangs can balance the face and draw attention away from the brow. Because it can cover the forehead, side-swept fringes are popular.

Hair Up-do


A bun or ponytail can balance the face and distract from the brow. Up-dos are great for special occasions.

Choppy Lob


Bangs may give the impression that the forehead is smaller. In 2023, wearing them with a choppy long bob will be in style.

Shaggy Hair


Layered hairstyles like a shaggy cut add volume and texture, making your forehead appear smaller.

Blonde Bangs


Blonde bangs draw everyone’s attention to your gorgeous eyes. For thin hair, you can choose a layered version of this haircut.

Curtain Bangs


Its fringe covers the brow partially or completely on both sides. It thickens hair and reduces brows.

Straight Bangs


Straight bangs are a versatile hairstyle because you can wear them super smooth and down, slightly to one side, or even open. So, it’s great if you like to change up your style. Also, it doesn’t have to cover the whole forehead to hide because the shadow of the bangs will calmly lift the eyebrows.

Side-parted Hair


Side-parted hairstyles balance the face by drawing attention away from the forehead. It depends on your hair type, texture and face shape, and a bob or pixie cut can achieve it.

Bottleneck Bangs

The bottleneck bangs suit all women with any face shape or hair structure. It similarly looks like curtain bangs.

Asymmetrical Cut

Haircuts with asymmetry are a convenient option. Styling does not take much time, but admiring glances are guaranteed for a girl on whose head such a stylish hairstyle flaunts.

Voluminous Bangs

The voluminous oblique bangs are a perfect hairstyle for women with a big forehead as they increase the size of your face and allow you to create fabulous hairstyles.

Sloppy Pixie Cut

A short haircut with uneven tips and volume at the crown looks youthful and stylish. Thick sloppy bangs mask the forehead.

70s Wide Hairstyle


This style is a short, layered cut with short layers in the front. It helps to shorten a vast forehead and is also very glamorous. It was a popular style in the 70s.

Wavy Curtain Bangs


The best styling options for any hair are bangs, and wavy curtain bangs are excellent for covering a big forehead or adding style to any face. It can make your forehead look thinner and give your hair more texture.

Bob With Thick Bangs

The best hairstyle for a long face and big forehead is a timeless bob with thick bangs covering a big forehead. The shape of the haircut and blonde hair shift the focus from the upper part of the face to the lips.

Bob With Side Part


Medium-length hair suits a side-parted bob. Make the bottom asymmetrical to distract from the problem.

Side Braid With Twists


You can braid at the base of the forehead if you want to. Just let most of the hair hang loose to make a face look more even.

Volume at the Crown

Adding volume to your crown can balance your facial proportions and reduce your forehead. Backcombing, teasing, or volumizing can achieve this look.

Tousled Beach Waves


Tousled beach waves create a natural look. Uneven strands and visual volume make a high forehead blend into the background.

Voluminous Curly Bob


The forehead can look narrower, and the face appears smaller with a voluminous curly bob and no bangs in a hairstyle. Consider enhancing this slimming effect with an asymmetrical touch to the cut.

Bob With Split Bangs

A regular bob is a universal hairstyle, as it suits almost everyone, regardless of age, facial structure or hair color. In this case, we see a flirty bang, parted in the middle of the forehead, which made it possible to narrow the face.

Bob With Thick Bangs


If you have a long face and a big forehead, the best hairstyle is a classic bob with thick bangs that cover your forehead. The shape of the haircut and the blonde hair make the lips stand out more than the top of the face.

Pixie With Long Bangs


You should keep the back of your hair messy (you can build volume with your fingers and a little mousse), while the bangs at the front of your head should be straight.

Blonde Bob With Bangs


Try this stunning blond bob with chic fringes. This light blond forehead shade is lovely!

Blonde With Loose Braids


Because the blonde hair is so bright and the weaving is so loose, a big forehead will be the last thing you notice. In this type of hairstyle, it is best to leave the bangs alone so that there is no sign of a mistake.

Long Hair With Volume


Long, voluminous hair can soften a big forehead. Long layers over the brow and around the face are flattering, and adding volume at the crown balances face proportions.

High Ponytail With Bangs


A flirtatious ponytail with a bit of bouffant in the frontal zone of the head will give the hair the desired volume. Make a thick and narrow bang of great length, then lay it out in a semicircle on the forehead.

Short Bangs on a Cascade


Even though stylists think that short bangs don’t look good on a big forehead, they still tell her to get them. Cut the bangs short enough so they are only a few centimeters above the eyebrows. It’s also a good idea to choose a trendy cascade that will add volume to curls and hide the flaws of a face that is too big or too small.

Soft Lob With Thin Hair


Deep bangs give the appearance of fullness in the front, which improves the appearance and helps to conceal a large forehead.

Red-bob With Side Fringe


Fringes are versatile. Choose long-side fringes for your bob if short fringes bother you. The fringe makes your forehead look smaller.

Long Hairstyle With Layers


In this case, bangs won’t hide your big forehead. Layered hairstyles are easy to do but look amazing. They make it easy to get the face’s proportions right, making you hard to resist.

Short Hair With Spiky Bangs


Thick bangs hide what you want to hide, and straight lines in short hair make your face look longer, which is essential for women who are overweight.

Long Bob With Center Parting

It is a good option for a long bob if you don’t mind having strands of hair framing your face. Parting, located strictly in the middle, visually reduces the big forehead.

Medium Cut With Side Bangs


Another choice is to get a medium haircut with thin side bangs that attractively frame the face.

Shoulder-length Straight Bangs


If you have a high forehead, bangs “shorten” your face! It can be straight or oblique with graduated ends. Straight bangs visually divide the face in half. Shorter hair at the back adds volume and visually lowers the forehead, while the hair in front that falls below the shoulders lengthens the face.

Smooth Hair With Straight Bangs

Every woman desires smooth hair and a sharp and bold personality. This hairstyle will give you perfectly straight hair with smooth bangs that hide your big forehead.

Beach Wave and Messy Hairstyles


A natural look is created by beach waves that are soft and messy. Due to uneven hair strands and visual volume, a big forehead won’t stand out from the rest of the people around it.

Wavy and Voluminous Thin Bangs


Beautifully styled hair with long strands gives proportions. Make a voluminous bang in one layer so that it is translucent. This marvelous hairstyle is unusually young and gives the image of romance.

Tousled Wavy Hair with Baby Bangs


Adding volume to the baby bangs can create a fun and playful hairstyle. Increase the amount of hair swept in front to achieve this. To create a charmingly messy appearance, tousle the waves and Stop stressing about a big forehead.

Bouncy Cut With Off-Center Parting


For hairstyles that hide a big forehead, thick bangs are a practical solution. This hairstyle can offer complete coverage, and an off-centre parting can emphasize the appearance of a smaller forehead.

Loose Blonde Waves With Highlights


A girl has decided to lift her face-framing strands and draw attention away from her forehead to show off her gorgeous waves.

Caramel Brown Hair With Side Bangs


Deep, wispy bangs can be a good option for those with big foreheads because they can conceal the forehead without being overpowering.

Mistakes You Should Avoid if You Have a Big Forehead

To get the most out of your feature, you shouldn’t do any of the following:

  1. Too short haircut.
  2. Inflated styling.
  3. Long bangs with thin hair.
  4. Laying, implying combing back.
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